BOARDS Jan 2011 – Which Cover?

The three candidates...
The three candidates...

Following Victor Fernandez’s PWA World Wave title, naturally we’ve been looking at a few potential covershots of the Canarian ripper. But, try as we might, we can’t reach a unanimous decision of the final three on our shortlist to run with. So, we thought we’d throw it open to the readers: Which cover for the January 2011 issue of BOARDS Magazine? You decide!

Just log into our forum and cast your vote in the thread Victor Fernandez wins the title but you choose the cover

Option 1
Option 1
Option 2
Option 2
Option 3
Option 3
  1. Morris Dancer

    Still option 2..

    Just bought this months mag too Cracking job fair play.. Its come along way… Still not sure we need so much "How too…." tho but still Crackin mag…. Well done

  2. Callum

    option 3, the sails reflection on wave face is great, along with the waveriding in the shot.

  3. Robert

    Definitly option 2

  4. Chris Martin

    Option 2

  5. G-thing

    option 2 for sure!

  6. morris dancer

    Option 2 ……. Stand out by far… I'd love to see that next to Christmas radio times in my local…

  7. Stev-0

    Option 2 is by far the best shot and the most dynamic! How tweaked out is Victor!… and is he grabbing the front rail!?

    The other shots are just tame standard 'off the tops'.

  8. Peter Stephens-Westc

    I think Option 3 would be a stunning well proportioned and a great tribute to Victors year!

  9. Navegante

    Option 1

  10. Niels Gardenier

    We like Option 3.

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