Reporting Live from BWA Ireland: Day Four

A very long day at the beach, Dumps to be specific, has given us double elimination winners across each of the fleets. In up and down winds, which veered more on the lighter side, and waves anywhere between was it and head high all sailors hit the water. Impressive performances were put in across all the fleets, with stand out sailors coming through the double eliminations in style to mix things up.

A full run down of the days action can be followed through our live ticker in the comments section of this post below, plus all shots from today can now be seen in the BWA Ireland Galleries feature here. Thank you again to Si Crowther for the fantastic camera work.

Results of the double elimination:

Pros – 1st Ross Williams, 2nd Phil Horrocks,  3rd Ben Proffitt, 4th Andy Chambers, 5th Chris Murray.

Masters – 1st Dave White, 2nd Geoff Hautman, 3rd Stu Tilbury.

Women’s – 1st Lucy Robson, 2nd Justyna Sniady, 3rd Debbie Kennedy, 4th Katie McAnena.

Amateurs – 1st Sam Latham, 2nd Mike Wand-Tetley, 3rd Niall Mellon


Results of the single elimination:

Men’s pro 1st ross Williams. 2nd phil horrocks. 3rd Ben proffitt. 4th ANdy chambers.

Women’s 1st lucy Robson. 2nd Debbie Kennedy. 3rd justyna sniady. 4 th Emma ray.

Amateurs. First mike wand-tetley, second Sam Latham, third George Simmons, fourth mike archer.

Masters  first Geoff Hautan,  second Dave white, third stu tilbury

Location for the day is Dumps, we have starboard tack conditions with relatively light winds and waist to head high waves.

It’s an early start today with a briefing at 8.30am and first possible start at 9am. Many sailors are already down the beach preparing for a full day on the water, with strong winds (approx 20 knots) and enough swell predicted it could be a busy day on the water for all fleets.

Boards will be following all the action very closely, with live ticker and images coming live from the beach through the day.

  1. Amy Carter

    Sam latham takes the win in the amateur fleet! Congrautlations Sam!

    1. Damian

      Congratulations to all the competitors today.

      It’s been a long day; 11 hours continuous commentary. That’s a shift and a half. Thanks for keeping us in on the action Amy, and thanks also to the judges and all the others working to make the event happen. Appreciated.

      1. Gibson

        Yeah, hats off- great coverage and greatly appreciated!

    2. Pocket Rocket

      Thank you for commentary! Great job from all of you again! Shame I could not be there. Would have been fun fun fun. Well done specially LADIES! Yeah and Whitey! My Hero ;)xxx

  2. Amy Carter

    The final heat is complete! Awesome effort from the boys, we will have the results for you shortly!

  3. Amy Carter

    Despite the long day and long wait for Wand-tetley, both sailors are scoring some amazing waves, making the most of the waist high ones still coming through.

  4. Amy Carter

    the final heat of the of the day is looking tricky! Luckily we still have a few more hours of sunlight here on the west coast of ireland, but with the wind and waves hard to find it’s taking real skill to find the set waves.

  5. Amy Carter

    Lucy Robson wins the double elimination! Congratulations Lucy! Latham beats Wand-Tetley, so they will sail one final heat to decide the ultimate winner.

  6. Amy Carter

    Robson and Latham having good heats, both clocking up some solid scores. Wand-tetley on the look out for a wave whilst Sniady is looking good too, waiting for a set wave to come through. As the winds have stayed lighter the heats are really proving to be a waiting game!

  7. Amy Carter

    On the men’s side Mike Wand-Tetley will be challenged for first place by Sam Latham.

  8. BOARDS_Magazine

    in the women’s draw sniady makes it through with some solid wave riding, to face robson in the final.

  9. BOARDS_Magazine

    again, a tight heat between all sailors, kennedy looked to get some good waves as did price, but everyone is struggling to find the set waves in these conditions. current leaders are warmed up and ready to go against who ever makes it through.

  10. BOARDS_Magazine

    Price opens up with an awesome wave ride, pulling some nice cut backs, Latham is looking good too but price may have the edge at the moment

  11. BOARDS_Magazine

    So it’s sniady vs Kennedy and price vs Latham, the winners of which will go on to challenge the single elimination winners.

  12. BOARDS_Magazine

    Sniady advances on the women’s side and Price beats Simmons to take on Latham.

  13. BOARDS_Magazine

    The heat comes to a close, it looks like a tight decision, there will just be a short heat break before we go into the next round, where the winner from each of these will go against Kennedy and Latham to challenge for second positions in the women’s and amateurs fleets.

