Wetsuit Guide: Mormaii Windsurf Wetsuit

Autumn draws in, it could be time to look for that new wetsuit to keep you warm as the waters cool. Boards will, over the coming weeks and months, present you with the top wetsuits and other products to see you through all weathers.

Mormaii Windsurf Wetsuit. Linha Wind - Blue.
Mormaii Windsurf Wetsuit. Linha Wind - Blue.

Mormaii 5/4/3  Windsurf Wetsuit     RRP £199

It’s Mormaii’s windsurf specific suit designed to keep you toasty on the coldest days but not at the cost of maximum flexibility, which is essential to reduce muscle fatigue, allowing you to maximise your time on the water. The design has been based purely on windsurfing and as such it has Super Stretch materials in all the constant movement areas ie Arms, Shoulders and Back. The suit has blindstitched seams and adjustable ankles along with an Anti-Flush internal waistcoat to stop you getting any nasty surprises. The smooth skin construction repels water and vastly reduces windchill negating the need for a windproof overtop and provides comfortable protection for your vital organs. The neoprene is buttery smooth and along with the flexibilty and warmth it’s easy to forget your actually in a wetsuit.

Characteristics: anatomic design, 90% made with Mesh Skin material, Super Stretch X3 material in the arms, shoulders and back area, blindstitched seams, velcro adjustable ankles. Advantages: Non-slip surface – does not absorb water, more flexibility in movement, comfortable, protection for vital organs.

Time of year/weather recommended for: Winter / all Seasons

Sizes – S/MS/M/MT/L/XL

Colours – Blue

Anatomic design

Super Stretch X3 on back, arms, armpits, shoulders, knees,on calf and crotch.

Blind stitched

Titanium Reflex Technology

Mesh Skin on body, arms and calf

Antiflush internal waistcoat

Zipper® with handle of inoxidable steel

Automatic lock

Powertex knee pads

Adjustable velcro on ankles

Super Light Foam

For more information and to find your local dealer head to http://www.zerogravitydistribution.co.uk/dealer.html

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  1. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hi Wayne, a single lined suit or one with a proportion of the suit single lined is better to protect against the wind chill. Double lined in more hardwearing but not so great for this. Double on the legs/arms and single on the core is a popular compromise.

  2. Wayne

    Looking through the various wetsuit websites most wetsuits seem to be surfing orientated? Reading numerous comments I have heard windsurfers advise to stay away from the surfing houses such as O’neill, Ripcurl, Billabong to name but a few as their suits are not really built to stand the wind chill associated with windsurfing, these companies choosing to use the soft mesh neoprene as apposed to the rubber variety as chosen by Neil Prydes wetsuits. Is there any truth in this?

    I ask this as I am in the process of looking for a “warm” winter wetsuit. “It gets cold up North and in the North sea this time of year”.


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