Windsurf Highlights 2011 calendar want to bring a bit more windsurfing into your everyday life with their Windsurf Calendar…

Windsurf Highlights 2011 cover
Windsurf Highlights 2011 cover

Doesn’t matter if you put it in your office, living room, kitchen or wherever you want it, this calendar is made to make you horny getting back on the water asap, nothing else!

Some of the greatest shots of the year from the crème de la crème in windsurfing photography will be shown on 12 high quality sheets, in a format of 60 x 42cm, within this precious spiral-bound calendar.

These great shots show the whole beauty of windsurfing, every month you turn a page it will be a new experience. Wave, freestyle, freeride, sequences and cool design elements, a great mix of windsurfing!

Photographers: Darrel Wong, gfPictures, Jèrome Houyvet, John Carter, Kerstin Reiger, Sebastian Schöffel

Riders: Marcilio Browne, Kai Lenny, Kauli Seadi, Ricardo Campello, Robby Naish, Philip Köster, Nik Baker, Peter Garzke, Chris Pressler, Moritz Mauch, Alessio Stillrich, Daniell Bonhof, Fabian Weber – and – loads of style!

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  1. windsurf highlights

    Hi Recessioni, great that you like the look of the windsurf highlights calendar!

    Joke on price? We would love to make the whole thing cheaper, no question, but to be honest, if our goal was to earn money the whole thing won´t have been produced!!

    Have you ever thought about, how expensive high quality print products are, especially big sizes?? That´s not copy shop as cheap as you can get, we talk about premium quality what people can put on their living room wall…

    We did the whole project cause it´s fun and we love the sport.

    And of course we have to pick shots from different brands, it´s not possible to produce every single shot by our own and as well we don´t have the budget to pay for every shot, so for the first year we had to take a few shots which are not exclusively…

    Anyway, the whole thing is unique and brings great windsurf feeling all over 2011!

    happy sailing

  2. Recession!

    lovely looks great what joke on price! online web site which add own photos in or off web say from np web site for £10 + postage!!! 1


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