Cornish reef wavesailing

Ian Black, Andrew Fawcett, Harvey Dawkins and Ian Ross get a small day on the reef.

  1. Dave Thompson

    Well done lads fair play to you for getting out there, looks pretty hairy getting back in! I used to surf at Gwenva and spent 2 summers living in a tent in the paddocks at Peace Plenty. This was the days of Janus Howard, Steve Jamo, Pitbull, Gloria, Peter Robertson, Rich Pickings, Graham et al. Over those two summers Janus and me watched a few big old storms bring in massive clean swells that broke over the Nanquidno Reef 2/3rds of the way out to the Brisons, that was the reef we called Nanquidno, where this is shot – we'd have referred to this as the Cot Valley reef and is it shows in the vids it's too full for surfing. Legend had it that Colin Wilson was the only person to ever had surfed the outer Nanquidno reef in the early 80's. We never go to and I've never heard of anyone else and certainly never seen pictures.

  2. leebones

    it says small day on a reef (looks quite big on some of them sets to me )

  3. t f wright

    Terrific.Looks like the reef by Nanquidno to me although from this distance it is it is difficult to tell !!

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