Witsands, Cape Town, February 2010

RRD Ezzy riders Jem Hall and John Skye do their stuff at Witsands, The Cape. Shot by RRD / EZZY / Seasprite Team Rider Clive Boden (El Toro Productions!) on his recent trip to Cape Town. He managed to fend of baboons whilst filming and no furry creatures were harmed in the making of it, except Jem when he nearly got washed onto the rocks and Skyeboy who got a big cut in his foot helping Jem out of his predicament. http://mpora.com/videos/b95Ao9QKt

  1. Jonas Roosens

    Looks like we were there on the same day, I can even see myself in the movie (when they're driving past all the cars).

    Unfortunatley, no footage of these guys riding the big, set waves more in the middle of the bay, only riding the midgets more to the right. And although wind was absurdly offshore that day and conditions far from ideal, some other pro's were riding the huge knockers (Paskowski, and Van Broeckhoven and Soltysiak later in the day).

    So nice vid, but if you're a pro you should be riding the big guns, and if you're a serious video production company (Toro), you should be using something else than iMovie…

    Nice going nonetheless.


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