LIVE - Boards in Wales - Day Three

Welcome to the final day of the Funsport Rhosneigr BWA Wave championships! 

Conditions are looking extremely promising for today and we expect to see an epic jumping contest by the end of the day.  Amateurs will be starting very soon and word from head judge Duncan Coombs is that he hopes to do a full double elimination and is happy to keep competing until 9:30pm tonight to get the best conditions!

Live updates below!


  1. Andy Heath

    Thanks for putting on such a great event. Great to read the run down of how it went – hope Ireland goes off with a bang. See you in Tiree!!!

  2. Danny Geereedhary

    I’ve got to hand it to your excellent updating Adrian. I’ve just found this page online, after an excellent time on Sunday at Rhossi in Wales. It will be great to follow things In Ireland. Wish I could be there too.

  3. sav

    just managed to read the news… !thanks for a good commentary wish i could of been there

  4. Damian

    and thanks from me too. Excellent commentary Adrian. The format works really well. Here’s hoping you can get a signal out there in Brandon Bay.

  5. na-omi

    that commentary was amazingly effective… very exciting at times… who needs pics eh?

  6. Geoff

    Well done Adrian on the brilliant commentary, the BWA crew for an Awsome event, and the gods of Olympus for the weather.

  7. Andrea

    Many Thank Adrian – for keeping us all updated – its been brilliant……Well Done Everyone………..Good Luck for Ireland

  8. Adrian Jones

    We are all racing now to catch the ferry to Ireland (we have an hour until it leaves)!, so going to say a quick good bye and we will catch up with you tomorrow morning from Brandon Bay in Ireland! Enjoy your bed – we will be driving through the night!

  9. Adrian Jones

    Its official – Horrocks gets it! Final results –

    1st – Horrocks
    2nd – Lewis
    3rd – Proffitt
    4th – Skye

  10. Adrian Jones

    Looks to us like Horrocks has got that…we will have to wait and see!

  11. Adrian Jones

    News from the judges – very close, but Horrocks just int he lead with 2 mins to go…

  12. Adrian Jones

    The wind is looking a touch lighter and a bit onshore…

  13. Adrian Jones

    Adam looks a bit underdone at times on the 3.7 and has crashed a few times which you cant really afford to do with such short 8 min heats…

  14. Adrian Jones

    Its looking like Phil is having this at the moment

  15. Adrian Jones

    Massive back loop from Lewis and then followed by a huge tweaked pushloop from Horrocks…

  16. Adrian Jones

    Lewis vs Horrocks about to start. Lewis on 3.7, and Horrocks on 4.0m

  17. Adrian Jones

    Ben Proffitt – “Bit disspointed with that as I sailed the first half well and got my jumps in early, but then didnt really capitilise on the rides as well as I could have done. Adam sailed really well also so didnt leave any margin for error.”

  18. Adrian Jones

    Next up – Lewis vs Horrocks for the final…

  19. Adrian Jones

    And a bit of an upset as Lewis advances – so Proffitt ends in 3rd….

  20. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt gets a backside 360 on his last wave – going to be very difficult to call this one I think…

  21. Adrian Jones

    Huge forward from Lewis and a taka from Lewis

  22. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt gets a huge perfectly landed back loop on his first run. Adam follows and nearly matches his backloop and then follows it with a double…

  23. Adrian Jones

    Heat is about to start – waves are pumping

  24. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt gets it! Next up Proffit vs Lewis…this will be interesting!

  25. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt gets a clean pushloop just before the end….will be close this one..

  26. Adrian Jones

    Really clean backloop from Skye…

  27. Adrian Jones

    BIG stalled forward from Proffitt!

  28. Adrian Jones

    Skye gets a nice ride with a taka – looks like Skye might have a slight edge at the moment..

  29. Adrian Jones

    Proffit gets a nice ride with a Taka and then a backloop..

