8 Freeride Fin FAQs - Answered!

Freeride Fins FAQ - Answered!

Want to buy a new freeride fin, but not sure which one will suit your needs or what to look for? 

The fin is one of the most important items for any windsurfer and can completely change the feel of your board, if you’re not 100% happy with your board or want to adapt it for different conditions upgrading your fin could be the answer!

Pio Marasco from MFC joins Boards to answer all your freeride fin questions and provide you with the ultimate guide to your next fin.

FAQs – click the question for the answer from Pio, or scroll through the numbers below.

Freeride Fin Guide - MFC Fins

How racey or freeridey should my fin be?

What sort of fin is easier to gybe?

Why do I get spin out and what fins will help reduce this?

How do I know if my fin is too big?

How do I know when to change my fin down or up?

Different boards will obviously suit different styles of fin, can you give some advice on this?

Should a heavier rider use a different fin compared to a lighter rider?

If I have two sizes of fin for one board, so I can get more range from a board, how much difference should there be between the two?

  1. Ron Daniel

    I weigh 73kg and I am currently using a 32cm freeride fin on my Fanatic XRay board with a 6.5m2 sail in 10-20 km/hr winds offshore in the Caribbean. I think my fin is too small and wish to upgrade. What would be the ideal length for learning to do non-planing gybes and would 50cm be too long?


Levi Siver picking a great wave at Hookipa. Image credit Si Crowther/AWT.

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