Ladies! Get windsurfing in 2013!

Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker

Join Jem Hall for a week of coaching at the legendary spot of Prasonisi from the 12th to 19th June. ‘Jem’s Jewels’ is a week geared towards the female windsurfer. It’s a great opportunity to make the most of Jem’s superb coaching skills, meet some like-minded people and enjoy sailing in a safe and supportive environment.

Jem will be assisted by Rachel Tucker who will be providing support, inspiration, encouragement and the toppest of tips! She is an experienced instructor, great sailor and fantastic addition to the coaching tour. The week has a number of places set aside for ladies allowing you to get the best out of the focused tuition and giving you the opportunity to have shared rooms to keep costs down. Any remaining places will be filled by men or women, so you can bring male friends, partners or husbands…if they’re invited!

For more info please take a look at or ask away!

  1. Katherine Syme

    I too have been on a couple of Jems clinics and the improvement in my windsurfing after each clinic was incredible. My first clinic I went on I was planing but not in the footstraps. By the end of the week I was learning Carve Gybes! The amount of new moves Jem has taught me over the years and the fine tuning of my technique has allowed me to progress in my windsurfing so much quicker than I thought I ever would. I can’t wait to go on another Jem Hall clinic to get my jumping sorted and hopefully one day soon I will be learning how to loop!!! Rhodes is also a great spot as the wind is very reliable and the conditions are perfect for learning new moves. If anyone out there is considering this Ladies clininc I can highly recommend it.

  2. Derryn Arthur

    I went on a lot of Jem clinics when he first started at Rhodes, it’s a terrific place for progressing, great equipment, and a fun place to visit. Would love to get back there for this one, maybe 2014 if you do another one! Jem’s tuition is second to none, I still see his smiley face as I go into every gybe and hear his voice coaching me through the turn. He picks out tips for everyone at all levels, and the rate of progression is huge for everyone.

  3. Sarah Cotton

    I went on a Jem Hall clinic with my father a few years ago and it completely changed my sailing – he sorted my gybing and stance out and it has made a massive difference to my ability in all sorts of ways ever since. Suddenly things that were impossible before, seemed a little bit nearer to reality. I’d definitely recommend investing the time and money on a clinic if you can – especially for ladies and with Rachel’s input – it’s easy to try to ignore the differences in mens and womens sailing, but just putting footstraps slightly closer together, or altering the trim of your sail can mean us ladies are more than capable of out-ripping our male counterparts :) Sarah


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