  14. BOARDS_Magazine

    The light winds are really testing all the competitors here, only two waves now to count and no jumps, but with the waves dying too it looks hardntomgetna good wave witha few solid tunrs.

  15. BOARDS_Magazine

    Another close heat now!

  16. Amy Carter

    Mcanena and price are on a mission! Both go through and now take on sniady and Simmons for third.m

  17. Amy Carter

    Jonny price is on a real comeback now, he makes it through and takes on mike archer for fourth place. On the women’s side mcanena makes it through too and is now facing Emma ray in a battle for fourth in the women’s fleet

  18. Amy Carter

    Mellon vs price in the amateurs looks a close heat, both scoring awesome rides but struggling with jumps. Up next in the women’s fleet mcanena takes on ray.

  19. Amy Carter

    Close heat in theight winds between the girls

  20. Amy Carter

    THengirls head out as price and Mellon are told that they advance into the next rounds conditions are still light, mcanena gets straight onto a wave and gets a few good tunrs.

  21. Amy Carter

    Mcanena and bittner advance in the women’s fleet and will now face each ther in the next heat up

  22. Amy Carter

    Price looking good in this heat, the windward still light and the tide is dropping mening then waves are too making conditions even trickier,

  23. Amy Carter

    Wind looking very light in the three woman heat that is now sailing, looking very hard to stay up wind and jumping almost impossible. Macanese attempts a forward but just doesnt land it.m

  24. Amy Carter

    Mellon and price advance in the amateurs to go head to head, plus partridge and brooks wil be in the next heat. Correction to the ladies, Megan Gayda is also in this heat, with the topmtwongoing through into the next round

  25. Amy Carter

    Up next mcanena takes n bittner in the women’s double

  26. Amy Carter

    Yes, apologies! You are correct, white and Williams win the doubles eliminations. Still more possibility of competition ahead! Got a bit carried away after a long day!

  27. BOARDS_Magazine

    Congratulations to Dave white wh wins the masters title ahead of jeff Hautman,

  28. BOARDS_Magazine

    Congratulations to ross Williams! Ross takes the title here in irelandahead of phil horrocks

    1. sea man

      Congratulations Ross, but there is more wind forecast tomorrow are they not going to do another single at least. Would make sense – no need to limit it too just one double like the PWA?!

  29. Amy Carter

    Ellis, Mellon, leach and price will go up against each other in the first roundnofnthe amateurs double

  30. Amy Carter

    With all winners being announced later it will be straight into the amateur and ladies doubles too.

    1. shamus

      What Happened to Mullen and Hancock? Thought they were joining the double?

  31. Amy Carter

    Williams shows exactly what he can do on his last wave of the heat, putting in some vertical turns on a small wave, not to be outdone horrocks answers back with a full on wave of his own. This will be a tricky one for the judges to decide!

  32. Amy Carter

    Williams out back waiting for a set wave, whilst horrocks picks one up and slashes ut some good turns

  33. Amy Carter

    Both horrocks and Williams scoring some awesome waves in the relatively small conditions; it’s still looking light though now making the jumps pretty difficult.

  34. Amy Carter

    The pro double elimination final is one. The conditions look a little light, but both horrocks and Williams are planing in the gusts still.

  35. Amy Carter

    Whitey pulls a f good forward, jeff goes for some too but it doesn’t quite get there. Jeff needs to up his waves too, to be in with a chance of taking the win.

  36. Amy Carter

    Dave white wins the first final, so the is a second to decide the champion of the masters fleet. Horrocks beats proffitt and now goes against Williams to decide the overall champion in the pro fleet.

  37. Amy Carter

    The wind is looking a little lighter in this hat, but luckily both landed a backloop early on. Proffitt and horrocks now both getting rides, but the conditions are looking tricky.

  38. Amy Carter

    Very close heat for the final of the masters, this will be announced at the end of competition. Now proffitt takes on horrocks for second place.

  39. Amy Carter

    Another close heat in the pro fleet. Proffitt landed a big back loop to begin with, whilst chambers got a good forward but struggled to get more. Both had great riding style, but looked like proffitt could get a little more in his turns. As well as pulling of a 360 towards the end of the heat! Proffitt advances to now face horrocks to battle for second position. Dave white advances in the masters and now takes on jeff Hautan to take the masters title. Both jeff and white get some good waves to open up, will they both getmthemjumps to go with it too? Remember we’re still judging two waves and one jump.

