Point-7 Handcrafted Series

Duncan Slater

Point-7 introduce their new Handcrafted Series with a peek behind the scenes at the Italian loft…

The P7 Handcrafted Series is a new development initiated to push the boundaries of our high-performance product range. Now, for the first time, sailors can enjoy the distinctiveness and exclusiveness of handmade sails, crafted here in Italy; delivering the purest and most radical construction of our sails. Beginning with the Black Ice Winter Sail, and the AC-1 2K12, our aim is to develop new and exciting sail lines to complement our existing range, and give sailors an opportunity to own one of these unique and elite custom versions of our sails….

Built flawless, with each batten custom grinded and fitted, sail-bodies stripped to the core, with perfect curve and tension, the P7 Handcrafted Series are the lightest and most radical sails available from Point-7. This range is for those who want nothing but the best experience on the water and the highest performance.

This video was shot on location at our sail loft in Italy.

More at www.point-7.com http://mpora.com/videos/iOZXXru8Y

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