Boards Windsurfing Windsurfing Magazine en BWA Tiree 2014 - Champions Are Crowned Mon, 20 Oct 2014 10:32:14 +0000 Amy Carter FINAL RESULTS Yet more incredible conditions in Tiree lead to a triple being held for the fleets, bringing with it further mix ups at the top. More details, images and videos coming soon but for now here are the final results from Tiree: WOMEN 1st Justyna Sniady (Simmer/Simmer) 2nd Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer) 3rd Sara Kellet AMATEURS 1st Mike Archer 2nd Ben Page 3rd Tristan Levie MASTERS 1st Dave White 2nd Kyle McGinn 3rd David Edminson

Competition is ON!

The Quickening! Images credit JIm Brooks.
10730959_10152783826153960_5715523467746881538_n Following yesterday's full day of action, Thursday brought even more wind and waves and with it there were more shock results; PROS Quickening-1The Pro Championship event had finished by Tuesday but with 5 of the top British pros still on the island of Tiree, event organisers Puravida along with the BWA and RedhandedTV organised the first ever Last-man-standing pro knockout event aptly named 'The Quickening'. 5 of the top pros go out for a 10 minute heat with the the top 4 advancing. The top 4 do the same with 3 advancing. You get the picture. until after 40 gruelling minutes of fierce competition..."There can only be one". And the man to raise the Tiree Wave Classic 2014 is Phil Horrocks (Gaastra/Tabou) with Aleksy Gayda (RRD/RRD) in second and Andy 'Bubble' Chambers (Pryde/JP) taking third place. Whilst this Pro event results won't count towards the 2014 championship, we are sure to see a return of 'The Quickening' in future. LADIES BWA - LADIES roundsTiree - 2014-5Another fantastic days sailing from the Ladies fleet who are ripping at the moment. Justyna Sniady (Simmer, Simmer) dropping 2 rounds to arch rival Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer) but still 8.2 points ahead she is now impossible to catch. Bibby will be happy with her day as she overtakes Kellet but with a further day's sailing there may still be chance for Kellet to retake the 2nd. AMS BWA - AMS double- Tiree - 2014-3Ben Page and Tris Levie provided the most excitement today. Tris sitting in joint 7th at the start of the double elimination managed to advance past 3 sailors to finish in an impressive 4th overall place. If that wasn't impressive enough then SWA sailor Ben Page threw in a repeat performance of 2013 by also advancing but this time Ben fought from 3rd place to get his first overall win at this event. 13 year old Freddie Ide now sits in a very impressive 4th place. Not bad for a young man competing in a fleet beyond his age! MASTERS BWA - MASTERS double- Tiree - 2014-3Standout performance of the day must surely go to big Dave White who started in 4th and charged through four rounds to finish in first place. Kyle McGinn will be hoping for a re-match with a day to go.  There still remains one more day of possible competition.Head Judge Willy 'Angus' MacLean has planned this to be at the legendary Maze on the west Coast of Tiree. The Maze is a notorious venue offering bone-crushing swell and waves to match. This tour has proved that the results can change as quick as the wind and if tomorrow does deliver at the Maze we will be in for more shocks and surprises. Report by Nigel Treacy, BWA Chairman. What a difference a day makes. After the first full day of competition all remaining fleets have now completed their single eliminations. The ladders are now loaded for the double eliminations with 2 full days of epic conditions to come. Sailor of the day has to be 13 year-old Freddie Ide who enteered as a youth and went on to make the final of the Ams fleet today! And if that is not enough.....we await 'The Quickening'.... This will be a shootout to remember as five of the UK best Pro wavesailors go head to head in a new competition with a brutal format....all will be revealed.


Mike Archer continues to lead the pack and now sits in first place with local boy Scotty McDowell in second. Ben Page will be eager to wrestle the first place of Archer but it will take a mighty effort as he needs to defend against young gun Freddie Ide before taking down Scotty and then Archer. is it possible? Ben did it in 2013 when he came back through 7 straight heats. Mike and Scotty will ber nervous. Sailor of the day, Freddie Ide will also be looking to advance further and ruin the party of the Am sailors.


Tour leader Justyna Sniady (Simmer/Simmer) collected another solid win but there will be more rounds ahead and Sara Kellet will be looking to gain valuable points before the ladies head to Cornwall for the final showdown. Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer) is off to a slow start but on her best day she is able to finish first.


The Masters fleet is one of the most fiercely contested competitions. Kyle McGinn is currently sitting in 10th place of the tour but that didn't stop him taking down the formidable tour leaders to nail his first BWA win. Tour leader Craig Hamilton, will have his sights firmly set on regaining valuable places in the double to distance his lead before the final Cornwall event. Previous tour champ Big Dave White will also be chomping at the bit in the double. Congratulations to Geoff Hautman and his team for delivering his first BWA comp. Report by BWA Chairman, Nigel Treacy. BWA - AMS double- Tiree - 2014-2 BWA - MASTERS double- Tiree - 2014-2 BWA - MASTERS single - Tiree - 2014-3 BWA - AMS single Tiree - 2014-2


BWA - PRO single- Tiree 2014 Just one point separates the top two British pros; Phil Horrocks (Gaastra/Tabou) and Ben Proffitt (Simmer/Simmer). With only two events remaining on the tour everything is to play for as these age-old rivalries battle it out here for the Tiree winners sword. With Adam Lewis (North/Fanatic) and John Skye (RRD/RRD) absent from the event the door will also be open for Andy Chambers (Pryde/JP), Dave Horrocks (Gaastra/Tabou), Aleksy Gayda (RRD/RRD) and Sam Neal (Simmer/Simmer) to grab vital Championship points.


BWA - LADIES single- Tiree - 2014 The race for the women’s Champion is tighter than ever before with only 0.3 points separating Justyna Sniady (Simmer/Simmer) and Sarah Kellet. Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer) is also here threatening to spoil the party with her eyes on a Tiree win. Again the women's fleets are due to complete by Tuesday but there is a possibility that they may extend as PWA La Torche event has cancelled its women's wave entry.


BWA - AMS single - Tiree - 2014Mike Archer is currently sitting equal 1st with Mike Wand-Tetley both on 39.7 points. But the shock of the event is the absence of Wand-Tetley who failed to show. Up and coming hot shot, Ben Page will liven the competition up as one to watch and we also have Scottish star Scotty McDowell and RAF talent Russ Jenkins returning to fight for the Ams sword. Freddy Ide attends Tiree for the first time as the only youth. This young man will be one to watch as a future BWA Champ and PWA contender.


