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On Thursday 17 November, Factory Media released the following statement…

Following an extensive review of the current windsurfing market and the demands of both audiences and brands, BOARDS have made the proactive decision to increase their investment and presence within the online market. From 1 Jan 2012, we will begin a programme of investment that will include the launch of a new windsurfing website and mobile applications at (please note – the forum will be unaffected other than enhancements to speed and reliability, which we realise will be much welcomed).

To complement the enhanced digital experience and to better optimise the use of traditional media, BOARDS magazine will be restructured into a high quality ‘reference’ publication with two scheduled releases per year. In addition to these publications, the team will also create a BOARDS ‘Basics’ magazine aimed at increasing windsurfing accessibility and participation.

Subscribers to BOARDS magazine will receive a letter with issue 280 fully explaining what this will mean to them.

Overall, this investment and restructuring represents an exciting future for BOARDS magazine and one that should continue to increase audiences through media that best support windsurfers in the UK and beyond.

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  1. Matt

    I am really annoyed, boards took my annual subscription and then tried to fob me off with DIRT magazine – why did I subscribe to a windsurf mag to get a mountain bike mag! I am switching to WINDSURF to keep the sport alive….

  2. online bookstores

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  3. Robbo

    Gutted, absolutely gutted. This is not the way forwards. Make it bi-monthly if you have to, but who actually reads an online magazine….? Subscription to windsurf going as we speak. Need to figure out how to get my money back

  4. Steve

    Well I feel very cheated, boards magazine renewed my subscription automatically by taking money from my bank. I understand that they may have set me up to automatically renew, but no notice given, or an invoice. And now I find that the magazine is to be stopped!!!

    Feel doubly cheated because I tried the iPhone boards app last month as well, all it does is give you an image based copy of the current magazine which is impossible to read on the small iPhone screen – might be ok on iPad but not been thought out for iPhone.

    Windsurf magazine subscription for me instead.

  5. Pete

    This is a bad decision, people like to have a magazine to read around the house. To pick up when they have 5 mins. You dont do that online. If online is the way to go then how come people still buy books and not download everything on Kindle? Please reconsider.

  6. Neil Kent

    The reason a lot of windsurfers buy this mag, is to read, get tips, and chuck in car / van / under bed etc for reading whenever, on beach etc

    m-pora / you tube , great learning tools – but an on-line mag,down beach with an i-pad ? dont think so

    I'll be Cancelling my subscription, or buy windsurf magazine.

  7. Fritsch

    The way down started when mpora took over the mag some years ago. They thought that by throwing away Bill Dawes and his crew and reducing the cost, they would succeed to keep BOARDS alive and make profit out of it. How? By keeping only the sponsored editors? Or by doing tests conducted by people with helmets? (therefore unable to support their opinion). I feel sorry for Dave White when I remember how proud he was for publishing the mag 12 times a year instead of 10. And now Dave, is there anything worth saying?

    I know that nobody can keep a company loosing money. On the other hand the news are not exactly an "exciting future for BOARDS". Please let us (your customers) to judge it

    After 15 years of continuous subscription, 2 months ago i decided to stop it. I'm sorry I was right. Goodbye BOARDS, I prefer to remember you the way you were.

  8. IainO

    Well another dissatisfied customer here. I finally got round to subscribing again about 2 weeks ago (used to subscribe 15 years ago) as I was finding it difficult to get hold of Boards at the Newsagents. There was no hint of any change to the 12 issues per year deal (I think it still quotes that on the website!) as I committed on line. Now I've got to go through the irritating effort of cancelling my subs before they even start and stopping the DDL. I really can't trust a business with DD access to my bank account if they can't be honest at the point of contract, regardless of the 'impressive' makeover and online content for 2012.

  9. Tolga Calisir

    One more part and era of windsurfing died .I'm only 14 and I've only been in this sport for 4 years but from windsurfing movie etc. I figured out that this sport died in the 90s compared to earlier years and is still dying day for day. I can't just understand how people can just ignore this wonderful sport. Go to an International airport, there is only one windsurf mag but about four kitesurfing magazines. I subscribed two months ago and untill now I received everything a month late. They even expanded my sub. for a month because I got the stuff late. Now this happens, only two printed issues. What the ****? Since I get one every 6 months they can expand it for 5 months and it won't change anything. I still want to feel paper in my hands! Windsurf MAG just got tons of subscribers and since last month they have a Robby Naish corner too.

    Let's see how we can get this sport back to it's old days!

  10. JU

    "Following an extensive review of the current windsurfing market", have any subscribers been asked there opinion? I know I wasn't!

