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ION recently launched their new website (check out the screen grab of that below). With this there are a some new products in the line up including the next generation MADDOX Harness, which has been developed in conjunction with 5x World Champion Gollito Estredo.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 13.08.51

More about the next generation MADDOX

maddoxlaWiM9Q79K55RHPr_vNHQjLb2zTDMXdLlM0snWbjPWo,-W6oMfe0CXBq6Pojn5d62x0_LigNA2OSMuJiuJpmnCMWe are happy to present you the next generation of the MADDOX windsurf waist harness, that is well known for its soft support and maximum priority on freedom of body movement.

The 2013 edition is again available as a special Gollito Estredo Signature Model and additional features the all new Contour shape 2.0 at the inside of the harness, which guarantees an ideal fit to the upper and the lower part of the back by the help of different shaped areas in the harness body.
For a really short sum-up of all the details, please find attached an official press release.

The MADDOX is available from now on in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and retails at 139.- €.
This top of the line product is just one out of 6 different windsurf waist harnesses. The full product line, including more budget oriented models, can be found on:


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