BWA - MASTERS single - Tiree - 2014 The senior of the fleets, the Masters should never be confused with being sedentary. On the day and in the wildest conditions these 'old gits' are as good as the pros and can pull off the most breathtaking stunts. RAF boy Craig Hamilton currently leads the pack and with a 6.8 lead may be impossible to catch but that won't keep previous Champ Dave White and BWA Tour Manager, Geoff Hautman from a fierce battle. Throw into the mix previous Tiree Champion and Scottish favourite, 'Big' Davey Edmiston who arrived on the island looking to bring the Masters sword back to Scotland again. Nick ide, Phil Anson, Kyle McGinn and Andy Page attend Tiree for the first time. Any one of these could also sneak the sword away!

Day Three

Why do you love windsurfing? Up in Tiree the forecast is looking great for the end of the week, but until then some of the competitors share why they love windsurfing...

Day Two The weather on Tiree continues with a stunning calm and sunny backdrop that shows off the best of the Island before the impending storms begin to hit. The rest of the fleets have now registered for the Tiree Wave Classic, and there is a lot of excitement for the wind & swell forecast to build through the week! With 30 competitors in the main title chase across 4 fleets and a 20 strong Youth fleet made up entirely of local up and coming windsurfers, not to mention the families and friends that have turned out today - the Island is buzzing and it’s set to be an exciting week ahead. Should the pro fleet not manage to wrap up the BWA title chase in time for La Torche, Tiree Wave Classic will be decided in an all out expression session format in the windiest few days to follow...stay posted to see who will come out on top for 2014! Todays registration and welcome brief was followed by the first of Mark Hosegood’s pro clinics that will be running daily on the Island. Mark - “The aim of my clinics is basically to pass on some useful tips and knowledge from the pint of view of what the judges want to see in the comp. We look from the routes up and start with kit set up, engaging the Pro’s for their experience and then work towards how to get the most out of your wave score!” Mark has been supported by the BWA Crew and riders like Ben Proffit (Simmer/Simmer/Oshea), Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers and Phil Horrocks to put these clinics together and make sure that each year those who make the epic trip to Tiree will enjoy the down time and get more out of their own sailing. Robin Nichol from RYA Scotland has worked closely with Wild Diamond to deliver a progressive experience for bussing wave sailors from the local community, and get them a taste for the Wave Classic whilst learning the ropes and rubbing shoulders with their heroes! It’s great to see a region that is able to harness the more aspirational side of our sport and make the most of such an exciting venue as Tiree! All fleets are fully prepared to hit the water and literally watching every change in the forecast as the heavy areas of Low Pressure make their way across to the Scottish Hebrides...

