This is the final videocast from Tiree Wave Classic 2012!  It is a summary of the event, with some clips from earlier in the year to give you a taste of the competition as we head into the final round of the BWA Championships in Cornwall this coming weekend!! Hope you enjoy…..

A great collection of videos from the Tiree Wave Classic 2012; action from the pros expression session, chat with the top boys and much much more!

DAY 6 WEB – Computer from Jim Puravida on Vimeo.

DAY5WEB – Computer from Jim Puravida on Vimeo.

Tiree Wave Classic Videocast 4 from Jim Puravida on Vimeo.

DAY3WEB – Computer 480 from Jim Puravida on Vimeo.

Video from day two…

Here’s the first instalment: The Journey to Tiree!


  1. blender

    well, that was pointless

    1. Duygu

      Yay..finally a budget tevral take on el nido. Most people (including myself) perceives that an El Nido trip = mucho moolah.Thanks nina..for all the budget friendly accommodations you posted on your do I get myself a free trip to El Nido tee hee

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