James Cox at Milford on Sea

Headcam footage from Milford on Sea, Dorset in August 2010. What a fun day at Milford On Sea catching ramps on the way out: summer – 4.7m weather, cross-on and sunny. http://mpora.com/videos/9wNpJkXFn

  1. Paul Metcalfe

    Hi James What do you think about Milford, I used to sail here all the time back in the early ninetys with a buddy who ended up living here for about 5 years or so. The place reminds of a cross between Marget River and diamondhead (not the wave size but its the steps you carry your kit down and the view when you are sailing back in). There is a steep shelf as you step of the beach but you suddenly find the sand bar just out in front of you. It dosent work to well on southwest tho but anything else ie west or northwest is side shore and if there is a swell running even better, if you dont fancy a drive to K bay this is the next place to think about! see you on the water.

    PS check out the sign as you go down the steps!!!!!

  2. Jeremy

    Excellent – wind, sun, waves. What more do you want?

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