Day One With the best pro riders in the UK all registered for the Tiree Wave Classic, all the team are on standby at Balephuil Beach in the hope of grabbing some waves and warming up for the winds forecast to come through stronger and stronger as the week goes on! The swell is forecast to build with a massive 20 second period in the pipeline... The opportunity for Amateurs and Masters to still pre-enter online in time for the great forecast ahead is still open until 9pm on sunday night!!
Calmac still have space on some of the ferries coming in this week so the best bet is to call the Oban office directly on 01631566688 Multiple Tiree Champion Ben Proffit (Simmer/Simmer/Oshea/Funsport) has just come from winning the Indoor World Slalom Title in Poland and is poised to go head to head with Phil Horrocks (Gaastra/Tabou) for not only the Tiree Title once more, but this will lead into the final round of the BWA championship in Cornwall and can make all the difference to any of the top 5 riders looking for an all important podium finish! Phil and Ben are no strangers to competing against each other and sailing together at their home spot in Rhosneigr for many years now…… Ben - “ It was great to win here last year and I am super keen to win it again! There are some solid riders here so I just hope the forecast comes in before we have to head to PWA La Torche in France” Phil - “It is really tight at the top this year and I think it will come down to the last event for sure. With such a close competition and level of riders we’ve got everything to play for in Tiree!” Looking ahead there is such a great forecast coming in that event organiser Jim Brooks from Puravida has just announced an OPEN EXPRESSION SESSION is planned to be held later in the week. There will be more details and coverage to follow as the forecast unfolds. Local Willy Angus from Wild Diamond is confident that there is a good storm coming in. Willy Angus - “Typically in Tiree a good forecast can come in quicker than predicted and it looks like the wind and swell should be pretty solid by mid week. The latter part looking really strong so fingers crossed the pros don’t miss it and the Amateur fleets could be on for some exciting conditions!” The ‘Craic’ on Tiree is famous and the Lodge will be playing host all week to some great artists and entertainers - Tonight kicks off with local musicians followed by Tommy Armstrong for Big Tuesday and not to forget the epic AC/DC tribute act ‘Forever Young’ heading in from Glasgow for Friday night!     ]]>
20 Questions With Kevin Pritchard Wed, 15 Oct 2014 11:10:32 +0000 Amy Carter
1. What has been your biggest accomplishment as an athlete? I would say my first world title in 2000. It was the first time in 12 years that anyone had dethroned Bjorn Dunkerbeck and I was the first to do it. I worked quite a few years to do it and man did it feel good. 2. What has been your greatest disappointment as an athlete? I would say a year when the PWA was doing SuperX. It was in Lanzerote, and it came down to the last race and I blew it. Usually I was the one to no blow it and this was the first time. I wasn’t the best in the discipline but I was getting there. I think I finished 3rd that year but I was gaining speed for sure. 3. Who is your hero, and why? I have a couple but my brother would be one for sure. He is a total ripper that I think a lot of people forget about. He might not be out at Hookipa every day but as you saw last year at the Aloha Classic, he still throws the hammer down. 4. What is your most embarrassing moment? Hmm that is a tough one. I embarrass myself every day out on the water with some of the waves I ride. Sometimes I get so embarrassed by the way I am sailing, it is like, hey I know i can sail better than this, what the heck are you doing out here. I guess that is what pushes me to be better. 5. What other sport would you like to compete in? At this stage I don’t want to compete in any other sport. I really don’t enjoy that much the competition side of things anymore. I love having a good time and pushing myself out on the water freesailing. I think that I compete with myself so much on a daily basis that I don’t really need competitions for anything. The thought of racing my dirt bike just totally turns me off. I just really don’t see the point in it. Right now I compete on the AWT because it is fun to travel around with friends, meet people and have a great time. I use it as a platform to stay current with my sailing and make that I am still in the game. It is a great way to promote the brands that help me out throughout the year and test our products and socialize with people who ride the products we make. I guess you can say I am kinda burned out on competition but I still love the atmosphere of it. 6. If you could ask God one question, what would it be? Why so few epic windsurfing spots? 7. If you could change one rule about windsurfing competition, what would it be? Is there rules? 8. What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? I wouldn’t change a thing. For me I left nothing on the table. I worked hard, I played hard and had the time of my life. I got what I wanted out of windsurfing, the world titles, both waves and racing, some formula tittles and a ton of fun. The only advice I would give to kids 16 years old is to go for it. Right now there are probably 15 people in the world that are making an ok living from windsurfing competition. You better want it really bad to make it. I was talking with Morgan the other day and I was like man, you should do the PWA if you want to take your career to the next level. He is an amazing talent, he sails hard and he rips totally. But he needs to go and beat Köster. If he wants it bad enough he can do it. Look at Brawz, he is amazing sailor, and he wanted a world title and he went to Pozo and sailed on that rocky beach for days and days until he got what he wanted. It is pretty cool to see these guys pushing windsurfing. 9. What is the best compliment you have ever received? I get stoked when everyone is happy. I love making a good turn on a wave, I love making a great video that stokes people out to go windsurfing. When I was editing the Baja video this year, Kevin McGillvry watched it and said, yep that makes me want to go sail. I was happy with that! 10. What is the scariest thing you have had to do? Are you glad you did it? I am scared all the time. Big waves scare me. I was surfing Jaws and went over the falls backwards skipping down the wave on my back. Was I happy to do that.. nope :) I still think about it. 11. What was the last thing you saw someone do that really impressed you? Brawzinho and Ricardo really impress me. Ricardo just does not give a F about anything and just goes for it. I love watching him sail. 12.What is the worst thing anyone has ever said to you? These are hard questions. 13.Who would play you in the film of your life? I don’t really know enough actors. I will get back to you. 14.Who is the worst person to windsurf a heat against? I always had a tough time against Josh Stone. He beat me in a heat that would have made me world champ one year. I always wanted to beat him so bad that I would just overdo it and lose. It sucked. 15. Make us laugh… I am not funny. Ok here's a bad joke: Who would you least like to be in a paddle boat with... Morgan No-row!  16.Which one possession could you not live without? I love going windsurfing. This summer I was in Jackson Hole for a month and without going in the ocean for a month was pretty tough. I remember going to Peru and riding that first wave and it was just unbelievable. So much fun. 17.Which one person could you not live without? My parents have been awesome to me. They help me out like no one else ever could. My mom helps me out with so much. When you travel as much as we do, you need good people around you. 18. What is the current most played song on your iPod? Hearts Like Ours - Naked and Famous. 19. What makes you unhappy? Rude people. I love being around real people. Happy people. If you are not building others up, just be quiet. 20. Who do you need to say sorry to, and why? Hopefully no one. Maybe the guy I stole his perfect wave from at Hookipa. I guess that was local tax. ]]>
AK13 - (Un)Lucky For... Tue, 14 Oct 2014 10:34:54 +0000 Amy Carter The Student Windsurfing Association are excited to announce their epic, yearly student windsurfing festival in Cornwall that is Aussie Kiss XIII!! Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.25.28Whether you’re struggling to get lucky or are inherently unlucky then this year’s Aussie Kiss is your chance for it all the change in what is set to be the biggest, and best ever Student Windsurfing Festival of its kind on the planet!!! That’s right, people will literally fly in from around the globe, drive until red bull can keep them awake no more, and sell all their worldly belongings (I may exaggerate a little) just to be part of the phenomenon that is Aussie Kiss XIII – (un)lucky for…!!! Bude, Cornwall is once again the spectacular location and the weekend of 17th – 19th October the long awaited for date. We have sooo much in store for this year’s festival. • Caravan accommodation for two nights at Bude Holiday Park • Two breakfasts • Two days of windsurfing at Roadford Lake with 100s of other windsurfers and instructors on the water creating a unique and super awesome vibe (excludes party only ticket holders) • Friday night party to get to meet some life changing people and unwind for the epicness of the weekend ahead • Industry sponsors demoing kit, selling winter essentials and generally looking cool · Lots of really insightful clinics for all abilities, ran by industry leading legends · Full RYA standard instructor lead beginner sessions • Inter-club competition kicking off the SWA 2014/15 series • PRIZES! · AND OF COURSE…The epic, unrivalled, mind blowing, out of control Saturday night Fancy Dress Party that is on another scale!!! Expect live music and live DJ!! Get your creative minds together and come with your very best, downright genius take on the theme of (un)lucky for… At this point wipe off the drool from your keyboard and head straight to (if you’re computer hasn’t packed up