Francis wins the Golden Ticket to Maui


Congratulations to Francis Goodwin who has been announced as winner of the biggest prize in windsurfing: BOARDS / The Windsurfing Movie ‘Golden Ticket’ to Maui. Francis and his wife Heather win tickets to the Magic Isle, a cameo in The Windsurfing Movie 2, a party in their honour, plus a Goya board and rig to bring home.


A shortlist of ten BOARDS subscribers was randomly chosen to compete for the Golden Ticket by submitting a video to While a few people made some entertaining videos, Francis Goodwin’s left no-one in any doubt who the winner should be. On hearing that he’d won, Francis said “I’m pretty blown away by the whole thing, still trying to get my head around it!” Check out his submission at the foot of this page: a worthy winner indeed…


Dave White, our very own Willy Wonka, dropped in to West Wittering to catch-up with Francis and his family on Saturday. Despite the lack of wind and freezing temperatures it turned out to be an interesting afternoon (see more pictures at Francis has raised a crazy bunch that appear to be up for anything – and no sooner had the champagne cork popped, Francis announced he wanted to make it a family trip. Yep: looks like three generations of Goodwins might be off to Maui in April!


  1. Julian Williams

    Wow, well done mate. See you on the beach soon. Dont forget to tell them your also a life saver!!

  2. Francis Goodwin

    Aloha and thanks for any comments – I'm sorry other folk who made the effort to do videos did'nt win but that's life –

    I very nearly didn't enter the competition, being in the final 10 came out of the blue …+ it being December / Jan cold etc, – and windsurfing not exactly top of the agenda. But big son and family thought 'why not' and we did it as a bit of a fun project in the snowy weather.

    It's wrecked our family budget cos though I'm using the Golden Ticket for the 2 of us, they'll be total 9 from the family, windsurfers aged 6 -66 out there !!!. It has to be the trip of a liftime and why not -esp for the younger members.

  3. Michael & Margit

    FAN-TAS-TIQUE !! Well done all of you … and special congratulations to FRANCIS, the youngest of 'em all ! You go out there and show the world how to skim those waves and live life to the full. We all watched your thrilling video so much over here that the sea water was ousing out of the keyboard – so you'd better bring back your best shots from Maui too! ENJOY …

  4. christian allen

    Well done winning the competition, we loved the video!!!! Have a good time!!!

  5. Susanna

    Brilliant, I'm thrilled to bits. Wave to me as you fly over.

  6. Jeff Scott

    Well done Francis and family, I enjoyed your video and look forward to seeing you all in the new windsurfing movie!

    P.S. if your tribe gets any bigger then you will have to arrive a bit earlier at the NWF this year, or shall we just rope off the field ahead of time!!

    Kind Regards


  7. mack

    Any reply Boards?

  8. bens

    So how did it win when it had less views than the Working Mans 60 seconds which had 13,909 views and Francis lowly 4,000 or so… stinks!

    and FG's was over 60 seconds – 1min 14… rip off

    that's mine and many others swithching to windsurf and ditching boards for good

  9. Philippe & Miche

    We knew you could do something special, but this is quite an achievement.

    Well done, and congratulations to the whole family.

  10. mack

    How did that video win when the other had more views???

    Shame the prize didnt go to a youth for winning an event or similar…

  11. Jessie

    Well done. You deserve it!!! How exciting, a trip like that with the family. Look forward to see pics. Could you teach us windsurfing when Tamsin's a bit older?!? Love, Jessie

  12. Belinda Hop

    Congrats Francis and Heather! I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you both! Have a glorious time in Maui…with the family, too! Hugs, Belinda

  13. Andrea Young

    Aloha from Maui!! This is VERY cool. I love seeing families that sail together. We are very excited to meet the Goodwin family in person and share some "ALOHA SPIRIT". See you soon!! Congrats, Andrea Young

  14. Peter Koch

    Congratulation Francis and Heather. Have a good time.

    PETER and VERA

  15. Henk Koeman

    You are the champions

    Congratulations from Henk and Ineke

  16. simon bassett

    Francis hope you guys have a great time- maui is windsurfing mecca your going to love the place…you wont want to come back

    cheers simon 2xs

  17. Rod and Liz and fami

    Well done, all of you! Great news.

  18. Jeremy Biddle

    Fantastic! Well done Frank & Heather. Enjoy.

  19. gutted

    Terrible news Francis. I told you not to enter. All those times that you'd told me that you'd had it up to here with windsurfing and how you particularly loathe long haul travel. If it's any good to you, I could step in for you. Just say the word..

    Oh alright, congratulations – couldn't be more deserved. Just no gloating on return.

  20. Kaija and Ian Sanfor

    Well done Francis, have a great time, nice to hear your good news!!

  21. John & Julia Tay

    Brilliant. Well done Frank and Heather and have a great time.

    Your prize was definately because we all voted for you – by the way!!

  22. Eva Thomas

    Congratulations to Francis, Heather & family

    Have a fab time – enjoy it all and praise the Lord for making waves & water the best playground ever.


    Eva & family

  23. Loraine and Keith

    What a great achievment. You certainly have given so much to the sport and couldnt happen to a nicer guy. Have fun guys

  24. Michael Cockerham

    Well done Francis – thoroughly well deserved. Ever since I have known you the sea has always been in your veins, you've just changed the clothes and the size of the ship!

  25. James Ezzard

    Congratulations Frank!

  26. Simon Bornhoft

    Hey Francis. Great news and well done. I hope that all the hard work we've done together over the years comes in useful. CONGRATULATIONS! All the best to all the family! Simon Bornhoft!

  27. Hiihtaa

    As well it was not 60 sec video as the rules where?

  28. Hiihtaa

    Who decided this? Other movie had more views than this? Makes me wonder? I thought viewers decide this?

  29. Krafty

    Excellent news ….. :-)

  30. Reflex

    Great news, the right outcome :)

  31. Duncan Adam

    Good on you Johnner! :-)

  32. Lostboy

    Great news, well done! Just choose a Goya board and rig that Justin can't use when you get back :)

  33. Olly

    Well done Francis a truly top chap and thoroughly deserved!!!

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