Ant Baker's Good Call!

Are you familiar with a series of ‘comic’ TV ads and bumpers from a certain Aussie lager? We hope so because, as it’s Friday, here from his recent El Tur clinic Ant Baker and his cobber Tim council a distraught customer… More at

  1. MikeGB

    Hey cool down guys, this is a spoof, the main joke being at the wake boarder/ kite surfer, "all the gear/no idea" thing (they only (I am pushing this line a bit) do it cos windsurfing is too hard) with their ridiculous shorts over the wetsuit gig, I mean who are they kidding. I wear a helemet and do not take offence at the ad, I remember back in the early 70s (I was about 6) when my Dad was made to wear a helemet in order to ride his Honda. Life evolves as does H & S…

    This is such a mad sport you have to treat it as fun, I mean where else can you let rip jump high, carve a turn with out the probability of major injury?

    Cheers and I pray for wind!

  2. Andy

    Haha, funny as. Spot on boys, set me up for the morning. Also, I get the feeling that the name Mattias will forever remind of a helmet. ;)

  3. Ant Baker

    oh and are you german Mattias as this would explain a few things….

    it always cracks me up when people spend the time moaning about wasting time????

  4. Ant Baker

    hi guys

    i would like to take the time to appologise to anyone who wears a helmet as it was said as a joke, please accept my appologise.

    also if you didnt find this funny maybe dont book onto one of my clinics as i like to have a laugh as well as get you sailing well, clinics are a holiday for my clients as well as a re visit back to the school days, i will not be shoiuting or swearing at you and you will deffinetly not see me with a whislt, you will however benifit from my 25 years of windsurfing experience at the highest level, so if you want to have a good time and get the best coaching around (garunteed) then come along…… !

    also guy cribb wasnt injured during this shorts over the wetsuit film, :)

    good day to you all and i hope you enjoy future films!!

    also i have a FREE yes FREE clinic this weekend provided by the guys at Hove Lagoon if you chaps want to come just email the Hove Lagoon office!!



    (sorry for my spelling :)

  5. Mattias


    I guess my sense of humour is elsewhere. I'd rather watch reruns of Monty Python's Flying Circus or take a clinic. That's well invested time. But I'll never get back the 1:11 I wasted on this crappy video.

    I did however laugh at Homesick's Darth Vader joke. You should write the script for the Baker's next film. Maybe then it'll be funny.

  6. Senior

    Mattias.. Bore off. Bet you're a barrel of fun at a party.

  7. Homesick

    Matthias is not alone in disliking helmet jokes. Others of similar ilk include policeman, masseurs and Darth Vader.

  8. The Tusk

    That's hilarious! Mattias, where's your sense of humour man? This is a SPOOF! It's not meant to be taken seriously (though I guess that if you haven't seen the Fosters adverts it won;t make much sense).

    Bottom line is that windsurfing is about fun. Seems that far too many people take it all too seriously. Chill out!

  9. Mattias

    I realise this is a joke, but taking that attitude towards helmet use is very unprofessional. Besides not being a very funny little film in the first place. The Baker academy just lost a lot of credibility. Better not make fools of yourselves like this in the future if you wan to stay in business.

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