from all the drool) and buy yourself one of the golden Aussie Kiss XIII – (un)lucky for… tickets! (tickets go live at Wednesday 23:59) ]]> The Secret Of Watersports Mon, 13 Oct 2014 10:43:01 +0000 Amy Carter There's more to watersports than just having fun on the water, sport can help more than many of us can imagine. Here we find out more about 20 year old Jake Harding who has turned his life around by becoming involved in watertsports... SUP Jake Harding has turned his life around – and now his next adventure will be in watersports. The direction his life has gone in has been a complete surprise to him, but he couldn’t be happier. Jake, 20, was born on the Isle of Wight in 1994, but by 1996 his parents had divorced and his dad had moved to Scotland. His mum struggled as a single parent but soon after re-married. Jake’s stepdad joined the RAF to give him and his mum a better life, but this meant Jake moved around a lot, depending on where his stepdad was placed. At the age of eight he moved to Shetland which was the most remote place he had ever been, with only one small school and Jake the only boy in his whole year. There was a 2.5 hour journey including two boats to get to any shops, so it made it very hard as a child growing up. When Jake left Shetland he moved to Hampshire and on a school trip had his first encounter with watersports and sailing centre UKSA. He spent his 10th birthday at UKSA and the chefs made him a birthday cake to share with his class. Jake moved back to the Island when he was 12 and went through high school, but after leaving school Jake got in with the wrong group of friends who caused trouble for them and him. All his friends were going out late at night and Jake went against his mum’s rules of being home by a certain time. On many occasions he didn’t even go home. After several occasions of Jake going against his mum’s wishes, he ended up being kicked out of the family home. He moved into a youth hostel at the age of 17 where his bad behaviour spiralled as he got into even worse groups who had nothing better to do but cause trouble. Jake knew he did not want this life and chose to try his best to apply for work. Having no work experience, Jake struggled for a very long time to secure employment. He chose to attend Insights at the Isle of Wight College as he had heard of a pre-apprentice scheme which can get your foot in the door with a lot of companies. Jake was undecided for a while in what he wished to follow as a career path, but chose to take up business admin at UKSA, as the training would be transferable for any job he might want to pursue in the future. Jake joined UKSA in April 2013 as a pre-apprentice and since then his life has been on the up. He no longer associates with his old friend group, and things with his family have improved too now Jake has made a positive change to his life. In October 2013 he started as a full apprentice and found a flat to rent. He works as an administrator at UKSA where his input is highly valued, and he spends a day a week at the Isle of Wight College. He has recently been accepted onto the Watersports Instructor Training Diploma, to begin in November, and funding has been secured to help him with the cost. He has already clocked up a few qualifications, such as Short Range Radio, First Aid, Powerboat Level 2 and Safety Boat. He said: “After my course I want to go into youth development and then in a few years maybe take my yachting qualifications so I can do youth development across every aspect of UKSA. I think UKSA has given me experience and training, and built my confidence. I have changed since being here and I am really grateful for the funding that will allow me to continue my journey. I truly think UKSA is a place for anyone and everyone.” Funding is available at UKSA for watersports courses. Some of the courses have guaranteed interviews with leading industry employers, and one course offers funded training leading to guaranteed work with Neilson. To find out more, talk to the friendly course advisors on 01983 203038 or go to   ]]> Morris is UK Champion! Mon, 13 Oct 2014 10:27:33 +0000 Amy Carter UK Raceboard Champion, Louis Morris, reports from the final event of the UKWA season... The UKWA National course racing championship is a series of 5 events, the final one was at Stokes Bay (Gosport, on the Solent) last weekend. The forecast looked pretty windy for Saturday, and sure enough, it was very windy whilst we were rigging, but after a lot of rain and a 90° wind shift, we had about 12-14 knots. To avoid the shipping channel, the course was set quite close into the beach, which was great for spectators, but also meant that the inner loop of the course had very fluky wind, with a big hole by the windward mark. Add some strong tide, and you have some interesting racing! During the morning, the tide was going opposite directions (or at least, much stronger inshore), which meant that left paid best. The wind was strong enough to plane all the way round, and I had good speed and was tactically strong enough to win by a comfy margin whilst Mark Kay, Rob Kent, and Lewis Barnes were in close combat. One of the leeward gate marks drifted leading to some confusion and disqualification those who went through the gate the wrong way (including Lewis). copy-9827-600x400 The wind dropped a bit for the second race, demanding a bit more downwind pumping. And this time the racing was very close with a few lead changes as people got the right gusts and shifts and played the tide correctly or not. I was leading, but after the last upwind, Rob was hot on my tail, and had a better downwind to win the race (I had a stinking cold and just ran out of energy, that’s my excuse anyway!). Race 3 was no less exciting and very very gusty as the wind started to swing a little more offshore. The tide was very strong now, and even stronger on the left, so it was a case of trying to get the shifts right without heading out into the channel. Mark had a flying start and a perfect first beat, but then tacked on a header at the leeward mark, sending him out into the strongest tide and allowing 4 people to overtake! Myself and Rob got a good shift by the shore that allowed us to leebow the tide and get a crazy layline to the windward mark, so again I won with Rob 2nd and Lewis in 3rd. The race officer tried to change the course to a windward/leeward further out in cleaner wind, but the wind dropped by the time we started and it had to be abandoned. IMG_0847_edited-1 There was no wind until about 1pm on Sunday, and even then it was about 2 knots, some people just went home, and lots of people started packing up, but then at 3, we had a great finishing race in 8-10 knots. The tide wash pushing upwind very quickly, but miraculously nobody was OCS on the start. I had a good start but gave myself some work to do by heading too much up the middle of the course; luckily I got the craziest long distance with tide layline ever and won the race ahead of Rob and Lewis again. So I won the event, with Rob Kent 2nd, and Lewis Barnes finally converted his crazy speed into a super consistent set of 3rd places. Mark Kay was as fast as ever, but just didn’t manage to put together a good enough set of races to displace Lewis from the podium. Annette Kent had a really good event and finished 5th overall, first lady by a long way. Jenna Gibson was also very impressive, managing to finish ahead of Harriet Ellis, proving that a skilfully used old Mega cat is still as good as anything! National Championship series results: 1st Louis Morris (Tushingham/Starboard 377) 2nd Robert Kent (Tushingham/Starboard 377) 3rd Mark Kay (Demon/Starboard 377) 1st Veteran (4th overall) Tom Naylor (Tushingham/Starboard 380) 1st Lady (6th overall) Annette Kent (Tushingham/Starboard 377) 1st Supervet (7th overall) John Pete (Demon/Starboard 377) 1st Youth (10th overall) Rebecca Kent (Bic OD/Mistral Equipe) ]]> The Benefits Of Coaching Thu, 09 Oct 2014 09:37:07 +0000 Amy Carter Coaching and training will hugely benefit your windsurfing, what ever level you are. The RYA join Boards to talk about what training you could look for and why: Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 09.14.24 There is no denying one of the most awesome things about windsurfing is the time spent experimenting, trying out new skills and mastering different conditions. You may already have done RYA Stage 1 or Start Windsurfing courses and got a decent grasp of the basics, so practice plus a bit of trial and error and copying stuff you have seen your mates pull off or on YouTube, is the next natural step isn’t it? You don’t need any more formal training to keep having fun windsurfing do you? If that describes you, the simple answer is ‘No’, you are right, there is absolutely nothing to stop you just grabbing your gear and getting out on the water. But scratch the surface even a little bit, and you will quickly find there are heaps of reasons to get properly trained; embedding core skills to assist a positive learning experience and leading to better windsurfing opportunities than you ever thought. Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 09.12.44As Amanda Van Santen, RYA Chief Instructor, Dinghy and Windsurfing, explains: “We are all about building confidence. Trial and error inevitably means mistakes, and if those mistakes create a situation where you get frustrated at not being able to do something are you eventually going to give up? “Enjoyment is ultimately the only reason anyone keeps doing any sport. If you learn how to do something properly you enjoy it more, which fuels the encouragement and motivation to continue and learn more. “Getting expert advice accelerates learning, and also assists in overcoming any hurdles experienced when learning or improving techniques, so you progress faster. “There are some incredible windsurfing challenges, locations and opportunities to explore all over the world, our sport has an almost limitless global playground. But these can only be taken full advantage of by feeling confident in your own ability. “Training provides structured, enjoyable steps to help you move forwards and become an experienced, confident windsurfer. What could be more exciting?”

