How To - Speed, Technique and Tuning

The final part of our freeride technique series with Andy Bubble Chambers is here, now we look at how to tune your equipment for top speed and control.

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Different points of sail require different body positions…

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 13.47.11Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 13.47.28If you‘re going upwind (1 and down left) the body position is different compared to going downwind. Going upwind requires bringing the upper body more forward, as if you‘re trying to look around the front of the mast. Moving your hands forward will help. Bubble keeps his front leg slightly bent and his back leg straight to get himself into this position.

For going downwind it’s the opposite: The upper body is oriented more backwards, the front leg is almost stretched, the back leg slightly bent. Move your hands further down the boom.

In strong winds I get too much pressure on my rear leg…

The reason might be that the fin you‘re using is too big. Try to use a fin about three to five centimetres smaller in high winds. On the other hand a slightly bigger fin will improve the ability to get planing and going upwind in light winds.


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