  30. Adrian Jones

    Skye lands forward and a low Backloop and Ben crashes one on the first run

  31. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt beats Hancock now up against Skye Boy…

  32. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt goes through against Hancock..small break then he has Skye boy…

  33. Adrian Jones

    So we have some results:

    Masters –

    1st – Davy Edmiston
    2nd – Heath
    3rd – Lloyd
    4th – Tilbury

    Amateurs –

    1st – Scotty MacDowall
    2nd – Alfie Hart
    3rd – Bennet Lloyd
    4th – Brooks

    Ladies –

    1st – Justina Sniady
    2nd – Lucy Robson
    3rd – Sofia Gilje

  34. Adrian Jones

    Adam Lewis – “Am looking forward to the double – wind and waves have picked up. I think I am probably going to go 3.7m. Jumping plan will probably be a double, one footed backie and a stalled forward. Riding will probably be pretty similar, so I think it will be the jumping that seperates us.”

  35. Adrian Jones

    Very clean backloop from Hancock….

  36. Adrian Jones

    Looks like Thorpy may be taking this at the moment..hes had some good rides and a backloop…

  37. Adrian Jones

    Thorpe vs Hancock up now and Thorpe looked to have the best first wave..

  38. Adrian Jones

    Phil Horrocks – Single elimination winner: “The single was generally quite strong 4.0m but the waves were a little on the soft side so picking waves was tricky as some just dissapeared. Some of the boys from the first elimination have got something to prove and they showed what they can do in bits and bobs, so if they string it together they could be dangerous! I was stacked on a Manic 4.0m and a 74 DaCurve Quad. Reckon I will stick with that if it stays like this as its onshore and I dont want to be underpowered.”

  39. Adrian Jones

    Hancock wins against Hunt, so next up (in 8 minutes) will be Hancock vs Thorpe

  40. Adrian Jones

    The winner of that will then sail against Proffitt…

  41. Adrian Jones

    So it seems that we will have a heat break after this and then it will be Thorpe vs the winner of Hancock vs Hunt

  42. Katie McAnena

    GUTTED I am missing the comp, sounds EPIC! Stuck here in the hosp at work watchin the trees bend over double, so jealous of u guys! Best of luck to all the girlies, sounds like 3.3 full powa!! see you all soon :-)

  43. Adrian Jones

    Steve Thorpe beats Sam Neil. Hancock and Hunt up now….Looks like we wont be too much longer now as its confirmed no double eliminations for Amateurs or Masters..

  44. Adrian Jones

    Ok sounds like the amateurs wont be doing a double…

  45. Adrian Jones

    Hancock beats Bubble –

    Bubble – “3.7 completely overpowered and out of control – felt like a beginner!! Just too much power, even for riding! Good fun anyway!”

  46. Adrian Jones

    Basically they dont like to announce the results until the prize giving, but if they have a double elimination, then they obviously have to. So at the moment, we are waiting for final confirmation that Amateurs and Masters will do a double…so no results yet.

  47. Adrian Jones

    Youth results are being held until the prize giving…

  48. Adrian Jones

    Hancock scores a great wave to open the heat but goes down on a taka attempt..

  49. Adrian Jones

    Hancock and Chambers up now – and it’s still getting windier!

  50. Adrian Jones

    Marroney and Hunt up at the moment – Thorpe gets it over Cox by half a point!

  51. Adrian Jones

    Wind is still increasing and its pretty solid 3.7 weather for the top guys now
    Waves are also pretty good…

  52. Adrian Jones

    Hancock progressed and we now have Cox and Thorpe on the water…

  53. Adrian Jones

    Hey Max, its now swapped to two man heats..

  54. Max Rowe

    Tough draw for Bubble….. Will they be man on man or 4 man heats??

  55. Adrian Jones

    We are waiting for the Hancock/Potter result…

  56. Adrian Jones

    They have just finished 27A and advancing so far from previous heats are: Sam Neal, Steve Thorpe and Jack Hunt

  57. Adrian Jones

    Pro Double elimination heat board now above…

  58. Adrian Jones

    Ok sorry, for the delay then – had a technology melt down! Anyway, we are back in action with the Pro double elimination and the amateurs are also going to be doing a double..

  59. Andrea

    Is there any news on the Youth Results?

