Starboard Flare 2012 to use Slot Box

Duncan Slater
Starboard's Slot Box
Starboard's Slot Box

Following the success of the Slot Box in multi-fin wave boards, Starboard has developed a special Slot Box for its 2012 Flares. This new Slot Box is fitted with brass inserts instead of plastic, allowing the fin to be held with more pressure. The difference in weight between the Slot Box and the US box is impressive: it’s 75% lighter. This should make the weight of Starboard’s new Flares interesting. With less moving parts, the Slot Box makes fin fitting easy. The screws carry the same gauge as those on your straps and air-vent and there’s three cm of adjustment room for you to tune your board for more slide or more grip.

Starboard’s new Flares will be available from July 2011. More at


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