George Simmonds - Exeter (Cornwall Campus)

Another last minute entry, again from hoards of female fans demanding to know why this stud had not made the initial vote. We added him straight away…

George Simmonds – Exeter (Cornwall Campus)

Living in deepest, darkest Cornwall studying at Exeter’s Falmouth Campus happy-go-lucky George was very unknown to most SWA members a year ago.

But then at the Cardiff event in February his blonde hair, mad surf skills and crazy dancing saw his popularity soar to become a much loved member of the tour. George is also a regular on the BWA tour and seems to get double the amount of time on the water than any other student, living right by the UK’s best wave sailing.

George is always up for a road trip – ladies form an orderly queue!

Click here to vote for George.

George Simmonds
George Simmonds
  1. Matt

    Alun Edwards gets my vote all day long!!

  2. Kat

    Solent!!! Vote for Alun please :)



  4. sarah bereket (solent windsurfing)


  5. Russell N

    Solent windsurf team represent!!!! Yeah boy

  6. Sam Robinson

    Can I have a vote for Alun from soton solent? Thanks

  7. Lucy A

    Vote: Alun edwards

  8. Kelly

    another vote for alun please!

  9. Matt Turner

    Hi Amy, I’d like to vote for Alun too please

  10. Adam

    Hi, one more vote for Alun from Solent please

  11. milly

    I want to vote for alun but it wont let me vote

  12. Dave Blakesley

    hi! Amy said leave a comment at the bottom to have our votes added manually (same IP address issue!) Can I vote for Alun Edwards Please? Thanks!

  13. tom bartlett


  14. Fit Fresher

    Apart from Dan Lytton, the standard of people on here is poor, its clearly just all the most popular people of the SWA.

  15. Angry and confused

    ..he has the kind of face you just want to slam into a shop window.

  16. Clyve McGyver

    He teaches forwards for only a blowie, what’s not to like!!!

    1. mcgyve maclyver

      thank you henry perks

  17. Gene

    You guys have lost your funking minds.


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