Reaction from Women's Olympic Coach Dom Tidey

As the windsurfing world comes together to fight the decision, and reinstate windsurfing as an Olympic sport, Boards hear from coach of Bryony Shaw, Dom Tidey to discover his view on recent events.

It is hard to describe the gut wrenching feeling I had in my stomach when I heard the news of the decision to remove windsurfing from the Olympics.

The only other time I felt like this, was when I was told I would not be selected to compete in the Olympic Games myself. Now, I just feel like there has been a death in the family, and there really has been a death within the windsurfing family.

Bryony Shaw with coach Dom Tidey
Bryony Shaw with coach Dom Tidey. Image courtesy Richard Langdon/ Skandia Team GBR

The decision made by the ISAF committee is a very sad decision for us all.

My thoughts go out to all the young windsurfers and their families, who have had the dream of the Olympics on a windsurfer taken away.

The real problem, is that ISAF made the decision to put windsurfing up against kitesurfing, for one spot at the Olympic Games. When I feel that kite and windsurfers would work very well along side each other and both been spectacular events.

When it comes down to who will be winning in Rio, in my opinion the best racers always win.

Sign the petition to reinstate windsurfing as an Olympic class – Olympic Windsurfing Petition

  1. vivien shaw

    It is completely unfair on the athletes who will have trained for a lifetime for this event to have Olympic competetion as a goal to aim at and then to take it away

  2. Tris Gibbons

    I struggle to understand why Windsurfing and Kitesurfing ought to be paired in this way. Oughtn’t we be fighting for sailing to have an extra sport in the olympics and Kitesurfing to be it? That way not only is the destruction of the olympic windsurfing class avoided, but the Olympics is allowed to grow as an event to encompass a wider variety of sports.

    If rowing can have 14 different events, as opposed to sailing’s 10, then is it too much to ask to just include kiting as a growing sport that needs to be supported.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Tris, it does seem strange that windsurfing and kitesurfing have almost been pitted against each other. Such a shame for two sports which, as you said should be working together. As will be explained in an upcoming feature the prospect of additional medals for kitesurfing was put forward initially.

      1. will rogers

        I think they were pitted against each other because thats what naturally happens between windsurfers and kiters…. the fact is they are very different sports and both should be supported to the olympics

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