Video: Ricardo Campello on Maui

The three-time World Champion’s latest movie from Hawaii…

Undoubtedly one of the sailors who contributed the most to the Freestyle discipline in his career, Ricardo Campello continues to push the boundaries in his new sole discipline of wavesailing. With sick Air Takas, Goiters, and insane Backloops off the lip, Ricardo shows why he is one of the top ranking riders on the World Tour. Combined with some awesome footage from Jaws, this is a clip you definitely don’t want to miss!

  1. Tiffany

    Ah, two of my favorite pelope!Yo Dave,I definitely got better port tack, thanks for noticing. Still not quite the same as the other side, but at least it doesn’t feel weird anymore. I’m tuning into the board too and for light wind it’s a keeper.Da Spot has some similarities with your backyard spot (at least when it’s blowing offshore)… you would like it.Glad to hear you scored some fun waves!That nice girl is tough enough not to get a complex about my stupid observation… I was just trying to tease her a bit. You’re too nice!!Yo Pascal,it was the first time that there was a weird vibe since I’m here, so I’m not worried at all. Plus, as a demonstration that there’s always something good in everything, having been forced to have a short surf session allowed me to save energies for that magic sailing session in the afternoon…Man, you would have loved it. Wait until you see next post’s pics!Didn’t meet Gil yet. What sails does he sail on?Aloha to both.


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