  60. jamie knox watersports

    I hope Adam Lewis has a 4.0m2 lined up for Brandon bay as he is going to need it, if the forecast stays true

  61. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt – “I dont seem to be impressing the judges today! Don’t seem to be sailing too bad so i guess I just need to rethink what I am doing int he heat. It seems the judges are liking lots of turns on a wave rather than going for more risky tricks.” Sailing 75 FlyWave and 4.0m Icon

  62. Adrian Jones

    So thats:

    1. Horrocks
    2. Lewis
    3. Skye
    4. Proffitt

  63. Adrian Jones

    Its official – Horrocks beat Lewis and Skye beats Proffitt

  64. Adrian Jones

    Adam Lewis – “Its great conditions and nice ot finally get some wind to show what you can do. Its quite hard to pick the right wave – hard but fun! I ended up on 4.4 Salt on my 75 LS in the final and it was too big for me really. Looking forward to the double! I hope it drops or picks up as I dont have a 4.0m now!”

  65. Adrian Jones

    Looks like we are going straight into Pro double elimination….no word yet on Amateur or Masters results..

    1. Damian

      Any chance of getting the ladder for the double up?

      1. Adrian Jones

        Yes, leave it with me..

  66. Adrian Jones

    Skye gets a tweaked pushloop and its all over….we will have to wait for the result!

  67. Adrian Jones

    And Skye gets a Taka of his own…

  68. Adrian Jones

    Huge stalled forward from Proffitt, Skye struggling to find a decent sized wave to ride…

  69. Adrian Jones

    Skye gets a double, but quite a wet landing…

  70. Adrian Jones

    Great Taka for Ben – Skye looks to be struggling a bit more to work out where to jump and ride – The local boys (Phil and Ben) definately have it more dialed

  71. chrisk

    Given that your predictions so far….I won’t celebrate just yet!

  72. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt vs Skye now for losers final – Proffitt opens with a massive pushloop and skye just misses a backloop but gets a great forward afterwards…

  73. Adrian Jones

    I think Horrocks probably had that on with his rides, but we will find out!

  74. Adrian Jones

    Lewis does a huge stalled forward 2 seconds after the end of the heat, whilst Horrocks gets a great ride..

  75. Adrian Jones

    Big forward from Horrocks..

  76. Adrian Jones

    Horrocks goes down on a table top forward..

  77. Adrian Jones

    Nice ride from Lewis but just drops the taka at the end…

  78. Adrian Jones

    Low pushloop from Lewis

  79. Adrian Jones

    Horrocks is really milking the waves and getting lots of turns…

  80. Adrian Jones

    And Lewis straight on his new kit and lands a massive one handed back loop fair play!

  81. Adrian Jones

    Bubble is sailing his spare kit out, but it looks a big sail!!

  82. Adrian Jones

    Horrocks and Lewis start their heat with MASSIVE synchronised back loops but unbeleievably Lewis clew rips out on landing..

  83. Adrian Jones

    Leiws is on 4.0m and 85 LS Quatro…

  84. Adrian Jones

    But….Horrocks and Lewis progress to the final!!

  85. Adrian Jones

    And it seems I missed a backloop of Proffits so he did get 3 jumps…

  86. Adrian Jones

    Ok, no amateur or masters results yet…

  87. Adrian Jones

    Ladies second result: Sniady wins again followed by Robson, Sophia Gilje, Emma Ray and Megan Gayda

  88. chrisk

    Prediction…….Proffitt gets robbed (as usual….according to him!)

  89. Adrian Jones

    its over so we will have to wait and see – think Proffitt had him on waves…

  90. Adrian Jones

    Pretty sure Proffitt only got 2 jumps, but I could be wrong…its really tight to fit it all in in 8 minutes..

    Hi ChrisK!

  91. Adrian Jones

    3 jumps, 2 rides to count….Proffitt ahead on waves I reckon, but Lewis on jumps and nails a huge stalled forward as I type!

  92. chrisk

    Go on Prof…stop crashing you tool! (waves at Ade)

  93. Adrian Jones

    Its a big backloop from Lewis with a slightly wet landing, but high scoring for sure…Proffitt crashes a pushloop

  94. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt goes down on a wave…

  95. Adrian Jones

    Lewis fights back with a double!!

  96. Adrian Jones

    and a backside 360 – he is killing it at the moment…

  97. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt gets a MASSIVE forward – it was huge!!

  98. Anon

    What were the results of the last ladies heat and the masters final?

  99. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt gets a Taka…

  100. Adrian Jones

    Proffitt opens with a pushloop. Lewis is on a wave so hopefully knows its is heat now – looks like he does!

