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Justyna Sniady, 4 Screws Out, 7 To Go!

10:40 25th November 2013 by Amy Carter

The winner of the BWA wave tour this year, Justyna Sniady, is still having a hard time of late, with her foot injury. A recent surgery didn’t quite go to plan, as Justyna shares on Facebook: 

Justyna Sniady

Justyna Sniady

“After the operation! And.. it didn’t go well. Gutted ;(

“Only 4 screws are out.. and a plate and 7 more screws still left inside my foot.. They got stuck so much that couldn’t be taken out. Some of them are now pointing 1mm above the plate Winter training delay goes further then I imagined.. now I have to wait 2 weeks to heal to do another operation. This time it will be under general anasthesia.. as on Friday I got to watch the whole thing with a local anasthetic.. painfull stuff.. and got a bit sick from watching it too (wierd to see your foot cut open to the bone!).. so such a shame it was all for nothing! Typical me – if something can go wrong it will haha

“Well.. at least I got to keep the screws Need 7 more and a plate out so I can make a nice necless haha Good Ben is here for few more days to cheer me up

“Also, my laptop died last week so sorry for lack of replies everyone.. I just got it fixed and am now stuck in bed healing (and hoping for another op date), so I will make sure to reply.”


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