Boards Flatwater Annual Spring Summer 2014

The Spring Summer 2014 Flatwater annual will be hitting shelves/your doorstep around the 15th April. Click here for a full list of retailers, or you can also subscribe online right here for the mag delivered straight to your door.

Inside the mag:

Tune up with the world’s best

Behind the scenes at Luderitz

Get Geared Up – the future of freeride

New perspectives on old favourites – where to travel this summer

How to rule on the flat – it’s a technique overload!

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Boards Spring Summer 2014. Cover credit Luke Patterson.
Boards Spring Summer 2014. Cover credit Luke Patterson.

Flatwater Annual Spring/Summer 2014

6 Foreword

10 Contributors

12 Introduction with Josh Angulo

14 Gallery – The Essence of Summer


Adrian Jones is joined by his team of Clones to unearth the truth about heavy vs lightweight boards, the range of new boards and which masts you should be using and when. Adrian also takes a look inside the quiver bags of a variety of pro riders, to find out exactly what they take on the water and why and pits the world’s top shapers against each other in a freeride battle.

26 Introduction with Ben van der Steen

28 Keeping It Simple

32 Instant Replay – 25 years of NeilPryde slalom sails

38 When Less is More – Light or heavy?

42 Head to Head… It’s hard-hitting question time

48 Must Have Gadgets and more

52 RDM vs SDM – The skinny… or not?

54 Two in One – The Waterman package

60 Pro Quivers – Inside the quivers of Antoine Albeau, Kevin Pritchard and Ross Williams


Take a fresh look at the well-known windsurfing spots of Cape Verde, Cape Town and Brazil… all heralded as dream wavesailing destinations; they offer exceptional flatwater too as Simon Crowther, Adam Sims and Adi Beholz respectively discover. Meanwhile, the now freeride king Kevin Pritchard journeys to Tobago to soak up the action with Mr. Beach Culture – Brian Talma.

68 Introduction with Arrianne Aukes

70 Tobago – The Big K soaks up the beach culture

76 Cape Town Secrets

82 Cape Verde – Beyond the waves

88 Brazil – A hidden paradise

How To

Filled with knowledge from the sport’s top coaches and pro riders, if you want to improve your windsurfing this summer we’ve got it covered. From increasing your speed and improving your drag racing skills, to the freestyle that really matters and nailing your moves time after time, Boards will get you through whatever you want to learn.

94 Introduction with Taty Frans

96 The top 15 windsurfing mistakes – solved!

102 Why are they so fast? Insight and analysis of the most skilled and fastest riders

110 Getting better with age

116 Tuning for sea state

118 Free your style – a no fuss guide to real world freestyle

122 How to beat your mates in a drag race with Robby Swift

126 What’s the problem? You or your gear?

130 Break it down – Five must master windsurfing skills

140 Consistency is key

Green Room

Get a different look at the greatest speedsailing challenge around with Farrel O’Shea. The best photography (by Luke Patterson) from this event combines with some insider knowledge and a side of the event you haven’t seen before, to make for one very special feature.

144 Inside Ludertiz – Riding with the fastest on Earth

154 Overhand vs underhand… the who, what and why

156 Quick rigging – Lessons from the pros

Close Out

158 A fun filled flatwater top 10

160 Lookin’ Good

162 Get snappy – how to take the best windsurfing selfies

164 Travel Directory

176 UK and Ireland Schools – Why and where to share the love this summer

178 Until next time…

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