Axbridge Animals' extra-terrestrial advantage

Axbridge Animals T15 elite group
Axbridge Animals T15 elite group

The Team15 coaches for Axbridge Animals at their reservoir near Bristol have been using Navi GPS devices to hone the racing skills of the race team. Most windsurfers would know these units for measuring speed but they are useful in so many other ways for racing.

For example as you can see from the tracks below the angle of beating to windward, did they tack too early or too late on the lay line to hit the mark and of course speed at all points of sailing not just on the reach can be analysed. Even starts can be scrutinised for timing and speed over the line on flying starts.

All this data can be downloaded straight after the training and used by the coaches Pete Davis and Keith Sheppard to give feedback and pointers on how they can improve. Obviously the board speed is a main talking point and of course bragging rights over who was fastest, the peak speed at the moment is held by Joe Barnes who hit 24 knots but the fastest over 500m is Isabelle Savage at 20 knots both on BiC Technos.

The team are hoping this together with regular training and hard work will pay off for them qualifying for upcoming T15 championships and move them from their 2nd place last year to the coveted top spot.

Units used where Navi GT31s from and the software was GPS Results from

Joe Barnes' track
Joe Barnes' track
  1. georgie savage

    pete is an awsome coach thansk for letting us use the navi gps’s ! we were flying!
    pete is an amazing coach !

    georgie :)

  2. Isabelle Savage

    Thanks to Pete Davis for letting us use the Navi GPS's! They really helped in our performance. What a great instructor !

    Izzie xx


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