  101. Adrian Jones

    Thats over – hard to call it! Next up Proffitt vs Lewis (if Lewis realises!)

  102. Adrian Jones

    Poor Adam Lewis doesnt know its been changed to a 2 man heat, so is sailing in this. Proffitt is on the beach saving his energy ready to sail against lewis when this one finishes…

  103. Adrian Jones

    Horrocks clearly knows the wave better and is milking more turns from the outside…

  104. Adrian Jones

    Wooo – skye gets a clean Taka on the wave!

  105. Adrian Jones

    And a one handed back loop for Skye followed by a tweaked pushloop!

  106. Adrian Jones

    Amazing table top forward for Horrocks out the back!

  107. Adrian Jones

    And a wave ride with lots of back side turns…Skye looks to be still getting dialled into the conditions…

  108. Adrian Jones

    Skye boy and Horrocks up now…

    Horrocks opens up with a tweaked pushloop

  109. Adrian Jones

    Scotty MacDowall – “Was on 4.2 fully powered in the final and the waves were getting pretty big. Have just been told I need to go in the pro fleet next year! That will be me humped! Haha”

  110. Adrian Jones

    Plan is to run a double for all fleets today, time permitting….

  111. Adrian Jones

    Megan Gayda – “I’m overpowered on my 3.0m out there, so its a bit scary. We only have one more heat today, so will do my best to hold on!”

  112. Adrian Jones

    Amateurs over – sorry but I cant call it as was really hard to work out who was who with all the free sailors in the competition zone. Organisers are trying to get them out of the sailing area now ready for the pros…

  113. Adrian Jones

    Youths are on at the moment and then Skye vs Horrocks

  114. Adrian Jones

    Its a nightmare seeing whats going on as there are so many people freesailing in the competition zone. Scotty got a big backloop at the beginning nd looks pretty sharp in these conditions which are really similar to his home beach (Troon) in Scotland..

  115. Adrian Jones

    Amateur final on now…

    1. Gibson

      C´mon Jim! C´mon Scotty!!!!

  116. Adrian Jones

    Mark Lloydd – “Was super stacked on the 4.2 should have been on 3.7m. Only got a jump right at the end, so not sure I did enough…”

  117. Adrian Jones

    Ladies are on now, Youths next and then into pro finals…

    1. Gibson

      Will there be any double eliminations, do you know?

  118. Adrian Jones

    My guess would be Big Davy Edmiston 1st with Mark Lloyd 2nd, but I missed the beginning of Mark Lloyds heat so could be wrong….should know the result soon…

  119. Adrian Jones

    Tilbury and Heath look to be struggling at the moment. It seems between Lloyd and Edmiston at the moment..

  120. Adrian Jones

    Edmiston gets a great ride…its really hard to see who is who as everyone keeps changing sails and there are so many sailors on the water at the moment

  121. Adrian Jones

    Masters Final on now!

  122. Adrian Jones

    So Ladies up now and all looking well powered on 3.7m’s. Most of the men fleet are out on 4.2′s at the moment…Its going to be epic in a few hours as the wind and waves continue to build…

  123. Adrian Jones

    Its confirmed that the pros will be sailed in 2 man heats to establish a winners and losers final…

  124. Adrian Jones

    Bennet Lloyd and Hart progress to the four man amateur final against Macdowall and Brooks..

  125. Adrian Jones

    Ladies up now for another full fleet (5 sailor) final…

  126. Adrian Jones

    Adam Lewis is out training and is looking pretty sharp! It will be a tough pro final later on with him, Proffitt, Horrocks and Skye. At the moment its scheduled for a 4 man final, but they may split it into two if time permits…

  127. Adrian Jones

    There are some nice waves coming through now – some of the pros are out training and we are seeing some pretty big jumps happening..

  128. Adrian Jones

    Ladies final up after this one and then Masters Final!

    1. Jackie Lloyd

      I have discovered that its just as nerve-racking being at home following this as being there!! Come on Lloydy!!

      1. Damian

        That’ll teach you to neglect your flag duties young lady ;-)

        1. Jackie Lloyd

          I’ll be back!! As they say!

  129. Adrian Jones

    Brooks and Macdowall progress from Heat 13 into the amateurs 4 man final!