So what is ‘Training’ then?

People still hear the word ‘training’ and think ‘classroom’, ‘homework’, ‘exams’, all in all not much fun. But the reality is very different. The RYA National Windsurfing Scheme and RYA Youth Windsurfing Scheme are well established around the principles of bite-sized learning and clinic-based tuition to fit around busy lives. Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 09.13.13Training also isn’t just for beginners. The intermediate and advanced courses helps those looking to tackle skills such as water starting, planing, carve gybing or more advanced manoeuvres like bump and jump skills. Recognised RYA Training centres provide anything from one-to-one tuition, groups, one-hour sessions looking at specific skills, to weekends and week-long courses depending on what sort of tuition and intensity of experience someone wants. The RYA windsurfing schemes use the Fastfwd coaching model, devised by Simon Bornhoft, whereby professionally trained instructors will teach you to self-analyse. The courses are practical, fun and allow plenty of room for trying and trying again. The language specific to windsurfing can be baffling and off-putting so a key part of RYA Instructor training is they are taught to keep language simple so people can understand it. The simplicity of, and language used in Fastfwd reflects that approach. Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 09.13.22Fastfwd is made up of five elements and a few key actions forming the basis of all movements on a board - Vision, Trim, (Counter) Balance, Power and Stance. Breaking down key skill areas in this way ensures a smooth transition between each. This unique way of teaching cuts out the jargon but also means you can visit any RYA windsurfing training centre anywhere in the world and pick up where you left off. All the RYA windsurfing schemes, including instructor training, are supported by companion books which are available as paperbacks and as interactive eBooks, complete with video clips, clear diagrams and annotated photographs. The eBooks work on tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and laptops via an App and again fit into the appreciation that lifestyles today are much more instant and mobile-led.

Opening new doors

Improvement and confidence are two of the biggest drivers to getting trained, but amongst the by-products of the process include the possible opening of career options you might never considered within the watersports industry, including instruction and coaching, involving travelling and working in some stunning places. RYA certificates enable you to keep a track of, and show your achievements, while instructor qualifications can be a great thing to have on a CV too. Universities and employers like interesting people and your windsurfing can be a great talking point! Meanwhile with the RYA now a Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Operating Authority, young people aged 14- 24 can use all RYA courses to count towards elements of their DofE Bronze, Silver or Gold awards, providing even more inspiration, motivation and opportunity for such young people to get involved in some formal training. Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 09.14.12Once someone has completed a basic entry-level RYA qualification, like Start Windsurfing or Stage 1, it is also rare that they stick to just that discipline. Many people want to give back to the sport that they love, and getting trained enables them to do that as skilled volunteers or professionals. Amanda continues: “Getting trained gives people the opportunity to develop a lifelong relationship with the sport. Windsurfing is a sport you can learn in very little time but which can give you years of enjoyment. “There are still new things I learn all the time and you can never beat that feeling of conquering a new skill or challenge, which then makes you want to learn more.”

What to do next?

It does not matter where you live, right next to the coast or slap bang in the middle of the country, with over 1,800 RYA Training Centres running windsurfing courses across the country the chances are you won’t have to travel too far to find a course to suit you. All the latest windsurfing course information and options for learners and instructors can be found at while ‘Where’s My Nearest’ at will tell you where you can do your chosen course(s). ]]>
Winter Slalom Challenge Wed, 08 Oct 2014 09:48:26 +0000 Amy Carter Want to go fast this winter? The TWS in Tenerife have eight sets of Fanatic/NorthSails slalom gear ready to go, just for you, but there's more to it than just the gear:
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 09.41.20
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 09.41.09
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 09.40.59
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 09.40.48
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 09.40.40
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 09.40.32
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 09.40.21
Those who do not want to wait this fall and winter untill the lakes are completely frozen, are invited to come to Tenerife Windsurfing Solution (TWS). The sunny Canary Island where temperatures do drop not below 20 ° in wintertime, I well known as a paradise for wavers. The Winter Slalom Stages that TWS are organizing creates a complete new concept for riders with a need for speed and slalom fanatics. Harco-Jan Folkerts, owner and driving force behind TWS explains: "Would it not be great if you could fly this winter with nothing more than your hand luggage on a lowcost flight, and then four hours later beeing on the water free-racing in your shorty with your buddies? Well, so can in Tenerife! We already offered the very best equipment in (freeride, frestylke wave and wave gear. Now, starting from the end of Octobre we offer eight complete sets of 2015 slalom North / Fanatic kits. Ready, rigged with the best carbon masts, racebooms and Select- fins. Windsurfing at its best with your surfing buddys , partner, or just by your selve blasting for a week or more with top of the range equipment without the hassle and struggle of travelling with your own kit." Slalom Racing, PWA-clinics or just careless blasting / racing with friends. Where most rental centers limit their offerings for speed and slalom freaks to safe freeride stuff, TWS makes the difference with really high-end slalom equipment. The offer Slalom Stages reaches much further. If you finally want to decide with your friends who is the fastest? For once and for all you can decide it on the downwind slalom course. Want to work on your technique, then join the TWS clinics for gybing, tuning and trimming, given by PWA-riders. Make it your dream holiday blasting and freeriding on the azure water, then TWS has always tips for the finest down winder. "Tenerife is getting more and more training ground for National and International windsurfers." So says Harco-Jan. "All winter long Dutch PWA talent, Jordy Vonk, will be giving clinics at TWS. In addition, the Fanatic team riders Matteo Lachino, Piere Mortefon and Marco Lang will also be there hosting some clinics and coaching sessions. "TWS want to keep the entry level for Winter Slalom Stages accessible. "The supply of the P{WA clinics is completely free of choice and is tailored to your specific questions. It is your windsurf holiday so it’s up to you if you wnat to go sailing on the gear or participate in the clinics! "With a monthly average of 65% of days with more than four beaufort, your sailing hours are assured. When the trade winds blow too hard to go to out with slalom kits then there is always one of the 80 wave sets waiting for you.

