The Future Of Waveboards?

In the current issue of Boards Magazine (check out the details and purchase here) Adrian Jones questioned many of the world’s top shapers, getting them to share their views on wave board shaping and what we could see in the future. Now, as promised, we will publish the full feature online with bonus answers from more shapers!

There’s 12 questions in total, with answers from Sebastian Wenzel (Fanatic), Keith Teboul (Quatro), Dany Bruch (Starboard), Scott McKercher (Starboard) Tiesda You (Starboard), Francisco Goya (Goya), Ola Helenius (Simmer Style) and Werner Gnigler (JP Australia). So, we will be sharing a few questions a day over the next week or so.

Page Two – Improvements and design influences

Page Three – Tail shapes and fin configurations

Page Four – How many fins will stick around and why five boxes

Page Five – Widestyle wave boards and how many battens?

Page Six – Will boards get eco friendly and will we see board ranges decrease?

Page Seven – Wave boards in 5 years time will be...

Page Eight – View from Bouke Becker, Witchcraft shaper.

Keith Teboul in the shaping room
Keith Teboul in the shaping room

  1. markski

    in 5 years times boards will be about £3000

    1. Namor_

      if this happens, production board industry will die and local shapers will born everywhere..

  2. Namor_

    In my opinion production boards, made a great job last ten years, bringing the quality custom shapes to streets, this take amateur windsurf to other level, but my opinion is that all this new amateurs need a new evolution, and was not on shapes…..and thats the reason custom boards became in a second life time……you can see it in a lot o beachs….

  3. Namor_

    I can´t believe what i read………everyone that have seen a recent board of pro riders can see that is near to production as any other board of different brands between each other brands, it was windsurf boards too and sometimes are similar, but different. Rails are different, weight is different, tails are different, volume distribution is different, etc. Is well Known that very pro riders use custom boards of other brands painted as his team brand.

    Is right that some riders use production boards, and sometimes also the ones that use the custom ones, but…..

    For sure pro rider can ride and use production boards, ha ha ha, they have one new for free the next day if he wants, for sure a innitiate can use a production board for years. But what about a not profesional, medium high level wave sailor that sail over 60 days per year……..i use several production boards, 6 months maximun without deslaminating, broken, etc….can´t buy 2 boards for my quiver every 6 months over 2000€, dont want to lost action days every time my board have injuried…..don´t want to fight constantly with brands, shops, etc. for warranty reclamations with no board to sail for 1 month minimun.

    Dany tolds clear at second part of the article “Probably not much different boards to now I reckon, but just much lighter and indestructible.” MAN, JUST LIKE CUSTOM BOARDS??

    Production boards are good boards, but not the same as a custom construction and much of the riders uses boards only similar to the production….



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