Freestyle - More or Less?

We usually keep the high level freestyle videos over on our sister site Boardseeker, but this latest edition from former world champion Gollito Estredo was just too good to ignore.

Gollito is absolutely on fire and it’s clear to see he is hungry to regain his title in 2014.

But we’ve got to be honest, it’s hard enough to get our heads around exactly what Gollito is doing here… let alone how or what it’s called! The very top freestyle windsurfers has simply reached an unbelievable level and whilst we might never be replicating the same moves as Gollito, do you want to watch it?

Do you love freestyle and want to see all the latest videos on Boards? Or is it just too out of reach and you’d rather check out more technique on the more realistic freestyle moves?

Let us know by voting here… and check out Gollito’s incredible video by clicking here or on the image below.

What do you want to see?

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Click here to view Gollito's new video...
Click here to view Gollito’s new video…

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