Win an Apple MacBook Pro


Yes, every Friday for six weeks MPORA will be giving away a brand new Apple MacBook Pro. You’ll have six chances to win this object of desire, which has been reengineered from cover to cover by the bright folk at Apple. You might even pick up one of the amazing daily prizes along the way, from the likes of Howies, Teva, Flip Video, K2, Knog & Ride Snowboards

The craziest thing is that it’s so easy to enter. Simply do something on MPORA. Leave a comment, post a video or photo, sign up, invite some friends, pretty much anything you do on MPORA will count as an entry.

Daily winners and MacBook winners will be chosen at random with a techie algor-thingy (just to make sure it’s fair). MPORA want the competition to be fun and wish people to respect the site and not spam. No bots or scripts please, no-one likes a cheater…

If you win, they’ll deliver your prize direct to your door; wherever you live in the world!

  1. WindsurfingCrazy

    I could use one of those… :)

  2. Lauren Taylor



    Eldest has a MAC – reckons its the dogs b*******. Would love one myself!

  4. Lawrence

    Damn!! I could edit some awesome windsurfing vids with that!!

  5. Jonny

    Awesome I’d love a MacBook pro!

  6. Fiona Baker

    The mac book would be great for our t15 club

  7. Philippos

    I need an macbook pro badly

  8. Suvranshu Chingri

    My plesure to win a APPLE IPHONE

  9. Steve Xing

    That’s an awesome prize!

  10. chris

    Nice prize. Would look great on my lap :)

  11. My best friend(Junior Martinez)

    i love each and every one of you <3 :)

  12. giles patterson

    id love to win a macbook!

  13. Paul Kearns

    hmmm, gutted about the lack of hard copies of boards nowadays but a free macbook would certainly soften the blow

  14. Jonathan Gates

    I really want to win that laptop.

    Please pick me I have never won a competition before

  15. Anahera

    hi there!:)

  16. david yeddu

    Really wish I win, need a laptop to keep a job ;-) . Lets see if the Universe is supporting me with this one. MPORA you rock!!!!!!!

  17. Hannah

    Has anyone been to the snowdome near trafford centre in Manchester, is it any good? ta

  18. hamad

    it is great but how i can know if i won or not ?>

  19. elen


  20. Chairyesy

    noooooooooo, iiiiiii neeeeeeed this Apple Macbook!!!!!

  21. pradeep

    im a nanotechnology student i designed specially for this competion

  22. Chantelle

    I want… no no I neeeed to win this Apple macbook!! =D

  23. brandon

    i wont to win IT!!!!

  24. Sizwe

    Really wish I win, need a laptop to keep a job ;-). Lets see if the Universe is supporting me with this one. MPORA you rock!!!!!!!

  25. JS


  26. Vy

    Needing to win a macbook pro…

    My mom's laptop is broken and now i dont have anything to use to do my homework with.

    I hate asking my parents to buy me a new one because it's very expensive.

    Sigh… Hoping i would win

  27. Nicole


  28. Nicole

    I'll do ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Nicole

    pick me!! pick me!! pick me!!

  30. Nicole

    I love you Mac, Will you marry me?(; Hahah! I dream about MacBook pro's<3

  31. Nicole

    Is my comment count as a vote for winning?

  32. Nicole

    SO Who wants to give me a brand new MacBook Pro for FREE!?!?

  33. Nicole

    I need a MacBook Pro!!!! Help!!!!!!!:D

  34. Preet Karunamay

    I badly want a macbook!!!!!

  35. Stephen Anand


  36. Ade

    This is amazing!

  37. Britt

    Wow this is so Cool!

  38. Felix Wayland

    Dear Friends,

    I am a poor guy who needs a notebook because for collage I need one. I will treet it like as if it is my wife. 'OH, PLEASE GOD LET ME WINN I REALLY NEED ONE FOR COLLAGE OR I CANT ENTER'….OH PLEASE

    FELIX Wayland

  39. Samantha Meredith

    Winning an Apple Mac Book Pro would make my year!

  40. Taz

    Omg,I want one!

  41. charlie

    MPORA sure no what their doing making me want to be a winner

  42. charlie

    who doesnt want to win this prize its going to be very useful. I need one

  43. Molly

    ah i want one, ive been working non stop at weekends trying to save for one and still cant manage it on these wages! haha

  44. Vy

    Wow…. I'm longing for a Macbook pro to do my school work since I'm almost finished high school and i dont have enough money to even support myself.

    It would be nice to get one for my birthday on the 16th of September.

  45. Sayan Mullick Chowdh

    I have always wanted a macbook and so I would be really happy to win one.IT WOULD REALLY HELP A LOT TOWARDS MY STUDIES.

  46. Jalal Semoso

    This is such a great offer…anyways I am in desperate need of a Macbook would be such a great help in my daily life..

    Its just soo awesome..I need one please!!..MPORA would make me the happiest in the world if i got one…I LOVE YOU MPORA!!

  47. mike geo

    great site and content :)

  48. logan

    i need a macbook pro :)

  49. logan

    i need a macbook pro.