  130. Adrian Jones

    Hart, Shearer, Jenkins, Bennet Lloyd up now….There are some massive jumps going down now!

  131. Adrian Jones

    There is some frantic rigging going on at the beach as the wind has notched up again…Ross is still rigging and looks like he wont make it in time..

    1. na-omi

      Go Jim! Did Mr Ross miss it?

      1. Adrian Jones

        Yep, Mr Judge Ian Ross, missed his heat completely as he was too busy rigging!

        1. na-omi

          Shame! Where’s your lovely assistant Ian?

  132. Adrian Jones

    In fact, looks like Ian Ross might still not be out!

  133. Adrian Jones

    Amateur Semi Final 1 up now – MacDowall, Brooks, Ellis, Ross all missed the start of their heat, so have some catching up to do!

  134. Adrian Jones

    Shearer and Hart go through…..Good man Alfie!

  135. Adrian Jones

    Boardseeker Cameraman and top seed for the amateurs this year is on the water now against shearer and saville. Alfie is more into his riding than jumping so we will have to see how this one goes…go Alfie!!

  136. Adrian Jones

    Jenkins and Bennet Lloyd progress through their amateur heat..

  137. Adrian Jones

    Judges reckon we are making good progress so are going to squeeze another youth full fleet final in after the amateur final..

  138. Gibson

    Sounds awesome over there!! I want to see my two mates Scotty and Ian (Ross) in the final!! Keeping a close eye on the proceedings. Great work on the updates, well done.

  139. Adrian Jones

    Scotty MacDowall – “Pretty stacked on 4.7m changing down! Waves are getting good now, conditions shaping, its going to be epic later!”

  140. Adrian Jones

    Liam Ellis – “Its really windy, totally stacked on 4.7 so changing down to 4.2. Really happy to go through. There are some decent ramps and its getting better by the minute.”

  141. Adrian Jones

    Scotty Macdowal has the highest scoring heat so far with 17 point out of 20 – clean back loop, a high forward and a good ride..

  142. Adrian Jones

    Scotty McDowall and Local boy Liam Ellis progress from their heat..

  143. Adrian Jones

    There is a lot happening at the moment as they are banging the heats in quickly (8 min) still 1 wave and 1 jump to count…but I imagine that will change soon as the conditions have got better..

  144. Adrian Jones

    Pros are starting to rig there smallest sails in anticipation of the wind later on. Its pretty solid 4.2-4.5m weather at the moment.

  145. Adrian Jones

    Ian Ross and Jim Brooks progress. Ian is usually a judge but has taken the day out to compete in the amateurs – and he is looking pretty dangerous!

  146. Adrian Jones

    Change of results in the ladies with Lucy Robson taking second after a recount..

  147. Adrian Jones

    Currently up is amateur heat 3 – Ian Ross (the judge!), Duncan Dumbreck, Joost Taylor & Jim Brooks. There is a really good level in this heat, waves are still a bit inconsistent for getting rides, but its getting good for jumping.

  148. Adrian Jones

    Controversy in the ladies fleet as there is a recount for second between Sophia and Lucy Robson

  149. Adrian Jones

    Thorne and Partridge progress through the first round of the amateurs

  150. Adrian Jones

    Ladies results – 1st Justina Sniady (Proffitts other half), 2nd Sophia Gilje, 3rd Lucy Robson, 4th Megan Gayda, 5th Emma Ray

  151. Guy Macken

    Will the Masters get a shot at a double elimination? South coast hero Bill Dines deserves a second shot.

    1. Damian

      If Big Davey is rigging a 4.0, I’m curious as to what that would leave Bill sailing. Does he have a 2.0? Good luck all.

    2. Adrian Jones

      Yes, apparently the intention is to try and run a double for them, but it will be tight to fit it all in as we have quite a big amateur fleet.

  152. Adrian Jones

    Some waves are coming through up to shoulder high now, its starting to get good!

  153. Adrian Jones

    News from Big Davy (Masters and one of the biggest guys on the water) that he was absolutely stacked on a 5.0m in his heat. He’s changing down to 4.5 and getting his 4.0m ready..

    1. Damian

      Maybe he’s just getting feeble in his old age :-)

      Great to have the commentary running Adrian. I’m following from Egypt and wishing I was there in Rhossi. Looking forward to the Masters final.

