Go Pro with Colin and Marco

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Go Pro with Colin and Marco
Go Pro with Colin and Marco

This month is going to be a busy one in Dahab, not only do we have the upcoming Dahab Festival May 14th- 21st to look forward to, but now we also have exciting news that Colin Dixon and Marco Wedele have just begun the production of their new Windsurfing instructional DVD, ‘Go Pro with Colin and Marco’. The DVD is set to be an up-to-date, intermediate to advanced, learning tool, featuring different camera angles and coaching angles, unseen before in such a DVD. The DVD will be available in both English and German, and will teach you the skills of windsurfing, with clever menus to help you chose exactly which move, or even a part of a move, you need to go over. Keep crashing your tack/gybe at a certain point? Can’t understand why you loose control whilst finding your footstraps? This DVD will be able to break it all down and hopefully find the moment you’re stuck at and help you work your way to even more success for your windsurfing.

To keep up with the production of this check out the blog at www.goprowithcolinandmarco.blogspot.com and join their Facebook group.

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