The Thorpedo - Now The Fastest Man in the World

Steve Thorp officially takes the fastest ever maximum speed whilst sailing at West Kirby…

Steve Thorp hanging out at the wall – Photo, Will Rogers

The UK’s very own Steve Thorp is well known for his commitment to our sport. Almost putting more miles on the clock than the average aircraft pilot, he has got more dedication than we can even begin to describe. This might explain why he can rig up, and be on the water, before even the sun shows a glimmer of its face, just to get the perfect speed run.

It has at last been officially confirmed that the Thorpedo is now the fastest man in the world. If you follow his blog you would have already noticed that he modestly quotes ‘my second gps was fine, and still gave me the fastest ’2 second max’ time ever on gp3s of 50.48 knots! Obviously I’m beyond chuffed with that’.

We all know only too well that this is not the goal for Thorp and he will continue scouring the nation for the perfect forecast in both waves and speed. So don’t expect it to stop here and was that 54knots he had recorded really just a brief defect in the satellite signal…

All the finer details and the stats on Thorps blog here –

  1. Hampshire Kitesurfing

    Sick picture

  2. Jim Crossley

    I love that picture!

  3. Jon

    Congrats indeed Steve. I attended a speed event at West Kirby over a 250m course back in 1990ish. I achieved my best speed there of 34.5 kts. The winner was just short of 40 kts if I remember right. 50+ kts must feel awesome!

  4. Mike Pacey

    Outstanding ! Well Done Steve From a kitesurfer & windsurfer

  5. Kitesurfer

    Awesome effort but unfortunately still a way to go to catch up with both kitesurfing and sailing. I think some development needs to go into the equipment as it has done with kitesurfing to produce specific kit for speed records.

  6. Alex Caizergues

    Hey guys!

    As Gebi said, we are here talking about Max Speed…. and not 500 meters! Thorp acheived with his run a 50.48 MAX speed, i don't know what his 500 meters average is but for sure far away for the Outright World Record detained by Rob Douglas with 55.65 knots.

  7. flykatcher

    Awesome run Thorpedo !!! Keep it up. The real record is the 500 meter open ocean record in my opinion. Kites have a long way to go when it gets bumpy.

  8. Gebi

    The current (WSSRC) World Speed Sailing Record Council, Speed Sailing Record is held by kiter Rob Douglas of the USA, (he used to be a windsurfer) It is now pegged at 55.65 knots average speed over a 500 meter course. The top GPS speed of a kiter is 62.7 knots! Windsurfers have a way to go… time to see some innovations come onto the speed sailing scene.

  9. Tris Haskins

    Unfortunately not…. kites have sailed the official 500m over 50 knots.. Windsurfers are yet to achieve the allusive 50 knot average over 500m. It won't be long though the way Steve Thorp, Farrel O'Shea, Ian Richards and Jim Crossley are all progressing :-)

  10. Ian Palacio

    Does this now bring the record back to windsurfing from the kiteboarders?


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