Top 10 Windsurfing Heroes - But Who's Your Idol?

Windsurfing is FULL of incredible and inspirational riders, way too many to mention or even think of, but we’ve put our heads together in the Boards office and come up with a list of who’s inspired us the most.

Do you agree, or disagree? VOTE for your favourite at the bottom, or if you think we’ve missed off a true hero let us know who in the comments below…

1. Robby Naish. Yeah we know, predictable. BUT Naish was without a doubt the man in windsurfing for a very long time, but now that he seems to spend more time kitesurfing does he still deserve your vote?

2. Bjorn Dunkerbeck. Dunks took over from where Naish left off and asserted his dominance over many windsurfing disciplines. Still at the top of the game in slalom, does Dunks still inspire you?

3. Robert Teriitehau. The crazy french man jumped off of massive boats and out of indoor windsurfing pools, nobody would ever accuse him of holding back and for that simple reason he has inspired many of the current top riders. But did he inspire you?

4. Josh Stone. Staying a little old school Josh was probably one of the coolest riders back in the day, the Maui boy living the dream. Josh continues to sail, now with his son Harley who clearly has windsurfing in his blood.

5. Francisco Goya. Again, one of the coolest and most chilled windsurfers around. Francisco event moves, perfected the double before Koster even stepped on a board and then went on to set up one of the most successful windsurfing brands around.

6. Nik Baker. The UK’s own hero. Baker left sunny Shoreham for the PWA tour in the 90′s, then becoming one of the most successful exports ever. Now back in the UK and giving back to the sport, Nik’s not only a highly talented sailor but a damn nice guy too.

7. Robby Swift. Staying in the UK, Swift has perhaps taken over where Baker left off. Whilst there are A LOT of incredible UK riders now on the PWA tour, is Swift the most successful to date?

8. Philip Koster. We can’t not mention THE man of the moment, Philip Koster and his absolute domination of the PWA wave tour. Insane levels of control, dedication and a slightly competitive streak have no doubt taken Koster to the level that we see today.

9. Gollito Estredo. The current king of freestyle, Gollito has invented and progressed more moves than you can shake a stick at, or even name. His level continues to rise, but more importantly he’ll be in the UK this weekend for NWF!

10. Antoine Albeau. A2, the fastest man on a windsurfer, ever. Enough said.

Other. As we said, there are WAY too many inspirational windsurfers to name all of them, have we missed your hero? Let us know in the comments below!

Who is your windsurfing hero?

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  1. Sam Greening

    Shouldn’t Jason Polakow be mentioned? Probably my top windsurfing hero!

  2. Christian Jensen

    Tonky Frans
    Sarah Quita
    Jason Polakow
    Steven Van Broekhoven

  3. Tracy Mcsweeney

    Baron Arnaud De Rosnay

  4. Ian Poulter

    Levi Siver… The most progressive and radical free sailer there is….. Not in the list! Come on!

  5. Amy Carter

    Totally agree, Polakow should be in too! Plus Daida and Iballa, Dorian van Rijisslberghe, Nick Dempsey, there’s just too many! Oh yes, and Dan Mac too of course Emile.

  6. Marc Shipman-Mueller

    Guy Cribb. He is the best at explaining the complexity of Windsurfing in simple terms. I have learned a lot from his articles. Also Ben Proffit. With his positive attitude and good humor he has been a fantastic ambassador of our sport. Both these guys have made a bigger difference to my windsurfing than any of the 10 above.

  7. Rachael

    Daida Moreno

  8. Emile Kott

    Dan Macaulay?

  9. Daniel Macaulay

    No girls make the cut?

  10. Jackson5

    Jason Polakow is not in the list? You must be kidding …

  11. Timothy Roes

    I was thinking of Arnaud de Rosnay or, more recently, Sarah Hébert.

  12. Amy Carter

    Already thought of someone that was missed. Karin Jaggi, for showing can kick ass in multiple disciplines for longer than I can remember.


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