Help! Proffitt in Danger!

What danger you might ask? It’s not exactly blowing it’s usual storm force winds in Pozo, so no he hasn’t injured himself just yet (knock on wood!). 

Well as we all know Proffitt puts in A LOT of time and effort to the training diaries to bring you all the latest hilarious clips from around the world and it’s all self funded. With the support of Pozo Winds the Pozo diaries have seen a little boost, but if you love the diaries and would like to see them continue here’s your chance to help too.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 09.33.53“Well, it’s thirsty work and surely it deserves a couple of cold ones;)

“So if you want to help keep my vocal chords from drying up and don’t want to see a poor English guy go thirsty…   you can now ‘Donate’ some money to buy me a pint..  or 2.. or 3!!

“Don’t worry I won’t be spending it all on beer.. haha…  the rest will get spent on bringing you more action and crashes from around the world   …and if enough is raised maybe  in getting some better camera equipment!  …now that would be good :)

“Oh yeah..  and I’ve already been bought my first beer (actually about 20 if I was in Capetown.. ) So Big thanks to   ‘Bart Ter Haar’ (from  for the first round and the idea!

“Hopefully I can keep you entertained with the future Training Diaries.

“Cheers Ben”

Head on over to Ben’s website here to donate to the worthy cause.

  1. bothered

    bothered, my heart bleeds; get a real job?

  2. Warren

    Maintaining status as a professional sportsperson is difficult enough, let alone in the poorly funded world of windsurfing. Why such bitterness towards someone who has given so much to the sport over the years asking for support, Robin? If you don’t like the idea of donating to the cause, don’t donate. You don’t have to whinge about it.

  3. Rod

    Oops Robin, some of us love the video diaries and are rather pleased Ben Proffitt has done this. Just reward for endless work (if you have ever edited a video you’ll know). And I think on the whole your comments don’t represent most of the readership of this web site and it’s dissappointing to read a comment that sounds so bitter – when Ben’s videos are so full of enthusiasm.

  4. Justyna

    Begging? This is just a fun way to make it possible to tip a guy for making a good job bringing you some news from the windsurfing world. It’s 5h filming everyday, then editing and recording as well as giving tips to those who want to improve. Just cause he wants to – nobody is paying for him to do it – and there is another 50 guys on tour who could do just the same thing – would they ever?
    It was sugested by the viewers that actually said they would like to be able to chip in cause they do appreciate it’s quite a bit of work, that they do enjoy watching the Diaries and know that nobody is putting any extra for Ben to do it. So I’m afraid you are missing the point. Nobody is begging. Nobody is ever forced to pay to see diaries either, but if they like the service they can now tip for getting it.

  5. Robin

    I don’t think so Ben, begging is not the done thing to support a lifestyle choice travelling the world with the latest kit I am afraid!


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