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  1. Lee

    Simon and Jems technique articles are still great. I miss Ian Leonard's technical analysis of equipment, trends and the market. E.g. mast bend comparison and wave board grip. This used to give much more credibility to the tests, which I think is now lacking. Bring back Ian as a consultant! After Ian banging on (quite rightly) about classifying boards by width, we suddenly see Boards using volume again – not helpful. Not bothered about pro sailors waffling on about their road trips or dull tails about how they get stuck at airports. I'd rather read something useful to me as a windsurfer. Good pics in the mag though. I really like the home ground series – more of this please as I've actually used these as a guide to sail at other beaches further afield in when the wind is in the wrong direction for the south coast.

  2. Selwyn

    I used to subscribe to Boards but now when I do buy a copy I am often dissapointed with very little of interest. I find it hard to relate to articles of road trips and far away remote locations. The Home ground article is one of the few worth reading. I would like to see more technique articles on the moves from trictionary such as conca tacks, monkey gybes, stall gybes and different approaches to learning the loop and vulcan.

  3. Neal

    Dont read the mag becuase although Im a fanatic windsurder and it is in some ways the center of my life I dont find it interesting, too much on the celbrity / pro windsurfer which Im tired of

  4. Michael Parkin

    Brought board magazine every month from 1983 until 2010 Stopped buying when Dave White took over. Articles useless. Total rubbish

  5. Darth

    Haha fun survey, you can keep the boom though, I saw one over the weekend its not that great I'll stay with my current booms…

  6. Nicothefrench

    As a french chap, I've first subscribe to improve my english back in 2005. Although it's still far from perfect, it worked pretty well. I also learn a LOT of stuff about the shape of the boards thanks to the fantastics tests and reviews that boards was carrying in those days (Ian leonnard as far as i remember). Then I stopped my subscribtion for 2 years, I'm resubscribe this year. And what I can tell, is tests have lost that "scientific" aspect. There is no more the full page of measurement which was very interesting. Also they lost the long pages of analysis of the shape's evolutions threw the years. And finally they also lost the guester view. Adrian make a very good work, in particular with the shaper or experts riders interview, but would be perfect, is adding that "Ian leonnard's touch" to the Current Boardseeker method!

    Can i have the boom? mine is about to break, please!

  7. Jon Loomes


  8. Bob

    Generally a good read and gives me a bit of the windsurfing fix each month, but there seems to be a lot of repeat material in SBs articles

  9. paul raggett

    will continue to buy magazine to support website

  10. Mattias Unander

    Boards is OK. Tests have improved since the cooperation with boardseeker. Industry insight articles, rider profiles and construction/shape articles are interesting. I canceled my subscription since there's a little too much focus on british local windsurfing which is of little interest for me as an international reader, but I still buy the odd issue and read the rest at a friend's house.

  11. Ed

    Boards is fine.

  12. Steve Carter

    Stopped buying Boards as it reviews kit I can't afford built for lighweights rather than helps second-hand market etc; follows D White's interest (endless photography articles) and dull interviews with no insights (wow the wave was really big etc). Bears little relationship to interests of me and most windsurfers I know.

    Now here's my free boom?

  13. tim whitehouse

    stopped reading boards when they published the article stating that there was no performance difference between light and standard kit.


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