First days of Autumn

As the summer slips away the Baker Academy shifts the focus from kitesurfing back to windsurfing and more importantly wavesailing, Boards catches up with Ant Baker after an epic weekend of wind.

Nik Baker
Nik Baker

With the weather man sending out warnings for strong south westerly winds, I sent out the texts for windsurf lessons at Sho’okipa beach park! I was overwhelmed with guys wanting to come and get involved with some forward and backloop action.

As the sun came out a steady 25-30 knots arrived, I started with Andy Heath who is a regular client and good friend of mine and also competes on the UK wave tour. Andy is a very good wavesailor looking to nail his backloops, so we worked on trying to get him more compact at the top of the jump, so he rotates quicker and steeper allowing him to land softer.

Andy Heath mid backloop
Andy Heath mid backloop

Also, I had Mat Thorn who is a new client that is looking to build his wave skills, which he will be doing over eight hours of coaching with me one of my programmes. The eight hours are split into four x two hour sessions and usually run over a couple of months. With Mat we worked on posture a little only as he is pretty well set up, then moved to his bottom turn which is where we spent most of the day, as pretty much everyone who comes to me wave rides from their back foot and we have to get them to move on to their front foot, allowing the rocker line to works as its designer intended.

Matt Thorn catching some air
Mat Thorn catching some air

After a while Nik came out on his new Fanatic Quad and 4.7 Hero and went crazy, on his first run he nailed a 40ft push loop! Followed by a seven turn wave which left the beach speechless, following waves were for my lens, as we will do some Baker Academy technique series with Nik very soon!

Nik Baker
Nik Baker

Overall we are all very excited here at Baker Academy, so we hope we will see you on the water soon, we offer some great deals on some winter UK based coaching so come and say hi or just come for a windsurf :)

  1. Andy Heath

    Ant, nice photo and pleased to say at last it is a done deal!!! With a bit less wind today and some nice ramps at Shoreham I finally nailed a totally clean back loop that felt like I was landing in warm butter and sailed away with the biggest F**K off grin on my face…. thanks for working me through this it has taken a while but we got there in the end… One very happy camper!!! Baker Academy Rocks! Andy


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