    2. Danny Geereedhary

      I thought something was different when I launched in the 2nd (Masters) heat Wales. So big Davey was on a 5.0m and stacked, I was on a 5.5m and 99 litre board (crazy but loved it.)

  154. Adrian Jones

    First Amateur heats on now: Rob Partridge vs Tony Dodd & Matt Thorne, Tim Tarrington

  155. Adrian Jones

    Masters semi final results: Big Davie Edmiston, B Tilbury, M Lloyd, Heath progress to the final…which will be held after the amateurs..

  156. Adrian Jones

    Ladies fleet are doing full fleet 5 man (er well Lady) heats/final…so all 5 ladies at once: Megan Gayda, Lucy Robson, Sophia Gilte, Justina Sniady, Emma Ray

  157. Adrian Jones

    Ok, both Masters semi finals have been sailed, but we dont have results yet…the final will after the ladies and a few amateur heats…Ladies on now…

  158. Jackie Lloyd

    Did Danny get through? Go Lloydy!! Jackie

    1. Adrian Jones

      Danny didnt make it, but your hubby did!

  159. Adrian Jones


    First semi final of the masters is sailing now. In the heat are:

    Johnny Greatrex, Stu Tilbury, Andy Heath and Danny Geereedhar

    Everyone is rigging their smallest sails!! The waves are starting to build with some 2-3ft stunt ramps coming in!!

  160. Adrian Jones


    The elimination ladder is now shown above, you might have to zoom in a bit to read it though!

    Results from Heat 4 of the masters:

    Big Davey Edmiston and Mark Lloyd advancing into the semi final.

  161. Adrian Jones


    Big forward from the Big Davey Edmiston!! He’s looking strong in theis heat but needs a waveride.

    Mark Lloyd has just finished the heat with a nice waveride. Results to follow.

  162. Adrian Jones


    Advancing into the next round of the master are Dave White And Ivan Causer.

    Heat 4 is sailing with Big Davey Edmiston, Bill Dines, and the reigning champ from last year Mark Lloyd. The pressure is on for Mark!

    The ladies are starting to get ready now.

  163. Adrian Jones


    Out sailing now are:

    Ivan Causer, Gerry Willcock, Phil Bennet Lloyd and Dave White with the top 2 advancing into the next round.

  164. Adrian Jones


    Masters results from Heat 1 and 2 going through are:

    Heat 1: Johnny Greatrex and Stu Tilbury
    Heat 2: Andy Heath and Danny Geereedhart

  165. Adrian Jones


    Conditions are getting better all the time with some nice 1-2 ft waves coming in. The Youths have just finished their heat with newcomer Freddy Ide taking the win against reigning champ Luke Raistrick and Dan Slater in 3rd.

    Youth Results:
    1st. Freddy Ide
    2nd. Luke Raistrick
    3rd. Dan Slater

    The masters are out on the water now with 1 jump and 1 wave ride to count. 8 minute heats with 2 minute transition time in between.

  166. Max Rowe

    Can we see the elimination ladder anywhere???

    1. Adrian Jones

      The masters and ams ladder is now up but the results will be below.

  167. Adrian Jones

    11:43 – Pros are not rigging yet as they have a couple of hours yet and know that the conditions will be quite different by the time they get out.

  168. Adrian Jones

    11:42 – First up will be the masters and then amateurs….wave still not quite good enough, but the tide is coming in and the swell building…

  169. Adrian Jones

    11:28 – Some amateur sailors are already on 4.7′s. The wind is good…we just need the waves to build.

  170. Adrian Jones

    11:15 – Local man Phil Horrocks gives his prediction for the day: “Its already blowing stronger earlier than I thought it would and by this afternoon its going to be really strong. By late afternoon we should be on and will clinging to our 4.0m’s by the end of the day. I reckon iots going to be epic so long as they wait for it and don’t push us out too early.”

  171. Adrian Jones

    11:00 – Good morning and welcome to sunny and windy Rhosneigr! Sailors are already on the water and well powered on 5.3m’s. At the moment the waves are not big enough to start competition, but its getting close and wont be long now. The wind has already started to swing more sideshore, the tide is coming in and the waves are building fast. It looks like being a great day!


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