Second Hand Equipment - A Simple Buyer's Guide

Whilst we would all love brand new quivers of equipment every year, it isn’t always possible. If you’re strapped for cash, but wanting to update your gear going second hand is a great option.

The second hand windsurfing equipment market is a buoyant one, with a whole range of items out there it’s tricky to pick right.

To help you get a good deal from the second hand market, here’s the Boards guide to buying used equipment…

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Look out for the red, yellow and green coding. Green means GO ahead. Yellow, approach with caution. Red, STOP. Although, we’re sure you will have worked that out for yourselves. 

Where To Buy

What (Not) To Buy

How Old?

Boards - What To Look For And Avoid

Sails - Milk and crisp packets

Booms - As good as new?

Masts - Avoid the cracks

What Price?

Marji Keith

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