Point-7 S!ck

Duncan Slater
Point-7 Sick graphics
Point-7 Sick graphics

Being one of the youngest brands on the market, Point-7 haven’t forgotten about the youngest windsurfers who shred waters! The P7 pro team have together with the sail makers developed a whole new sail range, with special focus on the new generation of windsurfers!

Having used the basics of our latest wave line and implemented the requirements of a smaller rider, a new companion has been born for the kids to enjoy when wrestling the waves or just learning the basics of our great sport.

Using a new black X-ply material the sail range is kept very light but strong enough to take on any challenger it may encounter in the hands of a young rebel! Offering the characteristic of the top of the range wave sail, but with the specifications to suit a young rider. The sail range features in particular a lowered boom opening, clew and centre of effort, everything matched to the millimetre so that kids will have the best possible tool to develop their skills with.

The sail range will be available from July – in perfect time to enjoy the holidays.

We did our job, now we want the future owners of the sail to choose the graphics they prefer ! On the dedicated Point-7 page its possible for everyone to place their vote: www.point-7.com The most voted design will be used on the sail!

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