  40. Amy Carter

    In the pros bubble advances over Chris Murray and will now face Ben proffitt. Murray pulled a massive forward and chambers seemed to struggle with some jumps, but the pulled it out of the bag. Tilbury won out in the masters and is now facing whitey in battle for second. White has landed three very impressive forwards so looks to have the edge with the jumps, both have scored some good waves,menjoying the slightly windier and waiver conditions, Dave white advances to now face jeff in the double elimination final of the masters.

  41. BOARDS_Magazine

    Chambers got some incredible style on his rides, then Murray pulls a frontside air in his next wave! The winner of this heat goes forward to take on Ben proffitt for third,

  42. BOARDS_Magazine

    Stu tilbury advances in the masters and Chris Murray does in the pro fleet. Murray now takes on chambers for fourth place in the pros. Murray sticks a massive forward, to huge cheers from the beach! More Photos coming up in the gallery very soon too

  43. BOARDS_Magazine

    Medway advances. Sam Neal then took on Chris Murray in the pros. Neal went big but crashed a forward and back loop, leaving the way clear for Murray who pulled a back loop and some great rides to advance. Now up tilbury takes on Medway in the masters fleet. Apologies for the slightly less frequent updates, with sucha long day at the beach we are attempting to conserve some power, therefore over the next few heats will bring you heat summaries rather than live updates in the hope that all battery life will then survive long enough to give cogwheel for all the finals too! We will be heading into double eliminations for all fleets.

  44. BOARDS_Magazine

    Chris Murray and Sam Neal advance. Now up lee Medway vs Todd. Medway trying a few back loops, both getting some solid wave rides too.

  45. Amy Carter

    Murray looking strong in this heat, Neal needs a jump but has some grat style on the wave as does Gayda. Hart has got loads of speed and some good tunrs, but needs a little more to make itthrough

  46. Amy Carter

    Stalled forward from Neal, followed by mother good forward from Murray. Murray also gets a good wave score in too

  47. Amy Carter

    In the pro double hart and Neal advanced. Now Neal faces hart and Gayda faces Murray.

  48. Amy Carter

    The window looking a little lighter now, struggling to get planing on the way out for the jumps. It’s ner on high tide, which seems to have affected the wind a little too.

  49. Amy Carter

    Ross gets a good wave as does hart, but hart looks like he’s a little too far downwind now. Neal on the way out looking for a jump but can’t get going, not quite enough form his 5.3 maybe

  50. Amy Carter

    Hart pull his signature table top as Neal gets a good wave score in, Knox and ross on the way ut

  51. Amy Carter

    Results of the amateurs. Mike want-tetley wins with Sam Latham in second, george Simmons takes third and mike archer fourth. In the masters jeoff Hautman wins with Dave whiten second and stu tilbury third.

  52. Amy Carter

    Pro double elimination starts now! Neal, Knox, hart and ross.

  53. Amy Carter

    Hautman gets a good wave, as does whitey

  54. Amy Carter

    Tilbury gets a wave on the inside

  55. Amy Carter

    Winners announced after the maters final. In the masters are white, tilbury and hautan

  56. Amy Carter

    Latham and Simmons both get some great waves, Latham then goes for a backloop but doesn’t stick it and tetley gets a few good ackside turns on a wave

  57. Amy Carter

    Latham gets a solid wave, linking some nice backside and frontside turns

  58. Amy Carter

    Tetley gets a good one hit wonder, Latham gets s solid hit too but falls off the back

  59. Amy Carter

    Big backie attempt from Simmons but he doesn’t quite land it

  60. Amy Carter

    White advances. Amateur final is off! Tetley lands a good forward as does archer. Simmons gets a good snappy wave,

  61. Amy Carter

    Tony Dodd and Dave white up in the next masters heat. Wind picking up a little more, been increasing through the day. Most people still on their biggest equipment but looks like some could be changing down soon, 5m weather for some of the guys.

  62. Amy Carter

    First masters heat is up, Geoff and stu tilbury advance.

  63. Amy Carter

    Tetley and Simmons make it through. Photos from the men’s and women’s finals now online in the gallery above, all image courtesy of Simon Crowther.

  64. Amy Carter

    Nice wave for Simmons as tetley crashes a push loop

  65. Amy Carter

    Tetley pulls another forward, as does Simmons and price. Jim brooks gets a solid wave score in the bag too.

  66. Amy Carter

    Up in this heat are wand tetley, George Simmons, jonny price and Jim brooks.

  67. Amy Carter

    Advancing are archer and Latham!

  68. Amy Carter

    Archer and Latham landing some forward, partridge almost pulls a back loop too. All looking very close!

