Warning! Key Pod Locks Not Safe!

Yesterday Tushingham sailor, Jo Wright’s van got broken into, despite using this key pod lock…maybe they’re not the solution?

Key pod lock, not safe?
Key pod lock, not safe?

“Quick word of warning, whilst out windsurfing yesterday someone very easily broke into the keylock on the back of the van and in the process stole the van keys and a few other bits. Luckily they were deterred from stealing anything else because arrianne went back to fix her footstrap!!

‘So DO NOT TRUST THESE ON THE BACK OF YOUR CAR/ VAN as the robbers broke into it far too easily!

Thank you for the warning Jo!

We want to know your experiences with this product…are they safe for windsurfers to use in your opinion? If you’ve had yours broken into please let us know in the comments below.

If you don’t use the key pod lock, how do you keep your keys safe during sailing?

Do you use key pod locks? What is your experience with them so far?

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  1. Julian Rosebury

    I use one of these and have for years but that probably means no one has tried to get in to it yet.
    Who does the mentioned ‘bulldog’ one and are they really an improvement?

  2. Richard Hill

    OK, in the public interest :-)

    I use a Master Lock keysafe that I bought from Screwfix. It seems a whole next generation on from keypod in terms of construction. It’s very solid but also rubber coated, so I lock it to the roof rails on the car (without damaging the paintwork). A dark grey car and roof bars fitted, you don’t really notice it and a potential thief would be very obvious as well as showing their face to all whist busy.

    The downside is that it is more designed for house-keys, so I had to get a blank replica cut as that is all that would fit. So, the master is still concealed in the car. Having said that, the alarm then makes a fair old racket, so you’d need to know where you’re heading in order to do a drive-away without causing too much suspicion. Hopefully!

  3. Ian Clingan

    Why don’t we share the methods of locking our modern vans/cars without using the electric key? Vivaro/Trafic/Primastar and Master vans-close all doors except rear, lock using central locking button close to rear view mirror and climb out of the back door and close! Replica key can be made and use lock to get back in. Other vans you can rewire a sensor on a door (easy on sliding door) and do the same……..

  4. Distinctly Average

    They are total rubbish. There have been tons of reports on the Boards forum over the years. A chap where I sail showed another sailor how he could open one in under 5 seconds. Nobody uses them there ever since.

  5. Redsurfbus

    I warned people on the forum about this years ago. I had just bought one and was about to use it while parked on the cliff road along Woolacoombe when a fellow surfer told me not to. He told me loads of people there were getting broken into when using them and they were a waste of time. I have a double bag that goes in my aquapak for my keys now.

  6. Overthehill

    I had an interesting moment with a Mk 1 a few years back when the combo randomly changed and left me locked out. I ended up walking round St Ives shops in my wetsuit looking for a locksmith! In the end i gained access by using a small screwdriver, so no points there for security. The locksmith turned up minutes later (at cost :-( ) and had a look. We found another glaring design fault when looking at it out of interest.

    It went in the bin.

    NB this was a Mk1. I am told that later models were re-designed to address these faults. Not sure what this one in the article was?

    There’s also an insurance issue in that if you have left your keys in an unattended vehicle then you may well lose cover…

  7. Brett Pritchard

    hey guys,
    been in NZ the last few years- had this problem quite a lot…..if its the item pictured then they are notoriously easy to flip open with a screwdriver….. under the lip and away you go….
    quite a few companies now use a system where the metal wraps around over the edges so that its a lot more difficult to get into……
    basically if you buy the cheaper models now they are typically the more basic ones- i think i have a ‘bulldog’ one and short of cutting it off or open, no one is getting it.


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