Ezzy Freeride 5

Duncan Slater
Ezzy Freeride 5
Ezzy Freeride 5

Seasprite Sports are very excited about the latest addition to the Ezzy sails collection, the Freeride 5, which goes alongside the twin removable cam Infinity. Sporting a similar colourful look to the 2011 Wave Panther 3 to go alongside their highly acclaimed performance and strength. The Freeride 5 is designed for sailors of all levels who take their windsurfing seriously. Whether you want to be the fastest on the water, cruise around, or make perfect gybes, the unique draft-forward profile of the Ezzy Freeride allows you to sail with greater efficiency and less effort. The Freeride 5 is perfect for flat water blasting and bump-n-jump sailing. The sail has a huge wind range and is highly tunable and mainly through, easy to apply, outhaul tension. The rigging is also easy thanks to the colour coded downhaul marks and the colour coded outhaul cords. Lastly of course, quality is guaranteed because Ezzy rig every sail in their factory before it’s shipped. Ezzy sails have an unmatched customer service as they take their customers as seriously as they do their sails. Email info@ezzy.com and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

Available from all fine Ezzy windsurfing retailers and more info on www.ezzy.com


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