Reporting Live from BWA Ireland: Day One

At the end of day one here in Ireland the pros have almost finished their single elimination, with four of the top names remaining to fight it out for a place in the final.

Andy Chambers, Phil Horrocks, Ross Williams and Ben Proffitt have all made their way through the man on man heats, each counting two waves. In the next two heats Chambers will face Horrocks and Williams takes on Proffitt, with the winner of each making it into the final, whilst the other two will battle it out for third and fourth in the losers final.

After today’s light wind, mushy wave action it is impossible to call a winner, but undoubtedly these four sailors showed their class, consistently finding the best waves and linking slashing turns. Whilst the conditions may not have been the greatest today, the heats still all seemed very fair, with all sailors scoring good waves and the best riders and performances shining through.

The women also attempted to start their competition, but after two abandoned heats they were released for the day. The conditions became flukier as the day went on and it became clear that the forecast stronger winds were not materialising.

So we look ahead now, with more swell but lighter winds forecast for the next couple of days and then strong winds and wind blow swell towards the end of the week it is looking like there is lots more potential competition time to play with.

After a speedy and somewhat chilly derig sailors are now making their way back to base to enjoy a well earned warm meal and pint of the black stuff at Spillanes. Boards will have more from the final four men very soon, plus a whole host of images from the day. For now, check out the gallery below which includes some close up action shots courtesy of Simon Crowther (we will have a lot more of these for you later too!)

Plus, have your say – Who will take the single elimination victory here in Ireland?

Sailors and organisers have made their way over to the emerald isle, after a windless Rhosneigr hoping that the wind and waves will show themselves this week. Pros, women, amateurs, masters and youths will battle it out over the week for the first event win of the season.

This morning the wind is blowing a little, but the waves are yet to come through. As some had to travel overnight the morning briefing will be at 10am followed by skippers meeting and then the competition could potentially get going this afternoon or evening.

Boards will keep you up to date with all the action right here. Latest live images from the beach, plus action shots courtesy of Simon Crowther now online in the gallery too!

  1. Bill+Short

    OK, so we know the top four already from this single elimination. – 4 guys with a lot of international experience already.
    Bt this is the first time Ross Williams has committed to doing the UK tour. Hancock and Skyeboy are absent. Proffitt has injuries. I’m going for Ross Williams to win here. He’s got the tattoos that mark him out as a winner. If the wind and swell come through on Thursday and Friday then there will be a double. I’m not gonna call that one. Good luck to all the sailors actually – all divisions.

    1. Emma

      Thanks Bill – Lucy says hi!

  2. BOARDS_Magazine

    Finl four men: horrocks, proffitt, Williams and chambers will have to wait to see who makes it into the final. The other fleets will also wait to start their rounds.

  3. BOARDS_Magazine

    Competition cancelled for the day

  4. BOARDS_Magazine

    Conditions still not improving, judges trying to decide Wyeth to conttinue to wait or cancel for the day.

  5. BOARDS_Magazine

    Heat abandoned. Judges currently deciding if another heat can be run, and if so who will be in the heat.

  6. Removed Account

    Conditions looking very up and down, still waiting for a decision on the previous heat. Ladies out sailing now are Gayda, Kennedy and ray, but heat is abandoned

  7. BOARDS_Magazine

    Competition back on! Ladies heats are up again!

  8. BOARDS_Magazine

    Conditions started to drop, the ladies struggling to get decent waves. Heat abandoned,

  9. BOARDS_Magazine

    Heat over! Advancing from that round are bubble and horrocks. Both putting in very strong performances. The ladies are up next! Mcanena vs lucy Robeson and sniady vs Sam bittner.

    1. Bill+Short

      Oooerrr, Lucy vs Katie

  10. BOARDS_Magazine

    With the wind and small waves though,nits hard to pick a set wave, and even most of those are more shoulder high. Really tricky conditions, the best guys really showing what it is possible to do in light winds and smaller waves.

  11. BOARDS_Magazine

    Things are looking close in this heat, with all four sailors getting waves in the tricky conditions, horrocks is looking strong with some good turns, bubble too is throwing up some spray and getting some good scores.

  12. BOARDS_Magazine

    Advancing from the previous heat are proffitt and Williams, Williams sneaks ina final wave in his heat, putting through some more good, solid turns.

    1. Maisie

      Well done Rossco!

    2. billyboy

      Proffit vs. Williams is gonna be a good one…

  13. BOARDS_Magazine

    Next heat will be Murray vs chambers and horrocks vs thorp

    1. Bill+Short

      Thanks for updates, Amy.
      Can you tell us what size boards and sails they are on?
      How big are the waves – say, waveface height?