  50. Jason

    I need a macbook pro! My poor laptop, which I named Whale 1 because of the "Save the whales" hippy green peace sticker that was slapped on there by some random individual, is dying. He's had a full 3 years of life experiencing countless hours watching youtube,downloading music off of Itunes, writing research papers, and checking facebook for meaningless comments and updates while spying on friends (you know you do it). I need this computer to help continue both my college career and music production. Help. Please help.

  51. Aayush

    Wow . I know I am not gonna win this for sure lol..It isn't bad to give it a try though . lol :D

    Mac Book is an amazing laptop and I wish I could have 1 .

    And to put some random stuff , heres a joke lol..

    What’s the difference between the England team and a tea bag? The tea bag stays in the cup longer.

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  54. david yeddu

    wow! this article sounds cool than macbook

  55. Natalie

    Macbooks are so beatiful and very useful that they deserve all the love and attention, which I will do :) I was also love a macbook pro for my uni studies so I hope my luck changes and I might win this. Thank you ^_^

  56. paul6532

    i need a macbook to do my music course and can not afford one as a student. I need it for Logic Pro and for my website using Sandvox. Hope this is good enough… thanks

  57. monique

    Oh i so so so much want the apple macbook pro.


    1- i am hard working.

    2- my caree is been directed into a design enviroment, but i can afford an apple macbook pro.

    3-i have always been obsessed with the apple mac book's.

    4- hope i win

  58. Natasha Buziuk

    I really need a computer I am part of a very young organisation and we are under fundered, so this would not only help me but help with our organisetion. please please :)

  59. дdяìдnє

    Oh god, please say this is still going on?

  60. дdяìдnє

    This is such a sick idea, I instantly signed up for MPORA. Crossin' my fingers I get lucky, my PC sucks for editing and it doesnt sound like I'll be getting a mac with 2 unemployed parents and no job. Pick me techie algor-thingy!

  61. Leigh White

    i really want a macbook. it makes editing in HD so much easier. plus you get garageband >.<

  62. Vivek Bansal

    Im still not convinced about the whole iPad push, i totally get the fact that its a very good looking piece of kit but will it actually fit into my lifestyle or do i have to change the way i live to accomodate it (rather than other way round). Give me the laptop for now.

  63. Miss Sarah Elsdon

    i want one – apple rules

  64. Bogdan

    Is it finished?

  65. Joe W

    Fantastic prize – fingers crossed! :-)

  66. Seth Lyon

    oh! me ! Pick me!

  67. Naomi Gabriel

    i no it is a Great competition, I hope I win – PLEASE!!!

  68. Sam Cropper

    How do I sign up???

  69. Sam Cropper

    Great comp, would be great to win! :)

  70. Stephanie Williams

    I would love to win one of these. I am getting sick of my PC

  71. Sarah

    Hmmmm, penguins.

  72. mawa inayat

    oh fabulous.u guys are very generous indeed.god bless.

    i hope i win here's my entry…i hope i get this pretty macbook..

  73. Jay

    This would be awesome!

  74. janyce sandell

    heres my entry! really want a macbook!!!

  75. heidi

    …I would LOVE to be the winner…I am in need of a macbook pro pretty badly…xoxo

  76. Nisha

    Wow, thats amazing, so you mean just by posting this message I have a chance to win a macbook pro? cool! I hope I win!

  77. Martin

    just discovered this site and this is great!!

  78. Adam Greenwood

    Id love a mac book so i could work anywhere

  79. kinza

    I hope i win this competition for Mac Book Air as i can't afford one so really need to win one to help me in my studies!!!!:) Please choose me…

  80. Pete

    Great idea – i like competitions

  81. Irene Tsape

    I want a Mac book pro !!!!

  82. Jaap Jan

    Great site, I also like the new iPhone app!

  83. Chris

    well, here is my entry!

  84. Tom

    loving this new site and the iphone app is wicked, keep it up mpora!

  85. Rory

    Thinking of heading to Morocco for a road trip next winter, just read the article in Boards – anyone got any other tips?

  86. Adam Hatfield

    Great idea, love the support from Mpora

  87. Emma

    Loving the website, and would love the macbook!!!

  88. Ben

    AMAZING PRIZE! Loving the new look boards website!

  89. Joe

    One entry per household?

  90. sicr

    MacBook Pro – sweet!

  91. BigBadWez

    This'll be my comment then.

  92. Simon

    We also run a number of other cool things. GPS speed sailing has got a bit of pace (excuse pun). Some pretty respectable times posted on standard kit.

  93. Simon

    We have the advantage of having a great relationship with the local paper and have managed to get a couple of full page spreads about slalom sailing in. Great time to be a racer in Queensland.

  94. Simon

    Shot on the same day. A good enough reason to buy a new UJ every year?

  95. Simon

    Slalom Racing is alive and well on the East Coast of Aus. Any folks finding themselves near Brisbane in the near future. Look us up and come for a sail! This was filmed during a very choppy Waterloo Cup event. 25kts and a 7.0m. Lumpy and scary.

  96. northy

    ooh i hope i win one to surf the new boards website when im out and about. Hopefully this comments qualifies eh!?

  97. Erik the Viking

    Will it all look better on a Macbook?

  98. gmac

    Does posting on the forum at boards.mpora qualify us for this comp??

  99. charles gilman


  100. Chris Martin

    Amazing, but what about an iPad!!!! "Mpora bringing action sports Home"


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