    As a Boards reader since 2003 and subscriber since 2006 I will miss the paper version, reading it over breakfast/on the train/at the beach when the forecast is wrong!

    Feel I'm unlikely to invest in a tablet computer just to read a magazine. Real shame.

  11. Roy

    Makes perfect sense to me,magazines are great don't get me wrong but they are so expensive,with just two publications there's a real chance to get the content right and avoid what a lot of readers would admit is duplication and reptitious stuff which pads out the mag.

    Online publications will also reduce costs and obviously the whole idea is more sustainable from a greener point of view.


  12. jj

    well thats my sub cancelled then.

  13. James

    No great surprise surely? This is what is called progress although i'm sure in time people will get over the need to do everything online. Just another nail in the coffin of windsurfing as a sport – just ask any shop owner (and I mean people that actually have a shop with kit in it and not some Johnny with a laptop and a trade account) and they will tell you that the internet is killing the sport we all love, and now it's taken the only mag worth reading away. We cant all afford iPads to read it on!

    Remember the early 90's when every other car at the beach had a board on the roof – i'm amazed if there are 10 windsurfers in Poole harbour on a windy day now! Admittedly this is not solely the fault of the WWW but it seems that no-one wants to do anything difficult or challenging any more.

    I'm off to watch some 20 year old windsurfing videos when men were men etc etc….

  14. Bradders

    I don't think this is such a bad thing. The magazine was becoming a brochure for the kit manufacturers with the editors unable to publish any constructive or critical review without fearing the loss of their advertising deals- there is little overlap between boards mag and the fanatic/north brochure! All the articles by the pro's are littered with them trying to promote their sponsors, and the coaching articles are pretty much repeats of previous magazines- there are only so many ways you can reinvent the carve gybe!

    The future of windsurfing is online magazines such as they offer videos, live updates, and news reports, free of charge to everyone in the world. They are a website set up by windsurfers, for windsurfers- they have no interest in promoting big brands at any opportunity. The future of test results lie with individual blogs such as, which offers unbiased views on kit.

    Don't get me wrong- I have held a subscription to boards for over 10 years, and think its a great publication for bringing windsurfers together, but in the past couple of years reviews have become woolly and the articles have become more focused on selling brands than interesting the reader. Until boardsmag are able to provide a more customer based publication there is no place for them in the market and they will be overtaken by online substitutes.

  15. Tim

    I’ll be very sad to see the magazine go in its current format. I have enjoyed reading it for many many years, particularly the recent Whitey era. I’d much rather go without the free t-shirt/pay more or have it bimonthly rather than loose it to the internet. How can you take it on holiday, read it on the plane or by the beach? Please bring it back!!!

    1. Joni

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  16. Scott

    I'll miss my mag especially since it went twelve issues a year and really looked forward to the first flick through. I realise that if somethings not making money then things have to change and that most info is available online now but you can't beat sitting down with a cup o tea and the mag and chilling out for half an hour. I'll certainly wait for the change over and give it a chance before final judgement but I can't see how the website can be improved on to compensate for only two mags a year. So Whitey and the rest of the team you feeling up to setting up on your own? You've already made the mag a more interesting read with things like home ground and graemef's rants etc, and thats a compliment Graeme before I get both barrels ;)

  17. Coco

    It is the future though…everything is going online, with ipad apps etc, whether you like it or not

  18. Steve Waller

    we'll all be windsurfing on line soon! what a shame, how ridiculous.

  19. Sarah Jackson

    Gutted!! I always look forward to getting my monthly magazine in the post. Its the only stuff I get really in the post so it always really exciting! Im certainly willing to pay my money to get a magazine a month! Going to have to find myself a new magazine to read now :( I doubt nothing will live up to the standards of Boards though D:

  20. Bert Veldman

    why take this route, I prefer the peace & tranquility of a paper high quality magazin, for which I gladly pay my money. The technique and testitems, very good, will miss them.

    besides, what marketing analysis has this decision been based on, I want to pay for downloading some content, which for boards will be finacially more interesting and thus be able to pay for test, travel and editors?

    or is this a mere cost reduction measure implemented.
    Then maybe think of reducing the number of issues per year

    please rethink, the target audience will feel hurt by a quality institue disappear

  21. Simon Crabtree

    Absolutely gutted. I’ve been getting boards magazine for around 17 years, going to really miss my monthly read. RIP Boards mag.

  22. Mike Cooke

    Call me old fashioned if you want but this is terrible news. It is clearly driven by what the company wants and not what customers want. For heaven’s sake what is a “high quality ‘reference’ publication”? Marketing gibberish.

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