RS:X and Olympic Windsurfing: Neil Pryde's View

Very shortly Boards will bring you all of the information regarding the RS:X, the future of windsurf racing and the Olympics from the press conference with Neil Pryde himself and other members of the NP team.

But first, we cannot help notice that throughout these Games the performance of the athletes has at times been overshadowed by the possibility that windsurfing will not return as an Olympic sport. Whilst, we all want to know what is happening next, which current RS:X windsurfers will turn to kiting, if we may see any of them on the PWA tour and their views on the decision, at times looking to the future I feel took away from the tremendous accomplishments of all the Olympic racers, particularly the medalists. So, before we bring you Neil Pryde’s view and inevitably the focus returns to reinstating windsurfing in the Games, lets take a little longer appreciating and admiring the success of the RS:X competitors.

RS:X men and women medalists
RS:X male and female medalists. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth
  1. Paul

    The class shot itself in the foot abandoning the Evo. The original gear could be sold to the youth class – still better than a Techno. At worst case they could allow Evo from 2014, so losses are minimised.

  2. ben

    there’s something so depressing about being obsessed by a sport that’s going through hard times. i’ve skateboarded, kitesurfed and snowboaded and obsessed as i was with skating for about 6 years, nothing touches windsurfing. it is the most incredible sport. the difficulty i guess is the tenacity you need to show to get yourself to a level where you can enjoy it. add that to the fact you’re always waiting for the conditions and I can understand why the number of people who do it falls. it’s just lucky that all of us who do are so passionate about it. funnily enough, when i skated in the mid 90′s it’s hard to believe that skateboarding was also seen as a ‘dying sport’. there were probably 150-200 skaters in the whole of London and we all knew each other. You could easily add another zero or two to those figures now.

  3. markski

    lawyers who do a ‘no win, no fee’ deal either have so many clients they can cover a loss, or, are really confident of a win, or, are stupid – i know which one i hope rs-x has

  4. Mark

    Very true (and sad at the same time).

Nick Dempsey

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