Holly Bassett and Reece White – GoPro Playtime at WWWC

Check out Holly Bassett (daughter of 2XS / X-Train / WWWC main man Simon Bassett) and Reece White (son of our very own editor Dave White) proving there is life beyond the parents after all… All things West Wittering can be found via www.2xs.co.uk http://mpora.com/videos/ZSgHUSgkB

  1. Tony Estcourt

    Great video, there's some really good angles using the go-pro that I havent seen before. I'd be interested how you mounted the camera – ive not been brave enough to mount mine on the front of the boom yet.

  2. Nick

    Great clip – sums up the fun of everyday windsurfing! The only depressing thing is that I remember Holly's Mum carrying her about at the club as a baby – it only seems a few years ago and yet here she is – grown up! I feel old….


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