West Kirby Delivers More Top Speeds

Last weekend saw some storm force winds hit various parts of the UK, and none  more so than West Kirby. 

1235370_411266715640949_73071409_nWith Namibia just around the corner Monday’s conditions were the perfect chance for the likes of Zara Davis and Farrel O’Shea to hone their skills and push their speeds. As you can see from the speedsurfing UK rankings, most of the top speeds this month were clocked up at West Kirby, it’s fairly rare to get a ‘perfect’ day at the British speed strip, where the wind is at exactly the right angle, but it looks like this is what they go this week.

All images credit to Simon Moore.

Zara Davis comments:

“Thanks to Simon Moore for taking these pics of a great day at West Kirby. I finally got to do some training and testing of new assy Sonntag fin’s , Simmer Style sails and Moo Custom boards before we go to Luderitz Speed Challenge next month. Thanks for all the encouragement from everybody.”


  1. Amy Carter

    Hi Guys, I spoke to a couple of people about this day and got various bits of information. Apologies for making making it truly representative, would love to follow up with some more details about what you two have achieved, Jim and Ian? Would you be interested? Thanks and again, my apologies, Amy

    1. Ian Richards

      Hi Amy, Hopefully we will get another good speed day this year in the UK, feel free to contact me or I’m sure Jim will help out with an article in future.

      1. Amy Carter

        What are the best contact details for both of you? Could you send on here or drop me an email to amy@boards.co.uk please and thank you, Amy

  2. Ian Richards

    Well said Jim, this article is article is a big let down for british speedsailing.

  3. Jim Crossley

    Also to add that for most sailors this wasnt ‘training’ for something else, but the big day they have waited for. Speeds reached those close to Luderitz. Two British guys, Ian Richards and myself cracked into the top 10 in the GPS 2013 world rankings. Well done to Ian for beaking 50knots(1s)


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