Bjorn Dunkerbeck on the Fuerte Wave Classic

Duncan Slater

The Fuerteventura Wave Classic (8-18 February 2011) talk to Bjorn Dunkerbeck, who is now confirmed to attend…

Bjorn Dunkerbeck
Bjorn Dunkerbeck

FWC: You are on the event poster of the Fuerteventura Wave Classic? Will you join the event and what´s the reason for this surprising comeback at an wave event?

Björn: I´ll do wave sailing, when the waves are good. So this event will be a fun one to do for me!  Also I want to test some Starboard speed boards and iSonics and sails in the South of the island at Sotavento. I also want to sail with the Reflex II,  which I am very happy with and I am sure every one, who will try one would like to have one.

FWC: Will you compete if the conditions should fit at the North Shore of Fuerteventura and did you find some days to prepare for the event?

Björn: I will be there the first 4-5 days and compete, if the waves are good , but just for fun!

Bjorn again
Bjorn again

FWC: Do you like the concept of the Fuerteventura Wave Classic with a mobile structure?

Björn: Yes, it is a great concept, which makes sure to get the best conditions. There are a few great places like Rocky point, Mejillones, Majanicho. We will see which one works best!

FWC: This location often gets compared with Hawaii. Would you say this is a fair comparison or offers Hawaii much better conditions?

Björn: It can be as good as Hookipa and the outer reefs like Lanes and Spreckelsville!

Bjorn free(sailing)
Bjorn free(sailing)

FWC: Would you say that February is a good period to run a wave event?

Björn: Yes, its a good month for sure out of my view!

FWC: At which spot at the North Shore of Fuerteventura did you windsurf or surf the biggest waves in your career so far?

Björn: I think it was Mejillones long time ago.

FWC: What do you expect out of your personal view from your participation in the event?

Björn: To get good waves and enjoy them.

Bjorn suppy
Bjorn suppy

FWC: Will you bring your surf- or SUP boards?

Björn: I always bring my SUP board. It is a great way to get many more days on the water, both in waves and also downwinders.

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