  69. Amy Carter

    Wand tetley makes it through, up in this heat are archer, Latham, Niall Mellon and rob partridge.

  70. Amy Carter

    Wand tetley pulls a perfect forward, and Knox gets a good wave.

  71. Amy Carter

    Wand tetley opens up with an incrble push loop, then gets a forward on another run out. Both sailors get some decent rides but looking for better waves. Knox gets some air and lands a solid jump!

  72. Amy Carter

    Heat complete. Advancing are archer and Latham. Next heat underway with mike wand tetley and Knox

  73. Amy Carter

    Archer and Latham seem to be getting the best waves so far. Bth with great bottom turns and solid cutbacks.

  74. Amy Carter

    Knox advances to face wand telly in the next round of the amateurs. Up now is Liam Ellis, Julian leach, mike archer and Sam Latham.

  75. Amy Carter

    Youth heat up now with Finn Mellon and Duncan knox taking on each other.

  76. Amy Carter

    Women’s results, lucy Robson 1st, Debbie Kennedy 2nd, Justyna sniady 3rd, Emma ray 4th

    1. Gibson

      WAAAHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!! Well done Lucy, all that travelling was worth it in the end…

      1. Justin Dennington

        yep, and by the sounds of it, didn’t even need to throw in that forward

      2. billyboy

        What do you mean? That victory was earned in the hardcore waters of Ho’ove ;). Well done Lucy!

    2. Justin Dennington

      Congratulations Lucy, well done to everyone else

      1. Gibson

        …and well done to Emma Ray, on her birthday to boot! Happy Birthday!!!

  77. Amy Carter

    Men’s results…. Williams 1st, horrocks2nd, proffitt 3rd and chambers 4th.

  78. Anders+Bringdal

    What’s the verdict Amy?

    1. Gibson

      Yeah, come on, the suspense…

  79. Anders+Bringdal

    Forwarding hell..

  80. Amy Carter

    Yet more good waves from all the ladies, wind still looking strong and waves picking up a little towards the end of this heat….

    1. Gibson

      C’mon Lucy, let’s have that forward now…

  81. Amy Carter

    Robson and Kennedy both get another wave, Kennedy picks one up earlier but looks like Robson put some aggression into her turns
    It’s looking very close!

    1. Justin Dennington

      come on Debbie

  82. Anders Bringdal

    Go Debbie…….

  83. Amy Carter

    Kennedy gets another good wave, as does Robson. Sniady on the way out looking for a jump.

    1. Gibson

      Forward, Lucy!

  84. Amy Carter

    Women’s final starts off with some good jumps, now Robson and sniady get good waves on the way in too.

  85. Amy Carter

    Close call, will wait for the presentation before results are announced! Women’s final up now between Kennedy, ray, sniady and Robson,

    1. Gibson

      Vamos Robson!!!! Let’s have a forward in this heat, please!

  86. Amy Carter

    Some more good wave rides coming through for both, no more jumps from either, but bubble lookson the hunt! He gets a forward,but he really needs someone more to challenge proffitt

  87. Amy Carter

    Both get incredible waves on the way in, making the small conditions look amazing, they’re matching turn for turn, but proffitt could have the edge on jumps, bubble needs to get a good backloop or similar in the bag though

  88. Amy Carter

    Chambers gets an incredible wave with a nice slide and aggressive turns, he gets a solid forward on the wayut too. But proffitt looks like he won’t let this one go easily!

  89. Amy Carter

    Winners final over. Winner announced shortly! Bubble and proffitt are up now, proffit lands an awesome use loop and is really pushing his riding. Bubble on a nice wave too.

    1. Maisie

      Ooh who’s won the men’s final!? :D come on rossco!!

  90. Justin Dennington

    Yeah go Debbie

  91. Amy Carter

    Still looking windy Williams perhaps looking more consistent with the wave riding so far. Horrocks has gone for some good jumps, Williams pulls a tale top!

  92. Amy Carter

    Horrocks lands a table top forward! But not quite as clean as his first forward.

  93. Amy Carter

    Horrocks ona great wave. Williams tries a one handed forward, doesn’t quite work!

  94. Amy Carter

    Kennedy and ray advance. Heat still getting going between Williams and horrocks. Williams gets a good wave as horrocks heads out and lands a great forward.

  95. Amy Carter

    Heat over! Men’s final is up next, horrocks takes on Williams,

  96. Amy Carter

    Kennedy scores another brilliant wave, picking up a set wave and taking it all the way to the bech. Ray has soooo much speed and pulls out another good jump.