TWS GPS ranking

Always wanted to know how fast you actually go? Or do you want to compare your speeds on your own equipment at home, compared with you sailing the brand new PWA material? Tenerife Windsurfing Solution have several GT31 GPS devices ready for you. This winter all the different personal speed records will be publized in the TWS GPS speed ranking. A unique ranking, with all riders on the same equipment competing for the fastest speed with each other. The windsurfer setting the fastest speed of the season will win a week of windsurfing in Tenerife!


No top holiday without great photos; "For those who like to take some nice holiday snaps home, or want to see themselves on video we have several GoPro mast mounts ready. We also have a drone to film your jibing around the markers, just like the pros do it in their annual photo shoots. Finally, we have a staff photographer at TWS that shoots photo’s in magazine-quality still from the start boat or with the underwater camera housing to shoots images at the most exciting angle. " Slalom Winter Stages run from October till June. Info and registration via TWS can also help witrh housing and flights.

TWS- facts and figures

You can leave your winter wetsuit at home due to an average air temperature of 22 ° and a water temperature of 19 ° so even in the winter just windsurf in your shorty! Besides the high-end Fanatic / North slalom equipment for the Slalom Stages, Tenerife Windsurf Solution offers you also the 90 complete freeride, wave, or freewave sets of eight different brands. With more than 65% wind days per month in the fall and winter, your sailing days are already assured!

Fast stuff

Normally the guys wanting to go fast need to be staisfied with a faster set of freeride stuff offered by most rental centers TWS goes one step further this winter. For the Winter Slalom Stages Tenerife Windsurfing Solution has eight high end but accessible slalom sets ready, with Fanatic Falcons in sizes 111 and 130 liters and a few 111 liters Fanatic Rays. Slalom sails from North Sails in sizes 6.6, 7.7, 7.9, 8.4 and 8.6 (WARP and S-type SL) so you always find the perfect power. All sails are rigged with the correct 100% carbon masts (North Platinum) and all the boards are equiped with the fastest fins from Select. Full-carbon platinum booms of North coompletes the high end gear. Find out more here.  ]]>
Warming Up In Tiree Fri, 03 Oct 2014 09:32:17 +0000 Amy Carter Check out the short video preview for this years event by Red Handed TV: The long term forecast looks solid so far…….but I don’t want to tempt fate??!! It’s certainly getting a lot more wind off the coast of Scotland than anywhere else in the UK at the moment. With the pros kicking off early this year, the Amateurs still have a good chance to arrive later on the Sunday Ferry and join the comp which will then run from Monday to Friday for them giving 5 days of fully dedicated Amateur comp time supported by FREE coaching and pro clinics lead by Mark ‘Sparky’ Hosegood, this years head Judge from the PWA. Friday night at the Tiree Lodge hotel will see the well known Glasgow based AC/DC Tribute band ‘Forever Young’ Rock the closing night Party, and mid week the Pro Comp will be treated to another lively night or two with Scottich Surfing, Windsurfing and musical legend…..Tommy Armstrong! You can still pre-register online at Tiree Wave Classic 2014 is funded by Argyll &Bute Council and supported by the BWA, Puravida Boardriders, Wild Diamond, Tiree Lodge Hotel, Calmac Ferries and the community of Tiree. Jim Brooks-Dowsett, Event Organiser 2014     ]]> Boards Magazine - Wave Annual - Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Thu, 02 Oct 2014 14:27:13 +0000 Amy Carter Subscribe here before the 10th of October, to have this issue delivered straight to your door. You can buy this wave issue only, from the 17th, here. BOARDS_AW14_15_COVER_1250px

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 17.16.07Inside this issue:

6 Foreword 10 Contributors 12 Introduction with Jason Polakow 14 Gallery – This Is Wavesailing


Adrian Jones and his team of Clones investigate a new revolutionary waveboard from Fanatic that could change the boards we all ride and the brands answer many hard-hitting questions about three-batten sails. We also look at what you need to survive a European winter in comfort and delve into the quiver bags of some of the world’s best wavesailors. 28 Introduction by Klaas Voget 30 Fanatic Reveal A New Secret Mission EXCLUSIVE 36 Three Battens? 44 Winter Wetsuits - How to choose the best for you 46 Winter Essentials 50 Pro Quivers: Levi Siver, Dany Bruch, Ben Proffitt, Victor Fernandez and Alex Mussolini


It’s all about the best of the best here in the Green Room: what and who inspires the top pros? 62 The Ultimate Windsurfing Idol by Robby Swift, but who is yours? 70 JUMP! Indoor Windsurfing Through The Ages 76 Inside The Mind Of Thomas Traversa


We’ve got both ends of the spectrum covered in this issue, from pros travelling to unexplored lands and windsurfing ‘new’ waves, to tales from the road in Europe, the US and the UK. Whatever your budget and sense of adventure, we have something for you. 86 Introduction by Boujmaa Guilloul 88 Madagascar: An Adventure Outside of Time with Graham Ezzy 96 Taking On Surfer’s Waves – Indo and Oahu 106 Into The Desert – The Sultanate of Oman with Antoine Martin, Camille Juban and more 114 A Four Point Guide To Roadtripping with Leon Jamaer 120 Swedish Secrets with Klaas Voget 126 Real World Waves – One year in and around the UK


It’s all well and good being inspired, but it’s turning this inspiration into action that really matters. Here we aim to take your wavesailing to the next level, with the help of accomplished coaches, industry experts and knowledgeable professional riders. 136 Introduction with Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne 138 If You Can Do This… You Can Wavesail 142 Solid Oak – The Best of Tabletops 144 Forward vs Back – Which loop and why? 146 Understanding Waves 148 Finding Your Secret Spot 152 Break It Down – five vital wave skills explained


