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Pro Quiver: Andy Bubble Chambers

13:43 12th July 2013 by Amy Carter

Ahead of his TV performance this weekend Boards find out more from Andy Bubble Chambers about his equipment, taking at look at what he had in his quiver at the recent BWA in Ireland. 

Andy Bubble Chambers, image credit Si Crowther.

Andy Bubble Chambers, image credit Si Crowther.

Andy “Bubble” Chambers





4.0 4.5 5.0 5.3

Andy Chambers. "Great event!! Even though the conditions weren't the best, the most amount of competition was run and completed.  This was down to the great organisation of the BWA and judges.  As always Ireland provides such a great vibe and buzz around the event.  Spillanes were fantastic and it was so nice to have such great support from them providing all the evening socials!  For me, I had a fairly good event as far as results are concerned.  Conditions were pretty small and light which actually works better for me than some of the other guys.  I was battling in the single and double against Ben but the dreaded back loop got me every time!! So, my plan leading up to Tiree and Cornwall is learn to backloop on starboard tack!  Stena Line were fantastic because we left both Rhosneiger and Ireland early which meant having to change tickets at very short notice, which seemed absolutely no problem.  They were very flexible and easy to deal with.  Definitely would advise others to travel with them."

Andy Chambers. Image credit Si Crowther.

I have a 3.7 as well, plus two board can cover me for all conditions. I’m pretty light so I don’t need bigger than 5.3 really, this with my 82 gets me going pretty early.

I don’t have lots of sizes of wave sails because I have my freestyle sails too, but I do think that’s close enough. The Combats have so much range that I don’t need any more sails.

I choose the Combat because it’s a good all round, easy sail to use for all kinds of conditions, the others are a little more specific. The Fly is really good for down-the-line, perfect side shore riding and the Atlas is more of a full power, very stable sail. Whereas the Combat does a bit of everything, from 4.7 downwards it is four batten sail, and I find them easy to use in conditions.

My wavesailing usually isn’t full down the line, perfect riding, it’s more real world wave riding, so the Combat is definitely the best sail for me.


74 JP Twinser Quad

82 JP Twinser Quad

Andy Bubble Chambers

Any Chambers Goiter. Image credit Line Wittrup.

They cover me for everything, even when it’s light I don’t think I need bigger than 82.

I have them set up as quads, with my K4 stubby in the back and K4 asymmetric in the sides. I’m still tweaking a little with the asymmetric fins as I’m not sure how they work best, I’m still trying out the angles and trying to figure out which angles work the best, in which boards and in which conditions!

5.3 and 5.0 I always use on the 82, then the 74 is there really for when it gets mega windy or it’s really good waves.

Sometimes I would go down to using the 4.5 on the 82, it depends on the waves. If the waves are smaller and a bit mushier I prefer to be on a bigger board, to float over all the mush. If it’s cleaner bigger waves I prefer to be on the smaller board as I can get tighter turns and I feel like it’s faster as well.


NeilPryde 400 and 370


2-3 so that I can have at least 2 sails rigged is ideal.


I’ve had to travel super light here because of baggage allowances! If I had the chance I would have brought my surf board, SUP and freestyle gear. It’s always good to have everything, it’s just not always possible. Everything I have covers me for all conditions, but it’s nicer to have more!

Don’t forget to check out Bubble on CBBC, all the info here. 


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