  97. Amy Carter

    Some great waves from all the girls. Kennedy scores a fantastic wave, reading it well and getting back into the pocket of the way. Ray gets another jump and a good hit ona wave, whilst Gayda alsomscos another good wave. Looking like another close het between the women, the wind has been a lot better in this heat,

  98. Amy Carter

    Ray gets another good jump, we think one handed. And Gayda gets a jump too. All looking for some better wave rides now

  99. Amy Carter

    Next women’s heat is up. Emma RA, Debbie Kennedy and Megan Gayda are up. Ray fliesoutnand gets two jumps in the bag! Gayda gets a wave ride as does ray.

  100. Amy Carter

    The wind dies a little more as the heat comes to a close. Robson and sniady advance.

  101. Amy Carter

    Robson scores another great wave, generating some real power and slashing tunrs. Mcanena gets a wave too, but still needs a jump in the bag. One wave only to count for the women.

  102. Amy Carter

    All struggling to plane on the way out, mcanena gets a decent wave ride, but most looking underpowered still

  103. Amy Carter

    Robson scores a great wave, putting in some awesome turns. On the way out she pulls a one handed jump then tries a forward, but doesn’t get it. Bittner and sniady on waves, looking tricky to find a decent wave

  104. Amy Carter

    Wind dropping again, looking very up and down

  105. Amy Carter

    Sniady gets a wave as the tohers head out struggling to plane and looking for their jumps. Bittner gets on a good wave too

  106. Amy Carter

    Robson gets a good wave, picking it up out back and getting a few good turns right to the bech

  107. Amy Carter

    Sniady tries a backie

  108. Amy Carter

    Women’s heat back on! This one has already been abandoned three times, so let’s hope the conditions hold for it this time

  109. Amy Carter

    Wind dropping even more, heat abandoned.

  110. Amy Carter

    All the girls really going for it, getting some awesome jumps and good rides in. Wind had picked up but dropped again as the clouds came through

  111. Amy Carter

    Mcanena lands a forward, sniady tries a backie, Robson tries to a ride but the wave falls away

  112. Amy Carter

    Horrocks and Williams to progress to the final!

  113. Amy Carter

    Ladies heat is mcanena, bittner, Robson and sniady.

  114. Amy Carter

    Heat over! Judges tabulating the scores…. First heat of the women’s draw is up next. You can check the het order and elimination ladders in the gallery above.m

  115. Amy Carter

    Proffitt, Williams and chambers all get on waves, but look to be struggling in the lighters winds

  116. Amy Carter

    Wind definite dropping, making it harder for those to stil to get their jumps in. Horrocks pulls a forward.

  117. Amy Carter

    Wind looks a little lighter and to have swung a bit more onshore. Waves are up to shoulder hgh in some of the sets, riders all on their biggest equipment.

  118. Amy Carter

    Bubble n the way out waiting fort a big ramp, whilst the others are waiting for the set waves to ride

  119. Amy Carter

    Chambe only has one jump so far, he needs another to have a chance of winning. Half way through the heat…

  120. Amy Carter

    Horrocks lands another forward.

  121. Amy Carter

    Williams gets another ride, followed by proffitt. Then a massive backie from Williams on the way out.

  122. Amy Carter

    Chambers and horrocks riding, both getting good scores as proffitt tries a backie

  123. Amy Carter

    Competition is on! Heat with Williams, proffitt, chambers and horrocks is on. 2 jumps 2 waves to count. Back loops, forwards and solid rides from all so far! All landing jumps and getting incredible rides in withint in first minute!

  124. Amy Carter

    Still a little marginal to start, but we don’t think it will be long. The final four pros are ready to go. Will be 2 waves and 2 jumps to count. For the pros this needs to be two different jumps for the pros but all other fleets can do the same jumps.

  125. Amy Carter

    Tom Knox planes off the beach on his 5.4 manic and 90litre… Looks like it could be on very soon!

  126. BOARDS_Magazine

    Nobody is on the water yet, but Katie mcanena is about to head and and be guinea pig. The waves are looking relatively small and mushy, so we need the wind to fill in so that there will be jumping in the mix too . Tom Knox is just heading out to test the conditions too….

  127. BOARDS_Magazine

    Good morning! The sun is shining here in Ireland, there is a little wind and swell. It’s not quite good enough for competition just yet,but things are improving all the time. We are on 15 minute announcements and sailors are ready to get on the water at short notice. Most sailors have rigged their biggest equipment, so 5.3s and 5.7s for the men and 5.0 approx for the women.


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