We’re not quite sure how cold it gets in Australia, but the Inverloch Windsurf club down in Melbourne seem to think it gets pretty chilly. To lure windsurfers out over the cold winter period they devised a brilliant concept ‘Brass Monkeys’. The speed competition is  not just about the top speed, but factors in wind strength and air temperature, meaning if you manage to get out on a light, cold, miserable day and clock up a good speed you could find yourself at the front of the pack!

What do you think? A good concept to adopt over here as Autumn (almost) starts to draw in?

Brass Monkeys from drift media on Vimeo.

  1. Amy Carter - Editor

    No worries Mick, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Mick Green

    Greetings from OZ…and thanks for taking an interest in our bizarre little competition. We’ve been running it for three years now and it keeps getting more and more intense!
    We probably don’t get the freezing temps of you guys over in Europe but our winters are a bit nippy…We get big South Westerly cold fronts which generate down near Antarctica and don’t hit land until they reach our home beach. It’s certainly brisk enough to get a permanent “ice cream” headache.
    In terms of the comp, we have had a different winner every year, which adds some truth to the rumour that the $3 monkey trophy that we use is cursed!

    More info on the competition can be found @ http://inverlochwindsurf.org.au/?page_id=250

    Cheers and big breezes,
    Inverloch Windsurfing Club

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