Brits in Maui - Swift Set To Charge In The Double

Only two Brits have made it over to the JP Aloha Classic, Robby Swift and John Skye; Boards catches up with Swift ahead of the start of the double elimination.

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Robby Swift in action... image credit Jimmie Hepp.
Robby Swift in action… image credit Jimmie Hepp.

“I had a tough day yesterday. I sailed really well in my first heat, tactically and on the waves. It was hard to pick a good wave and I felt really in rhythm with the sets. In the second heat agains Bernd and Kevin I just couldn’t get in time with the waves. Every set that came I was in the wrong position so I ended up taking some smaller waves, which really weren’t working yesterday.

Today is another day though, so I hope to do better in the double!

“I was on a 5.0 and 92L JP Quad prototype for next year.

“My favourite rider was Levi, by far. He was so stylish, calm and tactically solid. He never looked like he would lose a heat.

“I think Ricardo, Brawzinho, Camille will be the ones to watch. I hope I will do some good stuff too :) Hopefully I can come back through the draw and make it up onto the podium. That will be my mission for today!”



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