162 Travel Directory 172 More Than Windsurfing 176 Until Next Time 178 Make Waves ]]>
Neilson team up with youth charity UKSA Thu, 02 Oct 2014 11:34:44 +0000 Amy Carter Anyone wanting to work on the water can now be trained at UKSA for a minimal financial commitment then go straight into guaranteed work with Neilson. It’s an exceptional opportunity for those seeking employment in the industry and the initiative is a first for both Neilson and UKSA. The courses are suitable for anyone aged 18 or over – perfect for anyone from school leavers to those looking for a career change. The courses on offer include a Yachtmaster option leading to work as a yacht trainer or flotilla skipper, or Watersports Instructor option, leading to work teaching dinghy sailing and windsurfing. Ben Willows, UKSA’s Director of Operations, said: “This is the perfect opportunity for all those people who want to change their career and want to work on yachts or in watersports but can’t afford the initial training. “We are delighted to have teamed up with Neilson in this way, as not only are we going to be able to drive people into high-quality training and then onto guaranteed work with a reputable industry leader, but we can offer all this at little or no cost to the student. “It ticks all the boxes for us as a charity and as a maritime training organisation that we can offer this solution to all the young people who come to us with the vision but not the means to make their dreams come true.” Potential candidates will attend an assessment day with Neilson at their Brighton base. It is likely students will be asked to show their commitment by investing a nominal amount towards the course, with Neilson covering the majority of the cost. Full funding may be considered for some candidates. As a growing organisation looking to expand its summer holiday destinations, Neilson is in need of qualified instructors and knows UKSA can deliver what they are looking for. Pip Tyler – Managing Director of Neilson, said: “Neilson have been offering overseas activity holidays to the UK public for close to 40 years and started working with UKSA over 25 years ago – over the years we have been able to rely on the quality of instructors produced from the UKSAcourses and feel confident this joint initiative will be a huge success – allowing more to enter the exciting world of activity holiday delivery." Courses start in November so graduates can work with Neilson for the 2015 season. Those interested in finding out more should contact UKSA on 01983 203038 for more details or go to Neilson selection dates are: 27th, 28th 29th, 30th October to be held in Brighton at Neilson’s HQ Course dates are: -Professional Yachtmaster – 24th November – 8th March – 10 places available (2 week Christmas break) -Professional Yachtmaster – 5th January –  5th April – 10 places available -Watersports Instructor training – 26th January – 22nd March – 24 place available -Watersports Instructor training – 23rd March – 17th May – 24 places available ]]> BWA Tiree - Entry Open! Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:25:48 +0000 Amy Carter Tiree Wave Classic onlinepre-entry is now open!
Tiree 2014
Tiree 2014 - register now!
As the UK climate remains fairly calm and warm still, the Scottish Hebrides have been enjoying some good winds already leading up to the Tiree Wave Classic 2014. Traditionally the temperatures are mild up there this time of year but the winter winds and swells have already started to kick in! Many competitors head up the week before to make the most of it, in fact Phil Horrocks has already been bagging some action on the Isle of Lewis! To book your ferry from Oban just visit and check the timetable to suit, you can book online or call them especially if you need any advice on vans or motorhomes. If you are looking for accommodation there are plenty of self catering houses to share on the island, but also consider the Wild Diamond Campsite and Self Catering Cottage conveniently located in the centre of the Island! There is a special offer of half price camping and 20% off self catering with Wild Diamond - to book go to This year we have special guests Ross Williams and Nik Baker who will be on hand to offer free clinic time and coaching advice as well as ‘Sparky’s Pro Clinics’ run all week with the pro riders. The clinic time and talks are all free for competitors to attend and aimed at wave sailors of all abilities to make the most of their week away! Pre Entry is open online NOW so head to and sign up! ]]>
Puravida BSA Tenby Slalom Delivers! Wed, 24 Sep 2014 11:19:35 +0000 Amy Carter The most recent BSA (British Slalom Association) event took place at Tenby, and was a massive success, Jim Brooks-Dowsett reports, with images and video from Pete Davis: Gallery and full results.
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.16.35
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.16.21
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.16.09
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.15.56
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.15.42
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.15.30
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.15.17
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.14.50
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.14.34
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.14.22
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.14.10
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.13.58
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.13.41
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.11.07
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.10.51
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.10.33
This summer has been one of the best on record, but that’s meant we haven’t had the wind we all would have liked to train and even at some of the other slalom events before…….so heading to Tenby faced with another ‘lovely weekend’ everybody was wondering if it would be a lot of waiting around and not much racing for the entrants! Some good local knowledge suggested that the sea breeze effect could work once the sun was out and with enough east in the wind it could come through cross shore at Tenby South Beach, and fortunately it was only a few hours into the morning when the course boat was showing 12 to 15 knots of wind and it was all systems go!! The UKWA Race team quickly set a great course a mile or so offshore in the strongest and cleanest wind and the Pro fleet Joined the Am fleet for two exciting downwind races to warm up - all riders at once! This was great fun and the wind had already picked up so it was a quick break for many to change down in winds now gusting up to 20knots on the course! Being so far out to sea, once the riders were there racing was without break, so a bit of fitness came in very handy (or was slightly missing in my case….) Pretty much back to back the Pro and Am fleets ran 8 rounds of straight finals in good downwind slalom conditions. The wind was solid throughout, starts were great to watch in both fleets and there was some good swell and chop running to make the conditions quite challenging for the riders…….without doubt some of the best slalom we’ve seen this year! The top 3 pros were constantly in a close battle for first place, but the rest of the fleet were never far behind in some very close racing throughout……gaps were tight and gybing proved to be critical to hold on to valuable places! In the end James Dinsmore (Starboard/Severne) proved most consistent to clinch the top spot but only two points behind were Kevin Greenslade (Puravida/Gaastra/Tabou) and Simon Cofield (Puravida/North/Fanatic) all fighting for that top spot on the podium! Lighter sailors Sam Latham (North/Fanatic) and Tom Wells sailed very well to take 4th & 5th chased down by seasoned competitor Simon Pettifer (Puravida/Simmer/Tabou) in a very close battle! The Amateur fleet was hotly contended with places changing race by race and the riders really making the most of the conditions! Youth stars to watch Nicky Welsh (Puravida/Simmer) and Jasper Geddes were well trained and untouchable for the top spots, but it was Nicky with 4 bullets that took the podium, Jasper just behind and Tim Gibson (North Sails) that put in a solid performance for Third place. The rest of the fleet was very close and made for some great racing! Simon Langley secured 4th with myself (Puravida/Simmer/Fanatic) in 5th and the flying Frenchman Yan Vasseur (Gaastra Sails) just behind in 6th. The amateur fleet was full of seasoned racers in some challenging conditions, and champion speed sailor Zara Davies sailed hard to sit 10th overall and 1st Lady giving her a great 1st year so far trying the slalom. Zara said - “Tenby is a fantastic venue and I loved sailing there with such a great crowd, I really hope more women do see what fun it is and come to join me!” The biggest fleet with the most races run and maybe the most fun of all progressing with their skills was the master blaster, and straight of the beach this relaxed format was really popular and they ran no less than 14 races in total……top effort! Rob Duggan was the master of the smoother inshore conditions chased hard by Charlie Milner for 2nd place and Jo Edwards in 3rd. The rest of the fleet were very close and great to see some newcomers on Welsh sand. Regardless of age or ability the Master Blaster has something for everyone to have a go and is a great way to improve your windsurfing skills - why not try the next one or bring a friend? Puravida Boardriders were stoked to host this event in Tenby with the support of the local windsurfing & lifesaving club at south beach, and we’re already looking forward to running it again next year! The saturday night BBQ on the beach was great and most of all we have to thank the UKWA race team for getting so many well run races in an offshore course run in one day! To find out more about joining in some of the fun racing or coming to the next event in Weymouth on October 25th at the Sailing Academy please check out Event Host, Jim Brooks-Dowsett - Puravida Boardriders ]]>
Thousands Hit The Water For Bart's Bash Wed, 24 Sep 2014 10:48:29 +0000 Amy Carter A couple of weeks ago we posted about the upcoming Bart's Bash, now after the event we catch up with the guys form Notts County who (as many clubs across the world did) held an incredible Bart's Bash event:
barts bash ncsc 21 9 14 -8854 cameron Coghill on National Youth squad taking part at home club
barts bash ncsc 21 9 14 -8865
barts bash ncsc 21 9 14 -8874
barts bash ncsc 21 9 14 -8876
barts bash ncsc 21 9 14 -8954
Did Notts County have the largest windsurf start in the World at Bart's Bash, we managed 13 boards on the start line... can anyone beat us? Overall the Notts. County, one of the most active in the East Midlands, managed to attract over 100 boats on the water (and over 150 people), 86 finishing the course. As part of their record attempt which was overseen by independent observers in strict accordance with Guinness World Records Rules. We think the club had the largest windsurf fleet racing in the world with 13 starters. The weekend started with a Saturday night quiz, where the club youth squad had been baking and raised over £80 from cake sales and quiz entry to the Andrew Simpson Foundation, the following day volunteers persuaded members to part with a further £450 of cash, along with the online money raised the total was well over £1,000. The day was a day to remember with the water covered in dinghies and windsurfers. I can safely say in nearly thirty years as a member I have not seen so many taking to the water at once, and not only that everyone was entering into the spirit of the occasion. The day started early with course laying and measurement, followed by a briefing and team photo. With so many boats it was decided to split fleets into 4 starts, a windsurfer, fast and slow handicap and novice start. It was great to see a huge age range from excited 5 year olds in a mirror with Mum to 77 year old windsurfers and dinghy sailors of all ages between. The weather was sunny with a moderate breeze at times, providing plenty of work for the safety boats. The race officer coped admirably with a very difficult race and though it took some time we are confident virtually everyone was timed and accounted for correctly. After about an hour on the water everyone was finished and retired to the clubhouse for food and afterwards the odd pint. Nicki Theokritoff, the club’s commodore, said, "We were delighted to be part of this world wide record attempt to have the Biggest Sail Race ever, ever. It was a great sailing & social day for everyone with a fantastic atmosphere and lots of money raised for the Andrew Simpson Foundation. My thanks to everybody who came down & took part; also to our Sailing Secretary and the other organisers at the club who made this event possible here." ]]>
Golden Rules Of Sailing In Waves Tue, 23 Sep 2014 12:32:35 +0000 Amy Carter We've already looked at the rules of flat water windsurfing, now it's time to get to grips with a few key rules for sailing in the waves. Simon Bornhoft joins Boards to talk you through the first wave rules that you need to know:
Who's wave?
Who's wave?

