Reporting Live from BWA Rhosneigr

Friday 17th May marks the first day of BWA competition in 2013. Day one is for the pros only, with the amateurs, women, youths and masters joining the competition tomorrow.

Boards will be reporting Live from Rhosneigr, and Ireland, over the coming week so stay tuned for weather updates, live heat by heat ticker, photos direct from the event site and much much more.

Who will triumph in 2013?

  1. BOARDS_Magazine

    Ben Proffitt
    Weight: 78kg
    Height: 5’9

    Biggest Board – Simmer Quantum 85

    “I dont like to use a super big board so I like the Quantum 85. Its big enough to float me, but small enough to still turn well. Particularly in small waves I find you need to turn tighter and a smaller board helps with that. I also have a Fly Wave 85 for more wave riding orientated stuff. I keep the track just behind middle and use the standard fins in the middle of the box.”

    Biggest Sail – 5.6 Black Tip

    “To be honest I only really use the 5.6 when its super light cross off. I tend to use the 5.3 Black Tip as my biggest as it has plenty of power and to be honest I try to get on my 5.0m as quickly as possible.”

  2. BOARDS_Magazine

    Ross Williams
    Weight: 87kg
    Height: 6’1”

    Biggest Board – 93 Tabou Pocket Wave

    “I use the 93 Pocket (tri-fin) as my biggest board. All my boards are production Pockets at the moment although I have just received a 2014 DaCurve 85 Quad this morning that I’m keen to try in proper riding conditions like we might get in Ireland”

    Biggest Sail – 5.8m Gaastra Poison

    “I like the more powerful Poison sails. I might get a 6.2m for UK competitions but for now the 5.8m is big enough. If it’s proper riding conditions, I would actually use 5.4m as my biggest on an 85 board.”

  3. BOARDS_Magazine

    Dave Buckland, Funsport, whats your thoughts on the weekend? Are we going to see some action? “I’m hopeful! Genuinely hopeful for some conditions tomorrow that we can use. If the forecast we had earlier in the week comes in, we can move the event to the East side of the island and should be able to get some conditions.”

  4. BOARDS_Magazine

    Chris Murray
    Weight: 80kg
    Height: 5′ 10

    Lightest wind Board – Starboard 92 Quad

    “92 litre is big enough for me to float in anything really, but small enough to still turn. I chose the Quad over the Kode as I have quads in the smaller sizes and prefer to have all the same. Using it with standard fins with track and footstraps in the middle”

    Biggest Sail Used – 5.5m Tushingham Rock
    “As soon as its riding conditions I would use 5.0m as my biggest sail as its lighter in the hands and there is plenty of power once on the wave. Only use the 5.5m for cross on and jumping conditions. I only use the 5.5m in competition and havent really tried anything bigger as its usually kitesurfing weather if its too light for that!”

  5. BOARDS_Magazine

    With any chance of competition this weekend likely to be light winds, lets see what the top guys will be using….

  6. Adrian Jones

    So, whilst we are unlikely to see any action on the water today, we’re going to spend this morning talking to the riders and posting any news and gossip right here. So don’t disappear!

    If you want to ask any of the pro’s for tips on how to tune your own gear or how to do moves or any other questions you might have, just ask right here and we will do our best to get the answers for you…

    1. adam

      Can you ask Ross Williams the best way to tie boards onto car roof racks?

      1. Adrian Jones

        Haha, classic. I’m sure he can pass on some tips of how to tie a board onto a trailer properly…will see what he has to say.

  7. Adrian Jones

    Hi Billy Boy, the venue can change. Other options will be the East Coast of Anglesey (Ben Proffitt had a good sail there on Thursday when Rhosneigr was flat and windy Northerly) or Dinas Dintle, West of Canaerfon, which is a bit more exposed to Northerlies, but needs a touch of West in it to work…

  8. Adrian Jones

    So are we going to get a competition this weekend? Well, the short answer is ‘probably not’. But without being completely unrealistic, there is a chance of action tomorrow. Rhosneigr Works in all wind directions from SE to N (via the West). Anything from the South will bring its own wind swell with it, so long as there is wind, there will generally be waves. Northerlies (which we have forecast for the next 3 days) tend to require a bit more swell. Tomorrow’s North Westerly forecast has the best chance of action over the weekend. This will be cross-on Starboard Tack, but its going to be borderline….

  9. Billyboy

    Is rhosneigr the only venue, or is there an alternative close by that will work in the forecast N’lys?

  10. Adrian Jones

    Morning all! Well as you might have guessed, we are missing a couple of things at the moment……wind and waves!! You can check out the current situation on the Funsport webcam right here:

  11. BOARDS_Magazine

    We will have an update direct from Rhosneigr for you very soon. For now, join in the discussion: who do you think will win in each fleet in Rhosneigr and Brandon Bay?


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