Proffitt's Training Diaries

Pozo still looking windless at the moment, but with a brilliant forecast for the beginning of the competition.  Proffitt brings you big bails, big jumps and some back slaps…

Plus, check it out here….Looking Back…

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  1. Ale Venice

    Very good teaching..!!!

  2. James Court

    More pleaSe. LoveD the stalled forward Hints. Will try them ouT today.

  3. Geoff

    really good Ben, like you were born infront of the camera, are you part Emericen?

  4. ben proffitt

    Cheers guys.. Glad your liking it.

  5. Will

    Ben, this is legendary, keep it up.

  6. Nick

    Great coverage – this is just the sort of reporting i want – video with entertaining comment.


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