      1. BOARDS_Magazine

        Everyone on their biggest set ups. 5.3 for most of the guys and their biggest boards, some around 85, some in the 90s. Waves not too big, up to head high in the sets.

  14. BOARDS_Magazine

    Williams racks up another strong wave. Williams and proffitt seem to be excelling in the conditions so far, generating more power than most through the top turns especially.

  15. BOARDS_Magazine

    Ian ross pulls a strong clew first manouevre, showing his skills.m

  16. BOARDS_Magazine

    Wind looking a little stronger, but has swung on shore a little

  17. BOARDS_Magazine

    Proffitt is always one to watch in these type of conditions, he pulls a great wave out of the bag already. Williams is looking strong too with a good linking wave

  18. BOARDS_Magazine

    Next heat up Sam Neal takes on ross Williams. And Ian ross faces Ben proffitt

  19. BOARDS_Magazine

    Heat over. Advancing are thorp and Murray

  20. BOARDS_Magazine

    Thorp gets a few turns ona wave, linking well, hart gets a wave but struggles to make the most of it

  21. BOARDS_Magazine

    Looking very tricky to link the tunrs on the relatively small waves. The wind is still fairly gusty, so still only two waves to count.

  22. BOARDS_Magazine

    Hart starts witha good wave on the inside, Knox gets a good wave but just loses power in the bottom turn

    1. Damian

      Great to see competition underway, and thanks for reporting live. Any chance of getting the heat ladders up? Good luck all.

      1. BOARDS_Magazine

        The heat ladders are within the gallery above the comments. Should be viewable, but let me know if not!

        1. Damian

          Doh! Didn’t spot that. Thanks.

  23. BOARDS_Magazine

    Next heat up is Alfie hart vs Steve thorp and Tom Knox vs Chris Murray

  24. BOARDS_Magazine

    Heat over! Ross automatically advances, joined by Sam Neal who knocks out Gayda

  25. BOARDS_Magazine

    Ross takes a hard fall on a wave! Nose dive!

  26. BOARDS_Magazine

    Neal gets a strong wave, four or five turns witha bit more power.

  27. BOARDS_Magazine

    Gayda gets a better turn. Neal gets a slightly longer wave than before, looking tight between the two

  28. BOARDS_Magazine

    Ross gets a wave but falls off the back

  29. BOARDS_Magazine

    Two waves only to count. Neal and Gayda both getting some waves, but finding it hardto link more than one or two waves

  30. BOARDS_Magazine

    First heat is off! Sam Neal vs aleksy Garda and rob jones vs Ian ross, however jones isn’t on the water to rossmwil progress straight away

  31. BOARDS_Magazine

    Competition called on! First heat to start in a couple of minutes

  32. BOARDS_Magazine

    Competition called on! Pros will be starting imminently

  33. BOARDS_Magazine

    The competition is still on hold. Wind is gusty and waves building a little with some good sets coming through, but still not quite enough to run.

  34. BOARDS_Magazine

    Ap up!

  35. Removed Account

    Judges still not sure that the conditions are good enough. Looking potentially good enough, but forecast is for the wind to increase this evening. So looking like around 7pm could be the magical hour

  36. BOARDS_Magazine

    Conditions looking better, some jupms being puller off by the guys and planing off the beach. Looks like competition could be on fairly soon!

  37. Removed Account

    North westerly winds, relatively light, people planing on and off on their biggest equipment. Relatively small waves, Duncan thinks its not quite good enough just yet, but conditions are building.

  38. BOARDS_Magazine

    Guys are all rigging their biggest equipment. 5.3 and above

    1. Duncan

      Wish I was there!

  39. BOARDS_Magazine

    Heats will be man on man, not four man. Awaiting announcement of heat duration and what will be judged

  40. BOARDS_Magazine

    Competition first possible start at 2pm. Light winds and reasonable sized waves are coming through at dumps. All competitors down and ready to get on the water, pros up first in 2 man heats. Likely to be 13 minutes with 2 minute transitions, heat ladders will be posted very soon!

    1. billyboy

      Pro’s first eh? Must be pretty decent conditions??

  41. BOARDS_Magazine

    Next announcement 12pm and skippers meeting then too

  42. BOARDS_Magazine

    Skippers meeting at 11am

  43. BOARDS_Magazine

    Registration currently underway. There will be a skippers meeting shortly and we will know a little more then. Currently wind and waves not quite coming through, but still potential for later in the day

  44. Removed Account

    Registration currently underway. There will be a skippers meeting shortly and we will know a little more then. Currently wind and waves not quite coming through, but still potential for later in the day

  45. Duncan

    Any news?


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