Globalshots on Maui: Heli Rides and Watershoots

Adam Sims Adam Sims

With photoshoot season on Maui kicking off in a big way, Globalshots are there to capture the action…

The 2013 Starboard photoshoot means the world’s best windsurfers are being caught in action by some of the world’s best photographers. Jay Haysey from Globalshots was lucky enough to join PWA photographer and windsurf press legend John Carter as he takes to the skies with Johannes Neuman from Maui Nerd Productions. Exciting stuff, be sure to check out the UK’s very own Chris ‘Muzza’ Murray flying around on some shiny new toys…

When he’s not up in the air, Jay has been busy in the water making sure he documents all the sick action going on on the North Shore. Check out the full album by heading to


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