Peter Hart is Back!

Facebook has been awash over  recent weeks with well wishes for windsurfing’s original guru Peter Hart, who suddenly found himself in Intensive Care for 6 frightening days. It started with a cut foot, which took a while to heal (typical windy scenario). Then just as he was heading off to Ireland, his leg swelled to twice its size and his liver and kidneys started to shut down – never a great sign – thanks to full blown septicaemia. Luckily they got him on the right antibiotics in time. On the incident Peter said: “the best bit is the consultant said I pulled through because I’m so young, which I’ve asked for in writing!”  He took one for the team, as they say, as throughout his forced rest it’s been relentlessly windy. But the stitches are out now, and he’ll be back on the water soon. More at

Dave White caught up with Peter at home last week to bring us this film…

  1. Al

    Great news Pete!…good to hear you will soon be back out on the water!! plus i hope your still playing your guitar! Al : )

  2. Michael Clancy Snr

    Hi Pete,great to see you on video looking good .See you in Donegal …


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