Coming In On A Wave

Rule: Those nearest to the peak have right of way to those further down the wave/line. Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.39.32 Who makes the first move? The person furthest from the peak has to get out of the way. Issues: If there is no distinct peak, the right of way goes to the person who caught the wave first. Common Sense: Don’t ‘drop in’ on others already on a wave.

Going Out Through Waves

Rule: Those going out through breaking waves have right of way over those coming in - regardless of what tack they are on! Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.39.40 So if you find yourself on a defined wave, be that on a WindSUP or wave board, whether you’re in control or not, it’s your duty to keep clear of those going out through the waves, even if they are on Port Tack – yes Port Tack! Who makes the first move? The person on the wave must keep clear. Issues: When you get a flat-water lagoon in front of waves, you’ll have normal Port and Starboard rules, but as you cross into the waves, it can change. Avoidance: The theory is that those on a wave have more speed to manoeuvre than those heading out more slowly through waves and white water. Common Sense: Once again avoid contact, especially in waves with large WindSUP’s!

Windsurfing and Surfing v Kitesurfing!

Windsurfing and kiting use the same Port and Starboard in a flat-water situation – right hand first has right of way. Windsurfers in wave and surfing rules are also exactly same in waves - those going out have right of way. What’s totally nuts, and a lot of people don’t realise, is that Kitesurfing ‘wave’ rules are the opposite, yes opposite! The Kitesurfer coming in on a wave has right of way over the Kitesurfer going out! So when Kitesurfers and windsurfers mix in waves they have completely different set of rules! I speak from experience from when I was hit, full speed, by a Kitesurfer on a wave, so he thought he had right of way. He sailed straight into me as I was up to my knees off the plane heading out through a massive set in Manawa! It’s like saying drive on any side of the road – it’s mad but true!! Once you have sailed in waves a few times, it does become a natural pattern and if you follow the wave etiquette, ‘most’ good sailors should encourage you to catch waves and keep clear of you when you’re trying to simply make it out the back. © Simon Bornhoft Windwise ‘Accelerated Progress’ with windsurfing clinics, holidays and windsurfing adventures for all levels. -                 ]]>